10 Million Hours of Patient Monitoring Data
Aggregating Data to Provide More Informed Insights 
We just announced that Etiometry has reached 10 million hours of patient monitoring data to enhance ICU patient care! The high-volume, real-world data we capture is allowing Etiometry to uniquely aggregate patient data and rapidly create high-performance algorithms to provide a better understanding of a patient’s continuously evolving physiologic risks,” says CEO Evan Butler. Press release
Virtual Devices for Monitoring Patient Care
Discover how algorithms—virtual devices— can process multiple physiology parameters and transform what is measureable into what is meaningful in the context of ICU treatment. Blog        
Deploying Big Data Analytics in ICUs
You don’t typically think of doctors as consulting with big data resources to improve the delivery of patient care in a hospital ICU. But that’s exactly what the Etiometry Platform enables.  Blog
Note the Facts on Etiometry
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