Advocating Diversity
while Moving Forward Together

"Diversity: the art of thinking independently together."- Malcolm Forbes


I think the above quote by Forbes on diversity is a great way to describe what the term diversity means to us as a chamber. Our true mission, like many chamber organizations, is to enhance the economic health of our members and the city which we live. Nationally, Des Moines, Iowa is not known as the most diverse city. However, within Des Moines, the East and South side of Des Moines, the areas which we represent, are incredibly diverse economically and racially. Our goal for the next few years is to increase the diversity in our chamber, both in our leadership and our members. Like the Greater Des Moines Partnership's vision to drive economic growth with one voice, one mission and as one region, we strive to welcome and increase our diversity. However, we know it is also vital to stay unified in our mission and vision.  How does a chamber create opportunities and programs for a diverse group of people, yet not spread themselves too thin and stay aligned? I think it will be a challenge at first, but we feel thankful to have resources like the Partnership and other chambers to look to for guidance if needed.


Our chamber also has a history that is rooted in the balance of diversity and once voice. We are a blended group of two chambers that formally joined forces in January 2013 after the East and South Des Moines Chambers were both sharing resources and efforts for about two years. Since then our programming, leadership, and members have matured as we navigated the waters together. This year, we decided that to truly serve this area of Des Moines, we needed to increase the diversity of our leadership to more accurately reflect the vibrant Latino population in Des Moines. We are thrilled to have started a new membership arm of our chamber to better reach this community. Empresarios, which means entrepreneur in Spanish, is a new group within our chamber led by local Latino business leaders. Members will need to join the Des Moines East and South Chamber, but then can work with fellow Latino businesses to share best practices and learnings core to their culture, yet also help the rest of the chamber members learn and grow from this new partnership.


We are truly passionate about fostering and growing the diversity of our group, while all coming together, despite our differences, and in collaboration of our strengths, and make Des Moines the amazing city we know it can be. I also know that to do this, we won't only be working together within our chamber, but with the other proud chambers in the area. There is absolutely strength in numbers.  


While I opened this article with a quote by Malcom Forbes, I would also like to close it with a few statistics provided by his own Forbes Magazine which named Des Moines the #2 Best City for Jobs in 2015, the #1 Best City for Young Professionals in 2014, and the #6 Best City for Raising a Family in 2014.   


We hope with the increased focus of the strengths our city's diversity, and the leadership of the Greater Des Moines Patnership, that we can soon get a top ranking for diversity too!

  Sadie Trytten
Sadie Trytten,
ICCE Board Member
Des Moines East & South Chamber 

Hosted By Waukee Area Chamber of Commerce  
Mark your calendars - April 12, 2017!
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ICCE Annual Fall Conference - 2016 
Hosted By Orange City Chamber of Commerce 
Thank you to the Orange City Chamber, and the Prairie Winds Event Center for hosting the 2016 ICCE Conference. It was a huge success!

We also wanted to thank the entire Fall Conference Committee, that included Mike Hofman, Sadie Trytten, Tim Coffey, Krisi Plunkett and Nikki Brevig, who worked to have such great speakers and programing for us to learn from. 

The conference also had a great variety of speakers, with a lot of information to share. You can also download any of the presentations on the ICCE website. 

Here are some comments from those in attendance:

"Thank you ICCE for your hard work to prepare and implement a most outstanding ICCE Conference. As usual, I came home energized and ready to hit the ground again from all the great inspiration from our speakers and chamber peers." 
"Always such a great opportunity to learn from each other in our ICCE family."

ICCE Fall Conference Sponsors
A huge thank you to all of our sponsors. As said many times, we couldn't do these conferences without your continued support. Please take time to thank each of them.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce 
Iowa Econonomic Development   Alliant Energy Chamber Explorations
ICCE Celebrates

100 Years
Thank you to Vicki Mallory and the committee, Tom Kuhlman, Bill Phelan, Tim Coffey, Kay Breuer for a great job in making the 100 year celebration a huge success.

We had several past chairs able to attend and enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with everyone and meet all the new executives. David Vollmar did a great job in sharing the past and present, along with some great stories.

All the ICCE members who were there made history!

TUSCANY 2017 - October 18-26

ICCE Tuscany Trip
ICCE is now offering a travel program to its members.

On October 19, 2016 - 27 excited travelers will be traveling to Ireland. Because of the success of the Ireland trip, ICCE will be offering a trip to Tuscany in October 2017

The travel program has been designed by ICCE to be a revenue generating machine for our members big or small.

Would your chamber be interested in traveling with us? 
Contact Shar to see how your chamber could be traveling for FREE!

National Small Business Week

Nominations for 2017 National Small Business Week Awards
Deadline January 10, 2017

Do you know a small business owner with an amazing success story to tell?

If so, submit your nomination today for the 2017 National Small Business Week Awards. There are 15 different categories, so nominate one for each!

  Regional Meetings

Have you been to a regional meeting lately?

ICCE has launched a series of meetings, one in each region across Iowa, to help garner member input and provide updates between each chamber. These meetings give the organizations the opportunity to provide direct input to both ICCE and other chamber staff regarding current issues, efforts, programs and growth within Iowa. 

View the ICCE events calendar, and get involved.  
Hosting ICCE Conferences

If you wish to host an ICCE Conference please go to ICCE website and fill out the registration form. This is a great opportunity to showcase your chamber, community  and bring chamber executives from across the state to your location.

ICCE Content Marketing Webinar  
ICCE Quarterly Webinar Series
Nurturing Your Online Tribe
Thursday, January 12th - 10:00 AM

As you know, your chamber must be using social media and content marketing to consistently reach your members and prospects to maintain top of mind awareness. This is critical top-of-funnel social media work that most chambers are getting very wrong. Matters of fact, most chambers are hurting themselves with every post! 
Learn expert digital tactics from industry expert Frank J. Kenny in a concise online webinar designed specifically for chambers of commerce.  

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2016 Policy Conference
How to win friends and influence decisions  
Register Here
Date: November 10-11, 2016 
Location: The Saint Paul Hotel, St. Paul, MN 
Tickets: $225

The 2016 MACE Advocacy Alliance Policy Conference will provide participants the ability to bring real solutions back to their organization.

MACE Advocacy Alliance Tickets are going fast, and we are expecting a large turnout for this after-election event. Reserve your ticket today!

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