Personal Touch in a High-Tech Age 
We live in an increasingly busy world. Thirty years ago, people met face-to-face, shook hands, perhaps made the occasional phone call. Twenty years ago, the fax machine added a new, quicker way to communicate. Ten years ago, emails communicated what you needed with friends and colleagues.
Today, we have all of those things, plus text messages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the list goes on...
But in our digital world, do not underestimate the need for a personal touch. When was the last time you wrote or received a hand-written note? When was the last time you picked up the phone to deliver a compliment? Networking face-to-face, stopping by a place of business to make a delivery personally, can have a huge impact on your relationships with members. While it's so easy to send an email, there are times when a voice, a handshake, a smile communicate more personal warmth and caring.
A key benefit of Chamber membership is inclusion in networking events like A.M. Exchange and Business After Hours.
  1. Relationship building. The best way to build relationships is to meet people. If you meet someone who is interesting and influential, be willing to the commit time and resources necessary to connect. 
  2. Business expansion. You never know who you might meet at a networking event. Increase your sales, generate new customer leads, gain new knowledge. Be prepared to talk about your business and how you might create synergy with a contact you make at a networking event. 
  3. Get out of your bubble. We spend too much time with our thumbs pounding out a message on our mobile devices, our heads hung as we read an email while walking down the sidewalk.  
Networking events force you to come face-to-face with other like-minded individuals. People who attend networking events want to expand their sphere of influence. Networking events are a great place to share positive news about your company, your products, or your services. It's a great time to build excitement for a community initiative or project. It's a great audience to reach out for new volunteers or board members. For a short time, put down mobile devices and make eye contact with an actual human being.
Once you attend a Business After Hours, then what? Don't be afraid to reach out to your new contacts and continue your conversation over coffee or lunch. Don't be afraid to reciprocate when a new contact asks advice or a favor.
Remember: Networking is not collecting business cards, good networking takes time to develop. It's never too early to start.
So, get out of your bubble! Make personal contact. Add a personal touch and you'll reap benefits in your relationship building. Send a note, pick up the phone, stop by a business. Shake hands, make eye contact, add a personal touch.
Lynn Olberding
Executive Director
Marshalltown Area Chamber

ICCE Annual Fall Conference 
October 5 - 7, 2016
Prairie Winds Event Center - Orange City, Iowa 
If you have not registered for the Fall Conference...
Now is the time.
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Come prepared to share at the Round Tables 
Board of Directors and Relations With Your Board
Small Businesses and Downtown Businesses
Dues Structure and Non-dues Revenue
Technology and Social Media

David Aaker
"Leadership for Organizational and Business Success"
David Aaker will be giving a brisk, optimistic training about leadership. He will touch on subjects every chamber leaders needs and how we are all part of being "Partners in Progress" as we continue to build our communities.
You don't want to miss the orientation on how you can become actively involved in ICCE and what benefits ICCE has to offer.

Also, we will have speakers addressing ICCE's relationship with Chamber Alliance, Small Business Development Center, the new Labor Law and a representative from Google will be with us.

Make your reservations now at one of the Hotels, rate $109, under group name of Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives (ICCE).

Hampton Inn, 712-707-4100 - To reserve a room online Click Here 
Super 8 - 712-737-2600 - must call for reservations.

ICCE Fall Conference Sponsors  
U.S. Chamber of Commerce 

100 Year Celebration
Thursday, October 6, 2016
Fall Conference Dinner
ICCE has extended an invitation to all past ICCE chairs and staff as we celebrate ICCE's 100 Years. We have a great program planned to honor those in attendance, Thursday evening dinner, emceed by David Vollmar, 2000 ICCE Chair. As an executive director or staff to your chamber this will be an opportunity to learn and hear how ICCE has grown not only in number of members but also in all of its programs and activities that we offer our members. Should be fun.
We still need your help - if you have any past history or pictures please email them to Shar at  ( )
Scenic Ireland
You don't want to miss the opportunity to travel to Ireland, tour all the great scenery and meet with other ICCE members from throughout the state. The Chamber of Shannon will be hosting a welcoming reception for all ICCE travelers. What a great opportunity to see how other Chambers from around the world work.

Remember this can be a great revenue generator for your Chamber. For each traveler your Chamber will receive $200. If you have 10 travelers from your Chamber or community the 11th is free.
Click Here for the reservation form
Click Here for more details at the ICCE website
Regional Meetings
Have you been to a regional meeting lately? A great opportunity to meet with Chamber Executives and Staff in your region to discuss issues that pertain to your region along with chamber issues you may have.

Check out the ICCE events calendar for upcoming regional meetings. If you know of a regional meeting coming up please be sure to add to the ICCE events calendar or email the details to Shar at
Hosting ICCE Conferences

If you wish to host an ICCE Conference please go to ICCE website and fill out the registration form. This is a great opportunity to showcase your chamber, community  and bring chamber executives from across the state to your location.

2016 Policy Conference
How to win friends and influence decisions  
Register Here 
Date: November 10-11, 2016 
Location: The Saint Paul Hotel, St. Paul, MN 
Tickets: $175 early bird price

The 2016 MACE Advocacy Alliance Policy Conference will provide participants the ability to bring real solutions back to their organization.

MACE Advocacy Alliance Tickets are going fast, and we are expecting a large turnout for this after election event. Reserve your ticket today and save!

ICCE Quarterly Webinar Series

Another Great Benefit of Being an ICCE Member
We hope you enjoyed the first two of the four part webinar series. If you were unable to participate, you can still sign up for the entire series. You will be sent a recording of the first two sessions and be able to participate live with the remaining sessions.

This is a new webinar series from industry expert Frank J. Kenny to show you how to do content marketing for chambers at a reduced price.

Each series relates and builds from the previous session, but they are also designed to be very useful as stand-alone sessions as well if you cannot make it to them all.

Each session is an hour long and will include many recent examples and lessons from the chamber and other related industries.

The 3 rd webinar series is scheduled for
Thursday, October 13 th at 1:00 PM 
Content Marketing for Chambers - Using Email and Digital Marketing

Click here for more information on the series
and to register now!
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