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July 2, 2015
Did you know... The Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC) meets 5 times a year to advise and assist the Department of Public Health on Early Intervention? The ICC is currently looking for Parent Representatives from the MetroWest region and a representative to fill the At-Large role. If you are interested in becoming an ICC Parent Representative, please submit a brief letter of interest to Darla Gundler ( It should include information about your family and Early Intervention experiences, state why you are interested in joining the ICC, your unique qualifications (having a child who is or has been enrolled in EI in Massachusetts) and what you will bring to the ICC (passion, interest to effect policy at the state level, etc). For more information on the ICC please check out the EIPLP website at

Did you know...that a Parent Contact is more than just a name and telephone number provided to the DPH? It is an opportunity to have an impact! Family engagement in Early Intervention is supported on every level - from the home visit, to program activities, and system wide. Parent Contacts can provide valuable insight to program administrators around the family experience in EI, and work with other families to support engagement above and beyond individual services. For more information on how to expand your role as Parent Contact please contact Liz Cox at or 1-413-586-7525 x 5863116.

Do you know... the EIPLP staff? Kris Martone-Levine is our Media Coordinator. She handles the EIPLP Newsletter "The Parent Perspective," emails, FaceBook postings and tweeting for us on Twitter. Kris is the parent of an EI graduate and has been working with EIPLP for 5 years. In addition to this role, she has worked on various stakeholder groups advising the DPH and providing family perspectives. Kris is very active in her community as a member of her town's SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council) Steering Committee and as a fundraising coordinator and office volunteer at New England Handicapped Sports Association (NEHSA). She can be reached at or 978-851-7261 x1994057.

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