What Does it Mean to Serve on a Non-Profit Board?

Your ICCE Board recently completed a Planning Session for the upcoming year. They hold approximately 4 - 5 board meetings throughout the year and work very hard to make ICCE a strong organization. But as you all know, serving on a non-profit board is more than just a simple time commitment. It  is not something that should be taken lightly. Board members need to pay attention and be willing to make difficult decisions. 

W hat does it really take to serve on a non-profit board, and what are some of the things you should talk to your potential members about regarding board service?  

Here are some questions you and your members need to ask yourselves and the organization you are considering being a part of before deciding to serve on a non-profit board:

Am I able to devote the time and effort that the board position deserves?
  • How often does the board meet, and for how long?
  • Where do meetings take place?
  • Does the meeting location rotate or is it always held at the same place?
  • What responsibilities will I have outside of attending meetings?
  • Am I expected to serve on committees outside of the board of directors?
  • How long do board members serve? (typically terms range from two to five years)
Who is the current board and how did they get to become a board member?
  • Find out tactfully about the skills and experience of current board members.
  • Does someone have an accounting background or experience in reading financial statements?
  • How does the organization get board members?  Are they friends of the CEO or someone on the nominating committee?
  • Do you try to balance the skills of your board members?
  • Do you have to be elected or approved by the organization's membership?
Budgets of non-profit should be available for review of board members. Can you see the books and records?
  • Non-profit tax returns, 990, has to be made available to the public.
  • Even small non-profit should have some accounting system that they can offer.
  • If an organization balks at your request to see financial information, that should be a red flag.
What are the responsibilities of the board?
  • Is the board advisory only?  Or is it a real, working board?  Board members should have legally defined duties, such as determining the group's mission and purpose, selecting the executive director, raising funds.  A job description for your board members should be made available.
  • Attendance should be a requirement, serving on a non-committed board can be stressful and unproductive.
  • Conflict of interest on the part of a board member can put the entire organization in jeopardy.  Make sure that you have none before you agree to serve.
These are just a few things that you and potential board members need to look at when asked to serve on a non-profit board.  You want to serve to make the organization strong and what is best for its members.  ICCE is doing all of these, and that's why it is the great organization it is today because you have a hard working board who cares.  Please take time and thank them for all they do, they are truly there to work to make ICCE strong.

Shar Pardubsky
Executive Director
Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives
ICCE Heading to Ireland - October 19, 2016 - Discover and Explore Scenic Ireland

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If you would like Chamber Discoveries to come to your Chamber or Region to make a presentation to your members and community please let Shar Pardubsky know. They will be in Urbandale January 12th and Ankeny January 13. We would like to minimize their time by presenting to other Chambers.  ICCE would like to promote this as a state wide benefit to ICCE members, your membership and communities.  This is not only a great benefit for you as an ICCE member but relationships made from throughout the state are priceless.  If you need any help in promoting please feel free to contact any board member or Shar.
To see the video and other Ireland information 
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Mark Your Calendar - ICCE Conference 2016

One Day Conference - April 7, 2016, Hosted by East/South Des Moines Chamber of Commerce at the Holiday Inn Des Moines Airport.  611 Fleur Drive, Des Moines.  The One Day Conference will feature a guest speaker, yet to be announced,  and the ICCE Annual Meeting.  Rooms will be available at the Holiday Inn cost of $99 plus taxes.  Reservations call 515-287-2400 or 1-800-248-4013. 

Fall Conference - October 5-7, 2016, Hosted by Orange City Chamber of Commerce.
Would your Chamber be interested in hosting either the One Day Conference or Fall Conference in 2017?  If you are interested in being considered to host either of the 2017 conferences, please see the following application forms linked below:

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New ICCE Board Member - Mike Hofman, Orange City Chamber of Commerce

Welcome Mike Hofman to the ICCE Board.  Mike will be replacing Joni Krogman who left the Clinton Chamber for a new position in the business world.  Congratulations to Joni and welcome Mike.

Your ICCE Board has appointed a nomination committee for new board members for 2016/2017, if you have an interest in serving on the ICCE Board please contact Tiffany Menke, Urbandale Chamber who will be chairing the committee.  Your board just came off a day and one-half planning session to review and discuss the strategic plan and business plan for 2016/2017.  Also, discussed was the budget and membership, along with several items to make ICCE a strong organization. All will be reviewed and approved at the December board meeting.  As always, if you wish to add anything or discuss any issues feel free to contact any of your board members or Shar Pardubsky.  Your input is always welcome and of great value.
Regional Meetings

Regional meetings are continuing to be held.  These meetings are very informative and gives you the opportunity to meet with Chambers within your region to discuss issues that pertain not only to your region but also gives you an opportunity to discuss chamber issues you may want to share with one another.  Remember to add your meeting dates to the ICCE events calendar.  
Click here to see the ICCE Events Calendar, which also includes all ICCE board meetings.
Welcome - New Executive Directors -
Wendy Mathews, Osage Chamber of Commerce
Edye Beckerman, Windsor Height Chamber of Commerce
ICCE Celebrating 100 Years in 2016

If you have any history on ICCE please forward to Shar at iowachamberexecs@gmail.com.  As ICCE moves through 2016 plans are under way to celebrate the 100 years of ICCE's existence.  Any help you can give with history would be greatly appreciated.  Watch for more information. How far back can you go with names of Chair's?  Who and how was ICCE started?  Board members? Any information you would like to share please feel free to forward.
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