How does membership benefit?

Tiffany Menke
Urbandale Area Chamber of Commerce


This is the time of year when many chambers are receiving dues renewals from their membership.  This is the time of year when members question the value of their chamber membership and what the chamber did for them in 2014.  As chamber staff, it can be a frustrating time of year because we KNOW what we did for them, which makes the drops hard to accept.  At the Urbandale Chamber, we make personal calls to try to find out why a member chooses to leave our organization.  Many times, we are able to save the membership because the drop was made simply because of a lack of understanding of the benefits. 


Wearing my ICCE hat, I want to make sure you know about some exciting benefits planned for 2015.  Membership is the lifeblood of our own chambers and the lifeblood of ICCE.  It is vital the board hears from you and that we respond to provide a strong return for your membership investment.


In 2015, we are kicking off the year with a fantastic conference planned for April 2.  This conference will take place at Prairie Meadows Conference Center featuring speaker Annette Medlin.  This conference is designed for chamber executives to bring along their staff and volunteer board members.  Annette Medlin brings 25+ years of non-profit management expertise.  She is an interactive presenter that will educate, inspire change and provide obtainable solutions and start everyone on a new path to personal excellence.  Watch the list serve and website for more information.


We also encourage you to participate in your regional meetings.  These are great roundtable opportunities to connect with chamber staff members in your area.  Only those in the chamber profession truly understand what staff goes through on a daily basis.  These meetings are fantastic ways to connect and learn from each other.  Access the regional meeting calendar on the ICCE website.


ICCE also plans to provide new online benefits that will give you access to chamber documents/information, promotional opportunities and more.  This will be launched soon.  Stay tuned!


The ICCE Board has a few more benefits in store like an affiliate membership to attract more businesses members, as well as launching a travel program ICCE members can access to generate non-dues revenue for their own organizations.  These benefits are in addition to those already enjoyed such as the opportunity to apply for scholarships for additional continuing education.


Thank you for your continued investment in ICCE.  Together we are strengthening the chamber industry in the state of Iowa.   


One Day Conference featuring Annette Medlin

ICCE is proud to announce Annette Medlin will be the keynote speaker for the April 2 One Day Conference. She has been in non-profit management for over 25 years, with eights years as a chamber executive. Prior to starting her own business in January, Annette co-founded Membership180 in 2012. 

The Altoona Chamber of Commerce will host the ICCE One Day Conference at Prairie Meadows in Altoona. In addition to Annette Medlin, the One Day Conference will also feature the ICCE Annual Meeting where new board members will be announced as well as recognizing scholarship recipients. Rooms cost $111 and are available by calling 515-957-3000. Reservations must be made by March 3. Conference attendance is $50.


What: ICCE One Day Conference
When: Thursday, April 2, 2015
Where: Prairie Meadows
1 Prairie Meadows Drive, Altoona, IA 50009
Cost: $50




Much like in any industry, it is crucial for successful chambers of commerce to benchmark themselves against their peers in the industry and take advantage of best practices. ICCE encourages members to take the Mid-America Chamber Executives Operations Survey.


Participating chambers will get results for free, while non-participating chambers will have the option to purchase results. Please fill out surveys by February 25. Results will be presented at the MACE Annual Conference May 6-8 in Sioux Falls. 

ICCE Scholarship Applications due February 13

ICCE strives to be the preferred choice of Iowa chamber executives and staff for professional development and industry enhancement. In that spirit, ICCE is offering scholarships for five conferences. As a member of ICCE, you can apply for a scholarship for the U.S. Chamber Institute program, the MACE Annual Conference, the ACCE Annual Convention, the U.S. Chamber Government Affairs Conference and the ICCE Fall Conference. Applications are due February 13 and will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.


Take the Travel Program Survey

Many chambers would like to host a trip overseas for members, but may not have the resources, membership, time or other constraints. Your ICCE Board would like to offer a Travel Program that would give each Chamber an opportunity to help generate some additional revenue. To help us determine if this new statewide program would be feasible we would like your input. The ICCE Board thought this would be great for both large and small chambers to gain some additional revenue and give your members that opportunity to travel and meet other chambers throughout the state.  Please fill out the short survey and return upon completion by February 15.  


What is IOM and why should I be considering it?
As a chamber professional, you are highly encouraged to attend one of the Institute for Organization Management sites for professional growth and development.  If you would like to know more about what Institute is all about, you may join a webinar February 11 at 9:00 am CST to learn all about Institute.  Simply RSVP to in order to receive login information. 

ICCE Membership Dues


Reminder, ICCE is under a new dues formula for 2015-2016. The formula comes after much discussion at the board level over the past two years, and after little to no increase in dues most years. 


To determine what type of structure to use, the board reviewed both local and state chambers and their structures. Up to this point, the ICCE dues structure was based on population whereas the new structure is based on a chamber's income. 


If you would like to verify your income level, please contact Shar Pardubsky, Executive Director of Iowa chamber of Commerce Executives. Shar can be reached at 515-240-8785 or Dues invoices will be sent electronically soon, so be looking for it in your inbox. 


New ICCE Dues Structure (effective March 1, 2015)



$   195.00

$100,000 to $199,999

$   300.00

$200,000 to $349,999

$   450.00

$350,000 to $499,999

$   650.00

$500,000 to $699,999

$   800.00




Welcome New Executives
ICCE would like to welcome new chamber executives Shannon Landauer, Carroll; Andrew Eisenman, Garner; Josh McKenna, Knoxville; Todd Valline, Shelby County. If you know of a new chamber executive, please email with details so they can be welcomed by ICCE. 

Regional Meetings

Have you been to a regional meeting lately? Check out the ICCE events calendar for upcoming regional meetings. If you have a regional meeting coming up, submit information to ICCE.

Click here to see the ICCE Events Calendar, which also includes all ICCE board meetings.

Is your professional credential information up to date?


Have you gained any professional credentials in the past few years? Every year at the ICCE Annual Meeting chamber executives with IOM status are displayed in the program. Please make sure you are up to date with ICCE, and include your photo as well. Not sure if you're up to date? Contact Shar Pardubsky at

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