COVID-19: Letter from Jean McRae, CEO

These are unusual and difficult times, but ICA is here for you, with critical services and personal safety protocols in place for our staff and clients.

Dear Friend of ICA,
I write this message hoping you and your family are healthy and safe. Over the last several weeks we have all felt the impact on people, businesses and our sense of community from the COVID-19 pandemic.
I am thankful for our health care workers and all those providing essential services who continue to support our community in the face of this evolving pandemic.
ICA continues to provide critical services for resettled refugees and immigrants to support their health and wellbeing by phone, videoconferencing or using social distancing if meetings need to be held in-person. We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure the well-being of the newcomers we serve and our staff. At this time, our workshops and in-person programs have been postponed until further notice. We are developing options for online program delivery as needed.
I am especially grateful to our dedicated ICA staff who are providing services and support during this challenging time. Thank you to our community and government partners who continue to provide critical services for the community.

Rest assured everyone at ICA continues to work on behalf of immigrants and refugees. The staff and volunteers of ICA are and will be hard at work providing urgently needed services today and in the coming weeks and months.

I know that many of you are worried. If we all follow the directions of credible medical leaders by maintaining a distance of at least two metres between yourself and others, washing your hands regularly with soap and water for at least twenty seconds, and reducing outings to only required trips for necessary supplies we can minimize the impact of this pandemic.
I believe we will come through this time stronger, more connected and better prepared for future challenges. Thank you for being a part of the ICA community. We will share further updates about our programs and services as they develop.
For now, thank you for staying home and helping to make our community a safer, healthier place for everyone.
Jean McRae
Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, CEO
PS - Find our COVID-19 Services and Program updates online here!

BC Provincial COVID-19 Resources
Trusted Links To Key COVID-19 Resources from the Province of BC

Bringing Leaders Together for a Stronger Community
Through the Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership, ICA works with the community to reduce barriers for newcomers!

We often hear "when we work together, we are stronger" for all sorts of challenges.
This is also true for the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) as we work to welcome newcomers to our beautiful region. Newcomers face many challenges in their journey to create a new home. That is why ICA facilitates and hosts the Greater Victoria Local Immigration Partnership (GVLIP).
The GVLIP is a true collaborative effort. Facilitated and hosted by ICA, this is a community driven and directed program led by a diverse group of local leaders and experts from different municipalities, institutions, and organizations. We are working together to develop a local approach to integration, to cultivate a sense of belonging in newcomers, to help overcome challenges they face, and to promote a welcoming attitude for all who call this region home.
Read more about the GVLIP on our Blog.
In light of COVID-19, all GVLIP meetings will be online and we have no scheduled public events at this time. 

For more information about GVLIP, please contact Florentien Verhage, GVLIP Coordinator at
Employment Resources 
Did you know?

ICA is a Work BC Employment Services Centre? We have a full suite of services for all your employment needs, including a variety of workshops and programs.

Your support for ICA is more important now than ever!