Student homelessness is at an all-time high, with more than 1.5 million students nationwide experiencing homelessness over the course of the 2017–18 school year, according to new data from the National Center on Homeless Education (NCHE). The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) paints a very different picture, however.

The community of Brownsville, Brooklyn offers an opportunity to examine how shelter, neighborhood, and family dynamics intertwine to increase a family's vulnerability to housing instability and homelessness . This Neighborhood Profile examines the prevalence of family homelessness, the reasons why families enter the shelter system, the growth of student homelessness, risk factors that often push families into housing instability, the characteristics of the housing market in Brownsville, and some of the revitalization efforts underway in this community .
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BK Reader

This Brooklyn news website explored the findings from The Dynamics of Family Homelessness in Brownsville.

ICPH Chief of Policy Research Andrea Pizano spoke with this Brooklyn news website about The Dynamics of Family Homelessness in Brownsville.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

News of the release of The Dynamics of Family Homelessness in Brownsville was included in a news roundup in this Brooklyn news outlet.
The Florida Times-Union

News that Florida service provider Sulzbacher was awarded the Beyond Housing Award by ICPH at this year's Beyond Housing conference was included in a news roundup in this Florida newspaper.
Common Dreams

A summary of ICPH President Dr. Ralph da Costa Nunez's keynote speech at this year's Beyond Housing conference was posted on this nonprofit news website.

Data from ICPH on the number of children in NYC shelters was cited in an article on a partnership with the Homes for the Homeless Saratoga recreation program.
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UN 58th Commission on Social Development

ICPH Principal Policy Analyst Chloe Stein spoke on the panel, Children’s Homelessness: Not Only a Matter of Having a Street Address, But of Building a More Cohesive and Inclusive Society, at the United Nations 58th Commission on Social Development.

ICPH Visits The Dalton School

ICPH GIS and Data Visualization Specialist Natalee Desotell spoke with a group of 3rd graders at the Dalton School about family homelessness and the importance of data.
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When students fall behind academically and are unable to keep up with the rest of their peers, their ability to graduate high school on time is threatened. Unfortunately, homeless students met grade-level standards at half the rate of their housed peers. This report explores the impact of homelessness on proficiency rates and high school completion.

Regardless of how each state approaches efforts to identify homeless students, identifying and counting these students is the first step to ensuring access to the educational supports they need. Unfortunately, this access often varies by geography. ICPH developed an interactive web tool that displays the relative position of all 50 states (plus the District of Columbia) across multiple indicators and how each state’s own ability to identify and serve homeless students has changed over time.
In January, ICPH welcomed a diverse group of service providers and big-picture thinkers from across the country to explore new and innovative methods to prevent or mitigate the impact of homelessness on children. Through a series of talks, keynote luncheons, interactive workshops, site visits, and networking opportunities at Beyond Housing 2020, attendees discussed how to bring these strategies to their own work to help children and families succeed. Visit the website for photos, links to available presentations, and videos of the keynote speeches.
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Open Data Week

Open Data Week is a week-long event celebrating the availability of free, public data. This year it takes place from February 28th to March 7th. Explore ICPH's story map The Importance of Data In Improving Health Outcomes  for high school students experiencing homelessness.
Education in NYC

ICPH will continue its spotlight on the community of Brownsville, Brooklyn by exploring the educational outcomes of homeless students in that community. ICPH will also share what we have learned about housing instability from eight years of data on NYC's homeless students.