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      In This Newsletter, March 2016::
  • Notable Keynote Presenters Announced for Early Childhood Research Symposium: Ronald Ferguson, PhD and Marion Broome, PhD, RN, FAAN
  • Early Childhood Research Symposium Plenary Panelists Announced: Charles Brunner, PhD and Janice Gruendel, PhD
  • Third Annual Conference of Early Childhood Social Impact Performance Advisors 
  • Institute for Child Success Generously Awarded Grant by the Graham Foundation
  • Outcome-Based Financing for an Early Childhood Continuum: Is it Feasible?
  • ICS Releases New Issue Brief: The Current State of Young Hispanic Children in South Carolina: Projections and Implications for the Future
  • Tax Credits for Working Families: A Discussion on the Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Developing Minds
  • Spotlight on Early Childhood Creates Buzz at SXSWedu
  • State Leadership Initiative Features ICS-led Work and Partnerships
  • ICS Senior Fellow, Janice Gruendel, PhD Headlines Nurturing Developing Minds Conference 
  • White House Forum on Social Innovation Includes ICS
  • In case you missed it....

Notable Keynote Presenters Announced for Early Childhood Research Symposium
ICS is very proud to feature Dr. Ronald Ferguson and Dr. Marion Broome as keynote speakers for the 2016 Early Childhood Research Symposium.  The Symposium will be held October 13 and 14, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina in partnership with the School of Education of UNC Charlotte and will address a range of critically important issues and themes relating to the health and well-being of young children.

Ronald Ferguson, PhD founder of Harvard's Achievement Gap Project and one of America's most distinguished commentators on educational inequity, is a MIT-trained economist who has taught at Harvard University since 1983. His teaching and publications cov er a variety of issues in education and economic development.

A national leader in nursing education and pediatric research methods and ethics, Marion E. Broome , PhD, RN, FAAN, is the Dean & Ruby Wilson Professor of Nursing, Vice Chancellor for Nursing Affairs at Duke University and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs for Nursing at Duke University Health System.


Early Childhood Research Symposium Plenary Panelists Announced 

In addition to the plenary keynote addresses by Drs. Ferguson and Broome, we are pleased to feature a plenary session, Place Matters for Children and Families: A Hard Look at the Environments and Systems in Which Children Are Raised, featuring Dr. Charles Bruner and Dr. Janice Gruendel.
Charles Bruner, PhD recently left the Child and Family Policy Center he founded twenty-five years ago to "link research and policy on issues vital to children and families." He is now heading a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded "Learning Collaborative on Health Equity and Young Children."

ICS Senior Fellow, Janice M. Gruendel , PhD has nearly 20 years of experience in State of Connecticut government, serving in the administrations of five governors. She also brings nine years in the non-profit advocacy sector and seven years in private business related to children and families. 


Our Third Annual Conference of Early Childhood Social Impact Performance Advisors, cohosted with ReadyNation and the Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah, will be held in Denver from June 22-24. This is an important convening for those interested in Pay for Success financing for early childhood development. Participation is free and open to qualified applicant teams and individuals. To learn more about the conference and apply to attend, as a jurisdictional team or an individual please click here .

ICS Generously Awarded Grant from the Graham Foundation 

ICS is grateful to the Graham Foundation for a grant they recently gave the Institute to support the design of a website and the development of an online communications strategy. This grant will allow ICS the opportunity to share its early childhood research and policy resources with a broader audience of decision makers. The reliable and unbiased research-informed material that ICS produces is necessary for the creation of smarter public policies that enable young children and their families to succeed. ICS appreciates the support of the Graham Foundation.

Outcome-Based Financing for Early Childhood Continuum:  Is it Feasible?

ICS recently hosted a working group meeting in Charlotte to explore how outcome-based financing can support continua of early childhood services. As part of its Pay for Success technical assistance, ICS is working with the City of Spartanburg, South Carolina to design a continuum of evidence-based services to improve outcomes for children and families, and to determine whether Pay for Success financing can fund this model. Event participants used the Spartanburg vision supplemented with information from Social Finance US, Third Sector Capital Partners, and Sonoma County, another ICS Pay for Success TA jurisdiction. Attendees came from a range of backgrounds with experience in intensive place-based initiatives. To learn more about place-based collective impact strategies for improving early outcomes for children and families, contact ICS experts Bryan Boroughs or  Keller Anne Ruble.

ICS Releases New Issue Brief: "The Current State of Young Hispanic Children in South Carolina: Projections and Implications for the Future
In coming decades, the population of the United States and the state of South Carolina is projected to evolve into a highly diverse young population contrasting a largely non-Hispanic white older population. Considering this demographic shift and in order to ensure the well-being of the nation in the future, the growing Hispanic population must be taken into account as new policies are developed. Special attention must be focused on early childhood policies surrounding Hispanic children with a specific focus on the areas in which they currently lag behind other racial and ethnic groups. This month ICS released a report The Current State of Young Hispanic Children in South Carolina: Projections and Implications for the Future in conjunction with the   Consortium for Latino Immigration Studies and the PASOs Programs at the Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina. This report is a compilation of recent data, and its implications, from the United States and South Carolina regarding various aspects of young Hispanic children and their families. It also makes recommendations to decision makers.
Download the report  here .

Tax Credits for Working Families: A Discussion on the Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Developing Minds  

The Institute for Child Success, along with our Early Childhood Common Agenda partners, will host a discussion on April 6 on Tax Credits for Working Families: A Discussion on the Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Developing Minds.  The convening will feature a panel discussion addressing the impacts of state-level EITCs on child development, family financial security, and community stability along with the ICS publication, The Effects of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Achievement and Long-Term Educational Attainment by Michelle Maxfield PhD. The panelists are from the South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development, the North Carolina Justice Center, and others. This interactive discussion will take place from 3:00-4:30 at the South Carolina Children's Trust building in Columbia.

Spotlight on Early Childhood Creates Buzz at SXSWedu  
ICS Executive Vice President Joe Waters and Libby Doggett, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Early Learning, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, United States Department of Education recently moderated Designing an Innovative Future for Early Learning at SXSWedu in Austin. This summit, the first ever on early learning at SXSWedu, was centered around the scandal of early learning - that while we know serving our youngest children is the gateway to lifelong success, the early childhood system is too fragmented to deliver innovation at scale. The Summit featured experts, including: Celia Ayala, CEO Los Angeles Universal Preschool, Michael Levine, Founding Director, Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, Ellen Galinsky, President and Co-Founder, Families and Work Institute, Ben McAdams, Mayor, Salt Lake County and John King, United States Secretary of Education. Topics considered included: How are health, education, and economic development interconnected? What are the tensions between technology and play? How do we allow participation yet balance this within the process of learning? How can we better define entrepreneurship within early education by engaging parents and teachers as the consumer to ensure pedagogical soundness, while scaling viability?
ICS is happy to engage early childhood leaders and advocates to examine broader issues related to early childhood development and spark new conversations about how to secure the future for America's youngest children.  As Mayor Ben McAdams so succinctly said, "Early Learning is not just about 3 and 4 year olds, its about bigger systems: K-12, job availability, the economy, how child development happens within these systems is crucial." To see what others had to say about this convening please check out Storify .

State Leadership Initiative Features ICS-led Work and Partnerships

Jamie Moon and Bryan Boroughs were very pleased to join leaders from across South Carolina at OneSC earlier this month.  This year's three-day event for Riley Diversity Fellows focused on the state's opportunity infrastructure.  Among a fantastic set of panels, the event highlighted the ongoing work in Spartanburg's Northside Initiative and in the South Carolina Promise Zone, two partners who are doing important work to improve outcomes for the young children in their communities.  The Riley Institute also highlighted the state's recent Pay for Success expansion of high quality Nurse-Family Partnership services for new families, which ICS was thrilled to catalyze.

ICS Senior Fellow, Janice Gruendel, PhD Headlines Nurturing Developing Minds Conference  

Last month, ICS along with Greenville Health System Children's Hospital hosted ICS Fellow, Dr. Janice Gruendel among other prominent scholars and practitioners to present at the 10th annual Nurturing Developing Minds conference. The speakers explored the long-term  impact of early life adversity on the developing brain, school performance, as well as adult outcomes.  Dr. Gruendel urged participants to view children's development through a science-informed two-generational lens and discussed what she refers to as the "The New 3 R's - Responsive Reciprocal Relationships and Resilience."

White House Forum on Social Innovation Includes ICS 

On March 18, ICS President Jamie Moon and ICS Board member, Ted Hendry, participated in the White House Forum on the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) of the Corporation for National and Community Service.  Both ICS and the United Way of Greenville County are current SIF grant recipients.  The Social Innovation Fund is a relatively new program within the federal Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and the goal of the White House convening was to help the Corporation chart a course for SIF to drive even greater levels of impact over the next five years.

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