Since the last research update, IC3 researchers won an IEEE S&P '21 Best Paper Award, demoed using MPC for a confidential AMM, studied a smart contract pyramid scheme, and more! Registration is now open for the 2021 IC3 Blockchain Camp.
IC3 Webinar: "DeFi State of the Union" Presented by Tyler Kell (June 1st, 1 PM ET)
Tyler will present an attempt at a broad overview of the entirety of the DeFi ecosystem and all the things it encompasses as of spring, 2021 for everybody that feels like they have missed what's been going on in the ecosystem for the last 12 months.
IC3 Blockchain Camp (Virtual, July 25-31)
Join us for the 6th Annual IC3 Blockchain Summer Camp! This seven day experience will be hosted virtually this year. Once again led by our camp technical committee, featuring Surya Bakshi, Tyler Kell, and Patrick McCorry. Prepare for another immersive coding and learning experience with us!
We took this partial group picture on the final day of the 2020 camp.
The authors formalize a general definition of reentrancy and introduce a security condition that allows software modules like smart contracts to protect their key invariants while retaining the expressive power of safe forms of reentrancy. They present a security type system that provably enforces secure information flow; in conjunction with run-time mechanisms, it enforces secure reentrancy even in the presence of unknown code; and it helps locate and correct recent high-profile vulnerabilities.
Ethan Cecchetti, Siqiu Yao, Haobin Ni, Andrew C. Myers (all Cornell)
New IC3 Blog Post: HoneyBadgerSwap: Making MPC as a Sidechain
The authors show how to provide privacy for smart contracts in a general purpose way using MPC as a sidechain. They demo by using MPC for a confidential AMM.
Yunqi Li (UIUC, IC3), Sylvain Bellemare (IC3), Mikerah Quintyne-Collins (HashCloak) and Andrew Miller (UIUC, IC3)
The authors present an empirical study of Forsage, a pyramid scheme implemented as a smart contract and at its peak one of the largest consumers of resources in Ethereum. They take advantage of the unprecedented transparency of a pyramid scheme run as a smart contract with public (byte)code and all of its transactions visible on the blockchain to gain insight into the mechanics, impact on participants, and evolution of Forsage.
Tyler Kell (Cornell Tech, IC3), Haaroon Yousaf (UCL, IC3), Sarah Allen (Cornell Tech, IC3), Sarah Meiklejohn (UCL), Ari Juels (Cornell Tech, IC3)
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The authors describe Decentralized Oracle Networks (DONs) as the technical foundation of Chainlink 2.0 that enables hybrid smart contracts by providing universal connectivity to external resources and scalable off-chain computation. They focus on seven key areas: hybrid smart contracts, abstracting away complexity, scaling, confidentiality, order-fairness, trust-minimization, and incentive-based (cryptoeconomic) security.
Lorenz Breidenbach, Christian Cachin, Benedict Chan, Alex Coventry, Steve Ellis, Ari Juels, Farinaz Koushanfar, Andrew Miller, Brendan Magauran, Daniel Moroz, Sergey Nazarov, Alexandru Topliceanu, Florian Tramer, Fan Zhang (All Chainlink Labs)
See a summary in the SCRF Blog Post.

The authors design and implement SnarkPack, a new argument that further reduces the size of SNARK proofs by means of aggregation. It is designed to work with Groth16 scheme and has logarithmic size proofs and a verifier that runs in logarithmic time in the number of proofs to be aggregated and does not require a separate trusted setup ceremony.
Nicolas Gailly (Protocol Labs), Mary Maller (Ethereum Foundation), Anca Nitulescu (Protocol Labs)
Two IC3 students were awarded 2021 Facebook Fellowships!
Yan Ji (Cornell) is the 2021 Blockchain and Cryptoeconomics Fellow.
Jiaheng Zhang (UC Berkeley) is a 2021 Security and Privacy Fellow.
IC3 Partner J.P. Morgan Onyx piloted Spacebridge, blockchain-based satellite-to-satellite payments. 
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IC3 Student Karl Wüst (ETH Zürich) will join CISPA – Helmholtz Center for Information Security as a tenure-track faculty member this fall.
IC3 Partner Chainlink awarded a Community Grant to help fund Green World Campaign’s hybrid smart contract application called Automated Incentives for Regenerative Stewardship (AIRS)—a project based on IC3 research that uses satellite remote sensing data with hybrid smart contracts to issue tokenized assets on the blockchain to reward stewards of targeted regenerative agriculture. 
See more about AIRS in the Chainlink blog.
Postdoctoral Visiting Researcher (PhD), Novi (Blockchain)
IC3 partner Novi is hiring a Postdoctoral visiting researcher to contribute to their blockchain research group. 
Learn more about the position and apply through the Facebook Careers Page.
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