ICEE e-Brief - 12th Edition - January 2018
Celebrating the final results of the ICEE major multi-country study
The ICEE (Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education) i nternational research project  was led by JA Europe and included 4 Ministries of Education (Estonia, Finland, Italy and Latvia) and Enterprise Flanders (representing the Ministry in Flanders, Belgium); 3 research institutes and 5 national JA organizations. Thanks to the enthusiasm and professional work of the consortium, the project reached out to 12,000 students, parents, teachers and business volunteers, worked with 25 schools and conducted 150 in-depth interviews. 
We extend our gratitude to all of teachers and head teachers in each of the schools who made the research such a success and special thanks to all partners of the consortium who made this possible!

The main purpose of the ICEE project is to understand how we can move faster towards the European goal that every young person should have a practical entrepreneurial experience before they leave school. In the ICEE project, we tested what the scenario would look like if 50% of students between 15 and 20 years old had such an experience. Some of the main outcomes confirm that:
  • A deep dive is better than a light touch.
  • Students provide positive feedback on the CP-method and the learning outcomes.
  • Teachers, parents and business volunteers once involved, seem to want to continue.
The first ICEE Dissemination webinar presenting the findings of the project, took place on 19 January. The webinar hosted 55 attendees from different sectors, such as business community, education institutions and the European Commission. Based on the success of the first round, there will be held a second edition on 27 February.

As a part of the ICEE project, a common European Progression Model is to be presented, that can be a model for national governments and schools within entrepreneurship education based on the experience from ICEE, the EntreComp framework and work by experts in the EE-HUB (The European Entrepreneurship Education Network).

In the framework of the ICEE Innovation Clusters, 3 articles on entrepreneurship education were published covering important topics related to teacher training, content and tools and assessment .
The Innovation Cluster on National Strategies identified  10 good practices  and came up with a  strategical document  which compares 8 National Strategies on Entrepreneurship Education. 
The main outcomes of the research were highlighted in a set of short articles  .
The final ICEE research report will be released in February. A summary of the some of the findings can be found   HERE . The qualitative report based on 150 interviews is found here .
You can discover more about the ICEE research and the impact of entrepreneurship education and JA Company Programme on parents, teachers, business volunteers and students by watching this video documentary .
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