AUGUST, 2018


ICASE members once again "Stormed the Hill" in Washington, DC to represent Indiana at the Annual Legislative Summit. Our ICASE team joined with the CEC to make recommendations to legislators to make an impact in the following areas:
  • Special Education Teacher and early Intervention Provider Shortages
  • Social and Emotional Learning, Positive Climate, and Mental Health Supports
  • Increase Education Appropriations

  • Providing $15 billion to fully fund IDEA'S Part B Program. Fulfill Congress's 43-year promise to fully fund special education.
  • Increasing the federal investment for ESSA Title II.
  • Supporting legislative policies that remedy the national lack of access to mental health services, through both private heath insurance and Medicaid as well as school and program-based supports available to children and families experiencing trauma, toxic stress, environmental, and mental health challenges.


The ICASE Executive Committee gathered together for the Annual Retreat in June. The Committee developed 6 goals for this year.
  1. Create a product that will grow membership.
  2. Meet the research and training needs of our members.
  3. Continue the excellent level of leadership in shaping/advocating for state and federal policies, practices and legislation.
  4. Increase ICASE organizational effectiveness.
  5. Increase ICASE connections and collaborations with other educational/professional organizations.
  6. Align expenditures with goals, priorities and strategic plan.


O n June 18th, ICASE and IDOE staff sponsored the annual New Director Training which serves as a primer for a range of special education administrative matters - including SEEC, Part B funding, due process, Medicaid, and other topics.

The one day workshop provided new directors with the resources every new director needs to get a jump start on a successful school year.


We will be holding a special election to fill the position of ICASE Secretary vacated by Nancy Holsapple who will be our next State Director of Special Education. According to our ICASE Bylaws, when an officer position is vacated, the remaining officers appoint a temporary replacement until an election can be held. The election will be held on Friday October 5th at our business meeting during Fall ICASE. The member elected will fulfill the 2 years left in the 3-year term vacated by Nancy. The term will begin immediately upon election and end on June 30, 2020.

If you are interested in being considered for the Secretary position, please send an email to Mary Burton ( ) by August 24, 2018 . She will then send you the application.

Purpose / Function 
The Secretary shall serve in the absence of the president, Immediate Past President, and President-Elect. Secretary serves as parliamentarian and is responsible for keeping records of the Executive Committee’s actions and motions, oversee the recording of minutes of all meetings, maintain archives and corporate records; serves as historian, distributes copies of minutes and agenda as directed. Mentors incoming secretary. 
Term of Office 
The term of office is 3 years. 
Serves in the absence of the President, Immediate Past President, and President-Elect. 
Records minutes of all meetings of the full membership and the Executive Board. 
Prepares draft agenda for Executive Board meetings and distributes minutes. 
Maintains the archives; serves as historian. 
Prepares professional growth documentation. 
Serves as parliamentarian. 
Serves as a member of the Membership Committee. 
Mentors incoming secretary. 
Maintains history of By-laws and Exec Handbook. 
Designates a substitute recorder if absent from a required meeting.
ICASE Membership Drive - It's Still On!
As we are facing the final quarter of the current federal grant cycle and the spending of the 2018-19 grant cycle please consider the benefits of joining ICASE as a unified member:

  • Roundtable Meeting PLCs
  • Direct Connection to IDOE -OSE
  • CASE/CEC 2019 National Conference Discount (held in Indianapolis, IN - Feb 2019)
  • Reduced cost for fall ICASE Conference, Topicals, etc..
  • NEW! New Directors Academy w/ several sessions during the school year
  • New! Principals Academy w/ several sessions during the school year (discount for member administrators)
  • Weekly electronic updates from the Center for Exceptional Children (CEC)
  • Quarterly ICASE Newsletters w/ legal and practical information
  • Advocacy and a voice through professional partnering organizations
  • University Forum to enhance teacher/therapist development
  • In-service for special education secretaries
  • Mentorship for new directors and aspiring directors
  • Legislative Impact on current issues
  • Pre-conference discount for district attendees
  • Professional support for members via our electronic listserv

Our goal is to increase membership by 10 %. Please help us reach our goal by considering adding members from your district's/cooperative's administrative team (principals, department chairs, coordinators, therapists, etc.). Your help in serving our state's administrators and achieving our goals is needed. Administrators can register at the following link:
Fall Conference
October 3-5, 2018
"Leading the Charge"
Pre-Conference Speaker: Terrance Scott Ph.D.
Integrating Behavior Management in the Classroom
Conference Keynote Speaker
Dr. Adolph Brown
Success Without Stress: Work-Life Balance™

Jan. 9 - Feb. 2, 2019
Indianapolis Convention Center

Early Bird Deadline is September 30, 2018

Exciting news!
This year, Indiana CASE (ICASE) has partnered with the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) on the CEC 2019 Convention & Expo that is coming to Indianapolis, January 29–Feb. 2, 2019.
In lieu of the regular ICASE meeting, we are encouraging educators and vendors to attend the CEC 2019, which will draw over 4,000 special educators from the United States, Canada, and many other countries.
Promote your product and service solutions in this exciting event!
A Special Olympics IN Call for Districts to Participate in the Unified Champion Schools program. 
Special Olympics Indiana is our official partner for the Unified Champion Schools program. Special Olympics IN is gearing up for the 2018-19 school year and taking requests from school districts for the limited slots available for school districts to join. Please email Mark Booth, ICASE Liaison for Special Olympics IN if your district is interested in being a part of our 2018-19 team,
Legislative Reminders
PK funding survey update:
Thank you to those who have submitted data for the PK funding survey. 
The survey is still open-
113/270 schools have responded at this time. The average of 40.58% of PK for special education costs are being covered by state and federal dollars.
T he GA committee is gearing up for session. Meetings have been set to continue the conversation with Members of Ways and Means to work toward increased PK funding.
  Emergency Permits for Communication Disorders
The GA committee has been collaborating with the IDOE and other professional organizations on next steps on how we can remedy the impact of fewer possibilities for SLP's. More to come…
Office of Special Education Weekly Digest
August 8, 2018
The following information is a compilation of correspondence from the Office of Special Education from July 30, 2018 through August 7, 2018

  • IDOE Office of Special Education job opening

The Indiana DOE, Office of Special Education has a job opening for an Education Specialist with a focus on pre-school. This position is responsible for: providing technical assistance to LEAs; providing specific expertise on the collection, analysis, and reporting of data for federal indicators pertaining to preschool settings, skills, and transition from Part C to Part B services; providing resources and assistance to parents and serving as a member of the monitoring team. The position is also involved in the results driven accountability initiative and working with other offices within the department to increase reading skills of students by 3rd grade. 

If you are interested, please apply at this website, , using the code: 617546.

  • 2018 DOE-TR Collection

As of 11:59 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, August 1st, Phase I of the 2018 DOE-TR collection has closed. The TR will reopen for Phase II from Monday, October 1 to Friday, October 5th for records ineligible to process due to unavailable assessment scores needed for the DOE-GR. Additional records and/or corrections may also be submitted during Phase II.

Please consult the data layout and training materials posted in the Data Reporting community of the Learning Connection. Contact Brandon Myers for questions regarding reporting of students. Susan Day can be contacted with questions regarding specific errors or submitting the file to the STN Application Center .
Thank you for all of your efforts.

Brandon Myers: (317) 232-9144;

Susan Day: (317) 234-6525;

DOE IT Help Desk:

  • Learning Connection Future

Please see the message below from DOE's IT division regarding the future of The Learning Connection. Please note that for 2018-19, OSE will continue to use Learning Connection for communication. Additionally, Indiana IEP access will still be routed through Learning Connection accounts.

OSE will keep users updated when changes under the LINK initiative will change processes.
Thank you.

Department to Begin Decommissioning Learning Connection
On or after August 15, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) will begin decommissioning the Learning Connection. This change is a result of the retooling of IT systems now underway through the Link Initiative.

The sunsetting of the Learning Connection will occur in phases. In Phase I the following features will be retired and will no longer be available: lesson planning, my classes, gradebooks, resources, student activities, and the ability to create new communities. After August 15, any data created or managed by users of the Learning Connection using the tools and features mentioned above will become permanently unavailable. Users who wish to retain their content connected to these services will need to collect the content and store it in another location.

It is important to note that during Phase I, key features of the Learning Connection will not be affected. Specifically, access to IndianaIEP, ISTAR-KR, and Student Data Reports will continue for the upcoming school year. Also, access to Learning Connection Communities will remain for the coming school year.
Questions should be directed to James Rodman ( ), Project Manager for Information Technology.

If you have questions about any of the information provided in this email, please contact the Office of Special Education.
Phone: 317-232-0570