Travis Toliver  
Executive Director at Waverly Chamber of Commerce
Greetings fellow Chamber Executives! I am honored to serve as your newest board member and to assist with the leadership and growth of this organization. As this is my first article for the ICCE newsletter, I want to share some thoughts about how to keep your cool when the going gets tough. I hope you will find some takeaways from the commentary below that have proven successful for me throughout my career.

April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes... until you are involved with a project in your community which causes change, progress or temporary setbacks. Then you find yourself asking the question, "Where have all the flowers gone?"

As leaders in our industry, we all have come to accept the realization that our actions or decisions are not going to please everyone all of the time. I'm sure, like me, you have tried to find the narrow path between two sides of an issue, ensuring you are not stepping on too many toes. However, there comes a day when a difficult choice must be made either by you or your board and once that happens, you have to stand by it. So how do you handle the negative fallout from that decision? Let's take a look at some scenarios which I am sure we have all experienced at one time or another:
  1. How do you explain yourself when you or members of your team have made a mistake?
    First, you need to recognize that an error has been made and take ownership as the leader of your organization. The buck stops with you and no matter the situation, everyone from your team of employees to Chamber members will be looking towards you for a response. Take advantage of the situation by showing them what kind of leader you are and face the music head on. Doing this, will show others that you are taking charge of the situation and able and willing to take the heat for it. Also, be proactive instead of reactive; don't wait for questions to form but rather try to answer them before they are asked. Getting out in front of a situation will help to put it to rest more quickly than if you wait.
  2. Should you respond to attacks about you or the Chamber on social media?

    The answer is NO. Do not respond to attacks, whether on Facebook, Twitter or another form of online commentary. Feel free to follow the chatter but no matter what is said, jumping into a string of inaccuracies with defensive emotion will rarely end in a professional resolution. Take the high road and respond to accusations or ridicule either in person, through local TV or radio stations, or by releasing a statement to your local newspaper and posting it to your organization's website. By not engaging in the circus that is social media, you create a situation by which you have more control and will be viewed as an informed and refined stance. By staying above the situation, your members and board of directors will appreciate your professionalism.
  3. How do you handle a member or business owner walking into your office or calling you on the phone that continuously accuse and/or complain about something?

I encourage you to take the high road and learn to LAFF.

LISTEN: I have put out many fires by just hearing someone out. Openly listening to one's concerns, without defense, and giving him or her time to completely tell me their side of the story always helps to build trust and gives the person value by hearing them. Ultimately, they feel validated and understood (one of the Five Human Truths).
APOLOGIZE with Empathy: Put yourself in the other's shoes and try to understand their viewpoint. Even if it's not the Chamber's fault, apologizing for the situation brings both parties back to a common ground to rebuild from.
FIND a Solution: 90% of the time there is a solution. Find it and explain this to the concerned party. Walking them through each action step of what you are going to do or what they can do to rectify the situation provides a direction to move forward with and often leads to resolution.
FOLLOW Through & Up: Once you have found the solution, no matter the situation, make sure you carry it out. Don't wait or stall because of a busy schedule. If it gets pushed to the side and remains incomplete, this will create a factor of distrust. See your action list through and then take a moment to follow up with the person to ensure all is well. This creates a relationship of trust and a bond which, if properly maintained, can endure for years to come.

I hope that some of these best practices will be helpful when sticky situations arise. The key is to not let yourself get caught up in the moment but have the ability to step back from the situation and think three steps ahead of your actions to find the best results for you and your Chamber.

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