Institute of Cultural Affairs | February 7th, 2019
ICA E-Newsletter – February 2019
In this issue:
  • Shared History Explored at ToP Gathering in Historic New Orleans
  • Three Days, Three Ways of Facilitating Change
  • ICA Continues Tradition of Global Leadership
  • Upcoming Events
Latest from ICA
Shared History Explored at ToP Gathering in Historic New Orleans
ToP facilitators, practitioners, and trainers gather once each year
Even in the dead of winter, the warm and vibrant New Orleans was a breath of fresh air. Among the oldest cities in the country, New Orleans has a rich history of diverse cultural influences that infuse it with a particular energy—not unlike the rich and diverse group of facilitators that assembled there for this year’s ToP Network Annual Gathering...
'Torchbearers' Honored in Storytelling Session
ICA colleagues share stories from their time with the organization
Fourteen people sat calmly in a row, shoulder to shoulder, holding between them over 700 years of experience learning and leading in community development projects around the world. In the air between the fourteen and those who came to hear them speak hung the promise of fourteen stories. Among these stories was a spark of the collected wisdom that would eventually become the Institute of Cultural Affairs and its Technology of Participation (ToP) methods...
Three Days, Three Ways to Facilitating Change
OEFF facilitators
APA planners
HNA board members
While ICA programs are often the frontline for the innovation of our methods, we believe that a diversity of perspectives and approaches is necessary to creating sustainable change. When we are not organizing our own networks, our team works to cultivate connections and build the capacity of others through direct facilitation, consultation, and training. We’ve started off strong in 2019, working with three groups...
ICA Continues Tradition of Global Leadership
ICA Program Coordinator Samantha Sainsbury has joined the ICA International Board, taking over the role of Treasurer, previously held by Seva Gandhi. ICA International (ICAI) is a “global community of non-profit organizations advancing human development worldwide” that works to coordinate efforts and support peer to peer programming among more than 30 member organizations. While these organizations work independently on local issues, they share common values and participatory processes for human development at the individual, community, and organizational levels. Participation in the ICAI Board allows the ICA community to share and learn from innovations to these common methods by colleagues around the world.
Upcoming Events
46th Ward Challengers Forum for Alderman
Preston Bradley Center
Chicago, IL
Wednesday, February 13th
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Join us on the evening of Wednesday, February 13th for a participatory conversation with five progressive candidates running for the office of the 46th Ward Alderman: Angela Clay, Erika Wozniak Francis, Justin Kreindler, Marianne Lalonde, and Jon-Robert McDowell. As a stakeholder in the 46th Ward, which represents most of our Uptown community, we believe that our community deserves the opportunity to meaningfully engage in the political process.
Paris to Pittsburgh: One Earth Film Festival Screening
Truman College
Chicago, IL
Tuesday, March 5th
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Join us as we co-host a One Earth Film Festival screening and discussion of Paris to Pittsburgh . The Paris Agreement was monumental in uniting all nations in the fight against climate change. With the United States’ withdrawal from the agreement, citizens around the country are taking matters into their own hands. Paris to Pittsburgh explores the very real social and economic impacts of climate change-fueled disasters and features voices from local leaders and everyday Americans from Pittsburgh to Puerto Rico. The 8th Annual One Earth Film Festival will run from March 1st through 10th. See the full line-up of films by date and location.
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