Etiometry Brings Advanced Visualization and Analytics to the Hospital Bedside
Introduces Persistent Display to Streamline Clinical Workflows in Hospital ICUs
Our new Persistent Display functionality allows hospital care givers to view near real-time patient trend information continuously by the bedside to improve care delivery. It allows patient trend information to be continuously displayed at the bedside—such as on a wall-mounted monitor—to provide physicians and nursing staff with always-on, at-a-glance views into the clinical course of critically ill patients. Press release
Advanced ICU Visualization & Analytics
Persistent Display is now bundled into our  T3 Visualization & Data Aggregation software, an FDA-cleared software application to collect, store, and visualize ICU data in near real-time. The Persistent Display feature is immediately available with  T3 Visualization & Data Aggregation software, and existing customers can implement Persistent Display at no extra costs. Blog        
Check Out Our First Whitepaper!
Our first whitepaper will soon be available, email us if you'd like to request it. Bringing Advanced Visualization and Analytics to the ICU Bedside with Etiometry Persistent Display reviews the need for a Persistent Display in hospital ICUs. It also also explains how Persistent Display works with the Etiometry Platform, and it highlights typical use cases. Please  email us if you'd like us to send you the PDF.
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