Schools are to be apolitical. Schools can be considered a last bastion where true discussion of politics can take place precisely because we are apolitical. 

The recent election results have saddened many people. The results have also angered but they have elated yet others. We all have our reasons for being on one side or the other or yet even somewhere in between. 

ICSA maintains an attitude of presuming positive intentions however difficult that may be. We will hope that the new American president will make the best decisions for the country as we understand that in many cases, decisions made for America often have effects on parts of the world if not the entire world.

As children's characters are formed mostly by their parents, our children echo our political views. No matter how kind you are at home about the world and its leaders, your children will hear negative political banter out in their world. Personally, I am thankful that my children have not been exposed to the aggressive political ads and billboards. However, I choose not to avoid it all as it gives an opportunity for my wife and I to enforce our family values. As w e talk a lot about  kindness , respect, and  empathy ,  it would never occur to my children to say something unkind about anyone.

I encourage you, for your children's benefit, to provide a balanced perspective, present your views as your own,  and to encourage your children to express their own views. I would also ask you vote on issues in your own home as this real-life role playing instills a closer sense of the effects of winning and losing a vote. Perhaps this weekend, you can have your children vote on their two favorite foods (for me it would be poulet choukouya and pizza!)...and at the same time, reinforce your own family values while instilling a sense of the positive for the future. 

Enjoy your weekend, 

Peter Zeitoun