Expert Answers On the Spot
ICMAD offered a new trade show format this September. Unveiled at NYC's ADF & PCD Show, the "Compliance Clinic" allowed for appointments to be made prior to the show to have questions answered on the spot by subject matter experts in the labeling, regulatory & testing fields. Questions ranged from aerosol labeling inquiries, to claims testing requirements, as well as many discussions on CBD.
CIR Releases 3 Final Safety Assessments, including Parabens
The Cosmetic Ingredient Review has published 3 final safety assessments from their September 2019 meeting: brown algae, parabens, silica & hydrated silica.

CIR Expert Panel Issues Three Final Safety Assessments, Six Tentative, At 152nd Meeting
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Made In USA Claims: FTC Requests Comments
The Federal Trade Commission hosted a workshop on Made In USA Advertising and Marketing claims last week. They are currently requesting comments from the public with respect to this claim.

Please contact ICMAD if you would like to discuss this workshop and/or voice your opinions, experience and interest in Made in USA claims.

Organic Claims: FTC Fraud Suit Settles for $1.76m
What can happen if claims are not substantiated prior to a product being placed on the market?

Read the press release from the FTC to learn more about a recent case of unsupported "organic" and "certified organic" claims.
FDA Announces Upcoming Changes to the Inactive Ingredient Database (IID)
 The Inactive Ingredient Database (IID) is changing. Under the reauthorization of the Generic Drug User Fee Act (GDUFA) for fiscal years 2018-2022, FDA made a commitment to amend the IID in significant ways by October 2020. As stated on page 17 of the GDUFA II Commitment Letter,

  1. By October 1, 2020, FDA will complete enhancements to the Inactive Ingredient Database so users can perform electronic queries to obtain accurate Maximum Daily Intake and Maximum Daily Exposure information for each route of administration for which data is available.
  2. FDA will update the Inactive Ingredient Database on an ongoing basis, and post quarterly notice of updates made. Such notices will include each change made and, for each change, the information replaced.
These enhancements are intended to help industry make informed decisions about excipient selection during drug development.

International Trade Administration
ICMAD has a close relationship with the ITA and we want to ensure our members are familiar with the benefits and assistance that can be obtained from the ITA. The ITA's Mission is to create prosperity by strengthening the international competitiveness of U.S. industry, promoting trade and investment, and ensuring fair trade and compliance with trade laws and agreements .

European Guidelines Now in Effect For 'Free From' and 'Hypoallergenic' Claims
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1-4-Dioxane DTSC Recordings and Comments
California Department of Toxic Substances Control held a public meeting on August 21, 2019. The recordings and presentations from that meeting are now available on the DTSC website : 1,4-Dioxane Meeting

The comments that were submitted to DTSC (including ICMAD's comments) have been posted here .
Meredith Petillo, Director of Regulatory and Technical Services: mpetillo@icmad.org