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We are excited to launch t his  monthly newsletter for ICATT   Network Companies and Colleges, featuring the latest in news, upcoming events, and more helpful info for your company . Watch your inboxes at the end of each month  to stay up-to-date on what’s happening with the  ICATT Apprenticeship Program. 
ICATT Network Updates
It's Time to Interview: Summer 2020 Cohort Taking Shape
With about one month is left to hire, our Summer 2020 cohort is coming together: 20 ICATT Apprentices have already been hired.

We encourage companies to hire by June 30, both to reserve your place(s) at the college and to allow a trial period to ensure a good fit.

The ICATT team is in touch with over 50 vetted Apprentice Candidates who are prepared for virtual interviews. Don't miss your chance: interview now to find the right candidate for you. Contact Lee Wickham for information.
Before you reinvent the wheel, exchange best practices with other ICATT Network Companies to learn how they are addressing common challenges.

  • COVID-19: how companies are leveraging this time to build loyalty and continue training

  • Why it pays to invest your trainers' time into teaching the fundamentals of metal work (manual filing, sawing, bending, etc.)

Mark your calendar for our next roundtable on August 13 at 3pm CST. Contact Doris Bawa with questions.
For Your Apprentices: New ICATT Apprentice Resource Hub
ICATT added a new resources page for apprentices with exam documents, webinar recordings, and practice questions to help prepare apprentices for the ICATT exams.

This password-protected page is for exclusive use of ICATT Apprentices. Passwords have already been provided to all apprentices who are taking exams in 2020. Please remind your apprentices of this resource before exams.

Access the page here and contact Doris Bawa if you need the password.
We recently featured ICATT Network Company  Chicago Plastic Systems  in an ICATT blog post and social media.

Has one of your employees been able to retool your plant or used their unique skills to help the public during this pandemic? Or have you found a noteworthy way to keep your employees safe to restart production? We would love to share your story through  social media. 

Potential Expansion
Companies around Decatur, IL have expressed interest in a Fabrication and Welding Technician program. To explore this opportunity we are holding a webinar on June 18 at 1pm CDT in which:

  • We give an overview of the ICATT Apprenticeship Program
  • Richland College presents their curriculum
  • Mason Manufacturing shares their motivation for joining ICATT

If you or your peers in the Decatur region may be interested, please forward the link so they can sign up for the webinar here.

Please contact Doris Bawa for more information about this potential new program.
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