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Regulatory Implications for US Companies

With the UK having formally left the EU on January 31, there are many important regulatory implications that may impact US businesses exporting to the UK and EU. While many long-term questions still need to be answered, guidance for compliance during the transition period can be found in this alert. ICMAD will continue to monitor the regulatory impacts of Brexit and will inform our membership when additional information is available.

'Toxic Beauty' Documentary

ICMAD wants to apprise our membership of the press surrounding a documentary, Toxic Beauty, that claims cosmetics are unregulated and unsafe. The film was featured in a recent Vogue article. The public is being presented with a tremendous amount of misinformation regarding the cosmetic industry and this misinformation is influencing policy makers.

ICMAD member companies sign our Code of Ethics and are dedicated to manufacturing and distributing products that are safe, effective and compliant with all laws and regulations. While we craft a strategy and response to the proliferation of misinformation, we would like to hear from you. Please call or email to voice your opinions on the state of consumer perception of the industry, the importance of truthful advertising and messages you would like conveyed to representatives who are writing legislation that directly impacts the industry.

Dr. Ken Marenus - President & CEO, ICMAD: kmarenus@icmad.org; 800-334-2623 ext 109
Meredith Petillo - Director Technical & Regulatory Services, ICMAD: mpetillo@icmad.org; 800-334-2623 ext 110
CA AB 495 - A Bill to Watch

ICMAD has been monitoring a bill in the California Assembly that, in it's original text, would have had significant impact on the industry selling product in California. After 2 Committee hearings, and several text amendments, the bill has stalled out and is expected to be reintroduced at a later time. This article addresses the evolution of the bill and reasons why it will be important to pay attention to when it resurfaces.

Legislative Hearing on Federal Cannabis Policies - Recording Available

The Congressional Energy & Commerce Committee held a hearing on Wednesday, January 15: "Cannabis Policies for the New Decade". CBD products were discussed to some extent in the broader cannabis discussion
At the conclusion, it was announced that an additional hearing will take place with new stakeholders and ICMAD will inform the membership when that hearing has been scheduled.


FDA has recently published Warning Letters on several topics impacting the cosmetic & personal care industry: one particular Warning Letter to take note of addresses outside the tentative final monograph claims for certain Purell hand sanitizer products.

FDA also announced the voluntary recall of Yes To Inc's Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask following consumer complaints of skin irritation.

Colgate 'Tom's Of Maine' Back in Federal Court Over 'Natural' Claims

Tom's natural claims on toothpastes and deodorants are false and misleading, a plaintiff alleges in a proposed class action filed in Massachusetts federal court. Similar to previous complaints against Colgate/Tom's, the plaintiff's case is premised on the contention that "natural", as opposed to "100% natural," means no synthetic ingredients.

EWG Alleges Asbestos Contamination

US House Energy & Commerce Chair Frank Pallone took note on 16 January of the Environmental Working Group's finding of asbestos contamination in a 'Princess' makeup set intended for young girls. Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-MI, will speak to the test results first, pushing her own legislation that would require asbestos testing of talc-containing children's cosmetics in accordance with preferred methods.

REMINDER: FDA Public Meeting Tomorrow, 2/4

As a reminder, the FDA is holding a public meeting tomorrow, 2/4, from 8:30am-5 pm EST to discuss testing methods for asbestos in talc and cosmetics products that contain talc.

FTC lawsuit: Deceptive Ratings and Review Practices

Product reviews and rankings should be objective, accurate and unbiased, regardless of the industry. This latest FTC lawsuit alleges deceptive activity from a site claiming to offer "objective" evaluations of financial products. This example provides an opportune time to review internal policies and procedures on product ratings, reviews, testimonials and influencer content to ensure that current practices meet FTC's requirements.

EU's Cosmetic Microplastic Restriction Expected to be 'Very Wide-Ranging' At Best

Cosmetics Europe's Director-General John Chave discusses next steps in teh European Union's proposed drive to ban manufactured microplastic in all cosmetic products. Industry continues to fight for something more proportionate, but it's up against powerful forces in today's European theater.

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