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California CARB/ICMAD Meeting

ICMAD met with CARB on January 7 to discuss the proposed VOC limits and present the member feedback obtained through our survey request in November. ICMAD will continue to monitor the progress of the VOC limit proposals as the limits will likely require reformulation for many products currently on the market. The new proposals are currently covering Hair Finishing Sprays, Dry Shampoo, Personal Fragrance Products and sunsetting the current 2% fragrance exemption.
Legislative Hearing on Federal Cannabis Policies - Live Stream

Tune in Wednesday, January 15 at 10 am EST for a live stream of a Congressional Energy & Commerce Committee Hearing: "Cannabis Policies for the New Decade". A witness list and Briefing Memo are now available for this hearing. ICMAD will monitor the hearing and report any content significant to topical CBD products to our membership.

CBD Drugs in 'Cosmetic Clothing' Violate California's Unfair Competition Law - Class Actions
Partner Content: HBW Insight - Ryan Nelson

California federal courts have shown themselves receptive to proposed class actions alleging that purported cosmetics carrying unapproved drug claims violate the state's Unfair Competition Law. Plaintiffs now are testing similar theories in suits against marketers of CBD-infused topical products.

FDA To Hold Public Meeting on Talc in Cosmetics

The FDA announced the meeting will be held on February 4, 2020 from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and obtain scientific data and information on topics related to testing methodologies, terminology, and criteria that can be applied to characterize and measure asbestos and other harmful elongate mineral particles (EMPs) that may be present as contaminants in talc and consumer products, including cosmetics, containing talc as an ingredient. This meeting will help inform FDA's understanding of this topic, and will no doubt impact the future for cosmetics containing talc.

NAD Decision Upheld: Anti-Wetness Claims On Cosmetic Deodorant
Partner Content: HBW Insight - Ryan Nelson

An aluminum-free deodorant lost an appeal with NARB which upheld NAD's previous decision to discontinue claims that the deodorant absorbs and protects against underarm wetness. This article summarizes the case history and NAD's perspective on the intersection of OTC drug and cosmetic regulations. It is an interesting decision to read about for those involved in claims substantiation decision making, especially as various segments of the industry are pushing boundaries in several categories regulated by OTC monographs.

WARNING LETTER: Cleansing Claims and OTC GMPs

FDA published a Warning Letter based on 2 areas: cGMP violations for OTC sunscreens and topical salicylic acid products, and unapproved drug claims. Please note FDA's multiple references to the Consumer Review section of the brand's website in their analysis of claims. Consumer testimonials and reviews require the same level of claim substantiation as traditional marketing claims in many circumstances.

Coppertone 'Mineral-Based' Sunscreens are Falsely Advertised - Proposed Class Action
Partner Content: HBW Insight by Ryan Nelson

This article discusses a suit filed in December in California that alleges some Coppertone sunscreens have fraudulently represented formulas as 'mineral-based' when the products contain organic UV filters in addition to Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide. With the amount of activity in the sunscreen space lately, this will be another area to watch as this case progresses.

Health Canada: Proposed Hotlist Changes

Health Canada recently sent out a notice regarding proposed changes to the Cosmetic Hotlist and ingredients under evaluation under the Chemical Management Plan. None of the proposed new additions to the Hotlist are in the Prohibited category. Details of the proposed additions and revisions can be found in the link below. Please reach out to us with questions or concerns if you are using any of these ingredients and would like to discuss the proposed changes.

Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation (draft)
Partner Content: CIRS

The Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulation (Draft) was passed in a January 3 meeting of the State Council. Please note, CIRS will present a China Update at the ICMAD Tech/Reg Forum in February.

JAMA Editorial on 'Clean' Beauty
By Sharon Blinkoff, Of Counsel, Locke Lord, Chair ICMAD Government Relations Committee

We wanted to advise you of a recent editorial entitled 'Natural Does Not Mean Safe. The Dirt on Clean Beauty Products.' that appeared in last month's JAMA Dermatology magazine. The following article, by the ICMAD Chair of the Government Relations Committee, examines certain aspects of the clean beauty movement and includes a link to the publicly available editorial.

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