Institute of Cultural Affairs | April 5th, 2019
ICA E-Newsletter – April 2019
In this issue:
  • Sustainability Leaders Bring Spring Energy to March Meeting
  • GreenRise Focus of ICA CEO's Remarks at Just Economy Conference
  • Live in the Intentional Community at ICA GreenRise
  • Board Spotlight: Stacey Daraio
  • Upcoming Events
Latest from ICA
Sustainability Leaders Bring Spring Energy to March Meeting
CSLN member Alvyn Walker of Windsor Park Evangelical Lutheran Church hosted the meeting
The first Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network (CSLN) meeting of the year carried a sense of new energy with a host of familiar names and faces among the 24 who gathered at Windsor Park Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Our host, Alvyn Walker, has been deeply involved and active in CSLN for years, just as Windsor Park Church is deeply involved in the life of the South Shore community it calls home. To start the meeting, Alvyn gave a tour of the church, explaining both the challenges and opportunities of maintaining such a community anchor...
GreenRise Focus of ICA CEO's Remarks at Just Economy Conference
ICA GreenRise aims to prevent displacement by keeping social service agencies in the community
ICA CEO Ted Wysocki attended the 28th annual Just Economy Conference hosted by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) this past month. He highlighted the role of ICA GreenRise as a community anchor on a panel about Strategies for Preventing Displacement.

Ted also shared reflections on his experience at the conference on his personal blog, U2CANDO, in a piece titled “ Preventing Displacement & Championing Justice”.
Live in the Intentional Community at ICA GreenRise
ICA GreenRise is home to a diverse and inclusive intentional community whose residents support one another in living simply and sustainably.

The intentional community is looking to expand, and invites applications from prospective tenants interested in living a sustainable, communal lifestyle.

Visit our website to learn more about this community, read the FAQ, see photos, and fill out an application to live at ICA GreenRise.
Board Spotlight: Stacey Daraio
"There is not a corner of our planet, not a system, not an individual that does not need ICA methods... We are standing at a tipping point and need to make a decision for ourselves about how to help our planet, our communities, our fellow humans. We need to come together, stand in our wisdom and contribute to a better way. The ICA methods are the engine that helps us do just that."
Upcoming Events
Global Archives Spring Sojourn
ICA GreenRise
Chicago, IL
Sunday, April 14th –
Saturday, April 20th
The Institute of Cultural Affairs has a rich history of global human development since 1959. Join us in transforming more than 50 years of programs, projects, methods and training by staff and volunteers into an ICA Archives website to be launched by the end of the year and accessible to anyone in the world.
CSLN May Meeting – Engage in Growing Initiatives
The Plant
Chicago, IL
Thursday, May 16th
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Join Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network (CSLN) at The Plant with host Plant Chicago to build on the energy created in our March meeting. We'll be moving forward our collaborative events for the year, working on a "Memo the the Mayor" for Chicago Community Trust's On the Table event, and exploring whatever collaborations our members and participants bring to share!
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