The Time Has Come (...And Save the Dates)

Tim Coffey
Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

The time has come. We are now approaching the time for the infamous "New Year's Resolutions." Ordinarily, I would not endorse the concepts of such resolutions, in large part because they usually end up either in failure or inaction, or the proverbial road filled with good intentions.


However, there is one idea that could be both a very workable and very productive resolution for your Chamber and for you professionally. That is simply - become more active with your Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives membership. It makes perfect sense since, like most organizations in which we are members, we are paying dues, so why not take advantage of things that can benefit us?


First off, in ICCE, there is the one-day conference that is designed both for you and for your Board and other key volunteers. The date for this year's one-day gathering is on Thursday, April 2 at Prairie Meadows in Altoona.  The theme and speakers are being finalized so watch for an announcement. Registration is already up, and you can sign up for the conference below. The cost and investment of time for you and your Board is hard to say no to.


The next conference of importance is the MACE (Mid-America Chamber Executives) annual meeting in Sioux Falls, to be held May 6-8. I have attended this meeting several times and have found the programs and speakers offered, not to mention the tremendously interesting vendors, to be of a very high caliber.


Wait, we are not done yet. The annual ICCE fall conference will be held this year October 7-9 in Clear Lake. I am pretty familiar with the territory, so I can assure you that the place will be really fun and enjoyable. We are working to match that great location with talented presenters that can give you your money's worth with ideas to take back to your shop.


There are also regional meetings for us to go to, designed for us to pick the brains of our peers on ideas and solutions to problems and glean from their experience. These meetings are usually in your neighborhood and don't cost anything. Finally, throw in scholarships from ICCE for more intensive training and you have a perfect professional development action plan for you and your Chamber staff.


So, what are you waiting for? Make that "for sure" New Year's resolution in maximizing the benefits of your ICCE membership now, and you will find another nice result of that resolution - your Chamber and you will grow professionally!! The time has come!  

So, save those dates now!  Happy New Year! 


ICCE Scholarships- Apply Now!
It's time to think about planning for 2015, and what conferences you will attend. ICCE strives to be the preferred choice of Iowa chamber executives and staff for professional development and industry enhancement. In that spirit, ICCE is offering scholarships for five conferences. As a member of ICCE, you can apply for a scholarship for the U.S. Chamber Institute program, the MACE Annual Conference, the ACCE Annual Convention, the U.S. Chamber Government Affairs Conference and the ICCE Fall Conference. Applications are due February 13 and will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.


ICCE Board Member Angela Harrington leaves chamber for hotel/event center project
Grinnell Chamber president/CEO Angela Harrington has left the chamber industry to become a managing partner on a downtown hotel and event center project in Grinnell. She is pursuing her dream to be a catalyst for communities, organizations, initiatives and businesses. Click here to read the official press release. ICCE wishes Angela good luck in her future endeavors!
Travel Programs

Many chambers would like to host a trip overseas for members, but may not have the resources, membership, time or other constraints. Your ICCE Board would like to offer a Travel Program that would give each Chamber an opportunity to help generate some additional revenue. To help us determine if this new statewide program would be feasible we would like your input.  The ICCE Board thought this would be great for both large and small chambers to gain some additional revenue and give your members that opportunity to travel and meet other chambers throughout the state.  Please fill out the short survey and return upon completion by February 15.  


One Day Conference: April 2- Register and Reserve Your Room!
Mark your calendar for the 2015 One Day Conference. On April 2, the Altoona Chamber of Commerce will host the ICCE One Day Conference at Prairie Meadows in Altoona. The One Day Conference will feature a guest speaker and the ICCE Annual Meeting. Rooms will cost $111 and are available by calling 515-957-3000. Reservations must be made by March 3.

What: ICCE One Day Conference
When: Thursday, April 2, 2015
Where: Prairie Meadows
1 Prairie Meadows Drive, Altoona WI 50009
Cost: $50

ICCE Membership Dues

Kay Sackville Breuer

Greater Burlington Partnership 



As I mentioned last month, the board of directors has researched a new dues structure and will put it in place for ICCE's fiscal year beginning March 1, 2015.


To determine what type of structure to use, the board reviewed both local and state chambers and their structures. Currently, the ICCE dues structure was based on population.  This method had been in place for numerous years, but as population has shifted it isn't necessarily the best method.


The board of directors finalized a dues structure that will be based on a chamber's income and a new base rate of $195 was established. The board realizes that there may be some chambers that see an increase and may not have budgeted for this. If your chamber will face difficulty  making an increased dues payment, we would like to work with you and stair step the increase over the next two years. 


If you would like to verify your income level, please contact Shar Pardubsky, Executive Director of Iowa chamber of Commerce Executives. Shar can be reached at 515-240-8785 or If you would like to visit with a board member, please feel free to contact me and I can carry your message back to the board. I can be reached at 319-208-0041 or


New ICCE Dues Structure (effective March 1, 2015)



$   195.00

$100,000 to $199,999

$   300.00

$200,000 to $349,999

$   450.00

$350,000 to $499,999

$   650.00

$500,000 to $699,999

$   800.00




Is your professional credential information up to date?

Have you gained any professional credentials in the past few years, but not told ICCE? Every year at the ICCE Annual Meeting chamber executives with IOM status are displayed in the program. Please make sure you are up to date with ICCE, and include your photo as well. Not sure if you're up to date? Contact Shar Pardubsky at
Welcome New Executives
ICCE would like to welcome new chamber executives Travis Kraus, Mount Pleasant, and Travis Toliver, Waverly. If you know of a new chamber executive, please email with details. 

Regional Meetings

Have you been to a regional meeting lately? Check out the ICCE events calendar for upcoming regional meetings. If you have a regional meeting coming up, submit information to ICCE.

Click here to see the ICCE Events Calendar, which also includes all ICCE board meetings.
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