Volunteers vs Leadership
As we finished up our successful membership event in early May and look forward to the Chamber Total Resource Campaign in the fall, I began to look at the all the programs we do and recognized the tremendous reliance we have on "Volunteers". In everything we do, from these campaigns to Board service to committees and task forces, people give of their time and expertise to do good... for FREE.
Volunteer is a word used a lot in the Chamber world. But with all due respect, I question whether it's the right word for the work being done. These programs and tasks are vital to the success of the community and it takes special people with special skills to accomplish them. Let me explain.
When I hear volunteer I think of selling raffle tickets or running the register at a bake sale. Volunteers give their time freely to swing a hammer for Habitat or feel obligated when it's their turn to work the booster club concessions or chaperone a school dance. While personally enriched, the expect no personal gain. When we ask business leaders for their involvement, I don't think we're tapping their altruistic instincts.
I don't believe business people serve on a government affairs committee because it's the right thing to do but because they feel their knowledge and leadership skills can make a difference and their company can benefit from their collective voice.
Every time we ask a member to spend time with us, I hope we are appealing primarily to their company's success, not their sense of charity or duty.
Of course some business people are better than others about seeing the long term impact from Chamber involvement. They instinctively quantify the value of a vibrant community on the health and well-being of their company and indirectly, themselves. Some enjoy it so much it becomes a passion and thus we see many of the same people in different capacities. They may never think of financial gain.
I call these people LEADERS. Semantics maybe. Paying dues feels different than making an investment. Being a community or Chamber partner feels more valued than being an interest group. And leading feels different than volunteering.
Going forward, when I ask a member to contribute time, I may ask them to lead, not volunteer. Get engaged and make a difference. And thank you for your support of the Chamber.

Kristine Plunkett
VP of Chamber Operations
Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce

ICCE Quarterly Webinar Series

Another Great Benefit of Being an ICCE Member
We hope you enjoyed the first of a four part webinar series that ICCE is offering. If you were unable to participate, you can still sign up for the entire series. You will be sent a recording of the first session and be able to participate in the remaining sessions.

This is a new webinar series from industry expert Frank J. Kenny to show you how to do content marketing for chambers at a reduced price.

Each series relates and builds from the previous session, but they are also designed to be very useful as stand-alone sessions as well if you cannot make it to them all.

Each session is an hour long and will include many recent examples and lessons from the chamber and other related industries.

The 2 nd webinar series is scheduled for
Thursday, July 14 th at 10:00 AM on
Engagement through Social Media - Growing Know,
Like and Trust (While Increasing Retention)

Click here for more information on the series
and to register now!

ICCE Annual Fall Conference 
October 5 - 7, 2016
Prairie Winds Event Center - Orange City, Iowa 
Your Fall Conference committee continues to work on the agenda for the conference to address issues ICCE members have been fighting throughout the recent past. 

Conference Roundtables Will Include:
Board of Directors and Relations With Your Board
Small Businesses and Downtown Businesses
Dues Structure and Non-dues Revenue
Technology and Social Media

Other agenda items slated for the fall conference include the opportunity to hear from speaker David Aaker who offers several programs such as:
  • Customer Service Interactive Seminars
  • Leadership for Business Success
  • Strategic Planning Session
  • The Chamber Alliance is and how it works with ICCE
  • The Small Business Development Center, and Labor Law.

    Much more yet to be determined.

Make your reservations now at one of the Hotels, rate $109, under group name of Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives (ICCE).

Hampton Inn, 712-707-4100 - To reserve a room online Click Here 
Super 8 - 712-737-2600 - must call for reservations.

If you have questions regarding the conference feel free to contact Shar Pardubsky, ICCE Executive Director at 515-240-8785 or Mike Hofman, Executive Director with the Orange City Chamber at 712-707-4510.

ICCE Fall Conference Sponsors  

100 Year Celebration
Thursday, October 6, 2016
Fall Conference Dinner
ICCE has extended an invitation to all past ICCE chairs and staff as we celebrate ICCE's 100 Years. We have a great program planned to honor those in attendance, Thursday evening dinner, emceed by David Vollmar, 2000 ICCE Chair. As an executive director or staff to your chamber this will be an opportunity to learn and hear how ICCE has grown not only in number of members but also in all of its programs and activities that we offer our members. Should be fun.
We still need your help - if you have any past history or pictures please email them to shar at  ( iowachamberexecs@gmail.com )
Executive Amanda Price
Greater Newton Area Chamber of Commerce  
Executive Director Detra Dettman
Fairfield Chamber of Commerce

If you know of any new chamber executive please email iowachmaberexecs@gmail.com with details so they can be welcomed by ICCE

Welcome New ICCE Members
Tama Toledo Area
Chamber of Commerce 
 Cassie Sokol
Shelby County Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Todd Valline 
Kelly Langan/Oakridge Realtor  
Kelly Langan
We look forward to your involvement with the Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives.
Regional Meetings
Have you been to a regional meeting lately? A great opportunity to meet with Chamber Executives and Staff in your region to discuss issues that pertain to your region along with chamber issues you may have.

Check out the ICCE events calendar for upcoming regional meetings. If you know of a regional meeting coming up please be sure to add to the ICCE events calendar or email the details to Shar at
Hosting ICCE Conferences

If you wish to host an ICCE Conference please go to ICCE website and fill out the registration form. This is a great opportunity to showcase your chamber, community  and bring chamber executives from across the state to your location.

  Proven Advocacy
By Tim Coffey, IOM - ICCE Chair 

What do main street business workshops, top level presentations and meeting your elected Congressional official have in common?

They all happen at America's Small Business Summit, sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. I had the honor of attending this event in June and I walked away very impressed. I was impressed by the quality of the group presentations (e.g., by U.S. Chamber President Tom Donahue, United Airlines President & CEO Oscar Munez, to name a few), the valuable information small businesses received to improve their bottom line, the recognition that small businesses and young entrepreneurs received, and lobbying efforts of elected officials on Capitol Hill.

ICCE is considering holding a state-wide fly-in for its Chamber members and your small business members. It's one of our efforts to make your advocacy benefits to your members even more effective.

So, stay tuned for more information on a possible state-wide fly-in for ICCE members and your small businesses!  
ICCE is On Its Way to Ireland
You still have time to get your travelers together for a great trip to Scenic Ireland. Don't miss the opportunity to travel to Ireland and tour all the great scenes of Ireland that we have lined up. Also, this is a great revenue generator for your chamber. For each traveler you have traveling your Chamber will receive $200. If you have 10 travelers from your Chamber/Community the 11 th will travel free. So please promote to your Chamber and Community we would like to see our numbers grow.
Click Here for the reservation form
Click Here for more details at the ICCE website
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