ICA Newsletter - April 2020
A Message from the President
Dear ICA Members / Friends,

I hope this message finds each and every one of you in good health, safe and in a positive mood. Undoubtedly, we are all in the midst of an unprecedented time in our history and it’s imperative that we make the health of our family, loved ones and personnel our utmost priority.
The rapid spread of the COVID-19 worldwide has evolved from affecting the well-being of our communities to a pandemic that is redefining the businesses we rely upon, the global economy, and the way we conduct our daily lives.
We should All be attentive and compliant to local guidelines and act responsibly in our business and towards our staff as they are the driving force behind any successful enterprise.
We know consumers and businesses worldwide of all sizes are under stress and that most of you are facing significant hardship. It sure is the time to cut costs and renegotiate any financial commitments one may have from rent, utilities to suppliers. Be sure to check whether Government or bank support is a possibility for your businesses and individuals suffering financial strains.
As we continue to closely monitor the situation we want you to rest assured that ICA remains here for you and committed to our gemstone industry. We’ve undergone many other defiant times in history, events that have similarly challenged our spirits but with the support and generosity of one another, we have all overcome the bad times wiser, stronger and more united than before.
Lastly, we also urge you to reach out to fellow ICA Members that you know and offer them support or even share your ideas and initiatives. This is the true ICA spirit of fellowship. Click on the link below under ICA's COVID-19 Resources for help.

Stay safe. Stay positive. We will soon be sailing on calmer waters.
Warm regards,
Clement Sabbagh
ICA President
ICA's COVID-19 Resources

For our m embers, the ICA has put together this small compendium of resources related to COVID-19, its challenges and opportunities.

ICA Tucson Reception Hosted by 2021 Shenzhen China Congress

With close to 400 in attendance, members, family and friends, the ICA Tucson Reception was once again the place to celebrate our Association. This year's reception was sponsored by the 2021 ICA Congress to be held in Shenzhen China. Highlights of the reception were the featured Chinese Lion and Dragon dances, performed by professional dance instructors from the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center.

The Theme for the 2021 ICA Congress Shenzhen China, "World’s Colors Glitter in China" represents not only the colored gemstones of various countries in the world, but also implicates a colored treasure culture around the globe, showcasing the preferences of individual consumers as well as a colorful lifestyle.

China has a population of 1.4 billion, but only 100 million jewelry buying consumers. Penetrating the huge market in China reflects the industry’s prospect of "a Jewelry world, a Chinese dream."

Therefore, Shenzhen offers not only a fabulous venue for the 2021 ICA Congress, but it also places all of us in the most representative city in the world's most important jewelry industry! The "Greater Bay Area" with Shenzhen at its heart, represents a premier city of culture and innovation. ICA brings the world's colored gemstone members to convey the enthusiasm of the world, the vitality and synergy of industry, city and market, and define the essence of "Glitter in China."

For more information about the 2021 ICA Congress Shenzhen China, please log onto www.ICACongress2020.com
ICA Reception in Inhorgenta Show

Organized by ICA Germany Ambassador, Claudia Hamann and ICA Director, Saurabh Bansal, the ICA Reception at the Inhorgenta show was well attended. Members enjoyed refreshments and networking while getting to know the Accredited Ethical Member program and the Gems Keep Giving fund.

GILC Tucson 2020 - Gemstone Industry & Laboratory Conference

For over two decades, the Gemstone Industry & Laboratory Conference (GILC), organized by the ICA every year, has provided a space for industry peers to discuss worldwide gemstone issues like ethical practices, nomenclature, consumer confidence, terminology, and accurate use of laboratories for certification and grading purposes.

This industry invitation-only event was once again was well attended by some of the world's most important ICA members, including colored gemstone miners, suppliers, cutters, and laboratory gemologists, to carry on a lively and candid conversation regarding the gem industry's most important concerns.

Short pr esentations this year included Guillermo Galvis, President of ACODES, Asociacion Colombiana de Exportadores de Esmeraldas,
Bogota, Colombia, giving us an Update on Emerald H armonization,
Shane McClure, GIA, Gemological Institute of America, Global Director of Gem Identification Services, Carlsbad, Calif., speaking on Color Stability Issues for Padparadscha, Yellow Sapphires, and Other Gems, Chris Smith, AGL, American Gemological Laboratories, President and Chief Gemologist, New York, NY, presenting an Introduction to the Color Codex System, and Dr. Michael Krzemnicki, Director of SSEF, the Swiss Gemmological Institute, Basel, Switzerland, helping us better understand Harmonization of Color Varieties in Gems., focusing on Harmonization of Color nomenclature for all varieties with an emphasis on Emerald, as well as Color Stability Issues for Padparadscha, Yellow Sapphires, and Other Gems. ...


Are you an
ICA Accredited Ethical Member?

This is for you!

Why become an ICA Accredited Ethical Member? Here are the benefits:

1. Update your knowledge, become more aware of all the requirements for being an ethical and responsible gem supplier .

2. Promote the fact that YOU are accredited by the ICA.

3. Customers and consumers will feel more confident working with you and your company.

4. Your business will grow!

Find out more on how to become an ICA Accredited Ethical Member here ...

ICA's Gems Keep Giving Fund

Gems Keep Giving (GKG) is an initiative set up by the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) to support artisanal gemstone mining and cutting communities around the globe. As the name implies those involved in the gemstone industry now have a way of giving back to those in our industry who are most in need. By giving we are not only changing lives for the better but we are also helping to make our industry more sustainable.. ..

TEFAF © Courtesy: Hemmerle
The Most Incredible Finds at TEFAF Maastricht 2020

The most coveted Old Masters paintings, top-tier jewelry, and priceless (well, almost) antiquities at the world-famous Dutch fair. . ...
TEFAF © Courtesy: Wallace Chan
The 13 Best Jewels At TEFAF Maastricht 2020

From contemporary high jewelry artists to vintage fine jewelry dealers, there was no shortage of exceptional pieces on display at 2020 TEFAF Maastricht. Whether it was Bhagat’s refined Indian themed pieces, Wallace Chan’s elaborate creations, Cindy Chao’s gem-encrusted works or the number of historic jewels that manage to catch one’s eye while passing, 2020 was a very good year for high jewels at the annual art fair. ...
Town & Country © Courtesy: Scarselli Diamonds 'Aurora Green' ring
Colour diamonds: the fairest of them all

The fancy colour diamond category is as dynamic and varied as the stones themselves. Arabella Roden explores new trends and opportunities for retail jewellers. There is little argument when it comes to the demand for fancy colour diamonds...

Museum of Natural History ©
Museum of Natural History Unveils New Hall of Gems After Years Of Renovation—And It Looks Incredible

After 3 years of renovations, the American Museum of Natural History has finally announced that it will open their completely redesigned hall of gems this upcoming fall—and the newly renovated facility is likely to be awe-inspiring. ...

A Collection of Gems for Your Valentine’s Day Enjoyment

Even if the V-day leaves you meh, the geology of gemstones is still pretty great.
Happy Valentine's Day to those who celebrate it, and happy Half-Price Candy Eve to those who don't! Let's take a break from earthquakes and volcanoes oh my and play with some sparkly things instead. We've investigated the geology behind a lot of shinies over the years ...

COVID-19 Update

D ear ICA Members,

April 2, 2020 – The Covid-19 global Pandemic is certainly affecting the jewelry business, with the postponements of our trade shows,* with the increased difficulty in travel, and many businesses completely shut. New York City has been declared an epicenter of the Coronavirus. This is a time for staying safe. We want you to know that you are all in our thoughts, and that we realize the challenges you are all facing. We are in the thick of it too.
This certainly has been a time for reflection. Reinventing the way you do business in the short term is a forgone conclusion. But with calm and patient perseverance, we will all get through this together.
I have mentioned to you that the ICA office has implemented aggressive safety precautions to ensure the health and well-being of our staff. We have methodically moved out of the Hong Kong and New York City office spaces and into our respective home offices, fully operational. Claudiu, Cecilia, and Maggie are all safe. And we want to assure you that the ICA is here and working for you, remaining proactive and ready to help wherever we can.
So as always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any requests. We are here for you! With that in mind, as Clement mentioned up top, please do go to the link on our website: https://www.gemstone.org/members/ica-covid-19-resources. There are some very helpful suggestions as to how you will be able to navigate through these challenging times.

On behalf of the President, the Board of Directors and ICA office staff,
Stay healthy and safe,
Gary Roskin, CEO

*Schedule of Events Postponed

BASELWORLD - postponed until next year - January 28 - February 2, 2021

March Hong Kong Show - was May, now postponed again (no new dates yet)

JCK Las Vegas - postponed to later in the year (no new dates yet)

June Hong Kong Show - Still on schedule but anticipating a change

ICA Congress Shenzhen China - postponed until next year - March 2021 (2 days following the March Hong Kong AWE show, but no dates yet)