September 2021
Empowering people and communities to
achieve financial well-being by
championing the credit union philosophy
of 'people helping people'.
Benefit Night Raises $70,000 for ICUF Programs
The annual ICUF Benefit Night Fundraiser was held on September 16 in Dubuque. ICUF executive director Jaimie Miller, ICUF board chair Ann McMillian and board vice chair Marian Holmes led the program and presented the 2021 Community Impact Award to Mike Powers, CFO of Affiliates Management Company. Entertainment was provided by the Kingfish Band.

Thank you to all attendees and sponsors for your generous support! ICUF had a record-breaking fundraising event, raising more than $70,000 to support our mission-driven programs.

Click here to view photos from the evening.
View ICUF's 2020 Annual Report
In 2020 the Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) celebrated 25 years of service to our mission of empowering people and communities to achieve financial well-being by championing the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.”

Click to download the 2020 ICUF Annual Report to learn about all of ICUF's programs and investments over the past year.
Budgeting Notebooks available for Pre-Order!
Take your credit union's financial coaching program to the next level with budgeting notebooks from ICUF! Helping members to learn healthy money habits can go a step further with the use of a budgeting notebook. All proceeds from these sales will benefit ICUF's programs that support financial well-being for Iowans.

Credit unions can pre-order budgeting notebooks now through October 14 by clicking here. Notebooks are $25 each; discounts will apply to bulk orders.

As a gift from ICUF, each Iowa credit union CEO will receive a free budgeting notebook.
Jaimie Miller Recognized for Service as ICUF Executive Director
At Benefit Night, the ICUF Board gave special recognition to Jaimie Miller for her time served as ICUF’s Executive Director. For the past eight years, Jaimie has led the Foundation and has been essential in growing its fundraising and impact. As Jaimie completes the transition into her role as Vice President for the Iowa Credit Union League, ICUF will begin the recruiting process for a new Executive Director. In the interim, Jaimie will support ICUF in a consulting role, where we anticipate she will continue to provide valuable insights and leadership to the ICUF team, in support of ICUF’s mission. Thank you, Jaimie!
International Credit Union Day is Oct. 21
We hope your credit union will join in celebrating International Credit Union Day on October 21. The ultimate goal of this day is to raise awareness for credit unions, but many will celebrate this day giving back and engaging more deeply with members and communities.

Click here to learn more about this day.
Follow ICUF on LinkedIn
ICUF is now on LinkedIn! Connect with us to learn more about issues facing Iowans and how our credit union movement is supporting those in need.
Events to Consider
The credit union industry has several upcoming events to consider attending. These events will help credit union leaders connect on topics such as inclusion, exploring "why" and legislative issues where credit unions can make an impact.

$100 Million Investment for Housing in Iowa
Governor Reynolds recently announced an additional $100 million investment to increase the supply of housing options and protect and expand housing opportunties for Iowans to live in or near the communities where they work.

With this additional investment, Iowa has designated a total of $330 million over the next five years for overcoming Iowa's housing shortage. Read more here.
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Thank you to our donors!
Thank you to our recent donors, who made contributions to support ICUF's mission-based initiatives.
  • Aaron Conner
  • Abigail Eaton
  • Adam Dodds
  • Alejandro Alaniz
  • Allen Younts
  • Alvaro Macias
  • Alyssa Cook
  • Amanda Ketelsen
  • Andrea Dose
  • Andrew Houy
  • Andrew Quandt
  • Andy Hawkinson
  • Andy Lassen
  • Andy Partney
  • Andy Schroeder
  • Angela Drury
  • Angela LaCroix
  • Angie Glick-Martin
  • Angie Jones
  • Angie Owen
  • Ann McMillian
  • Anthony Cooper
  • Ashley Schultz
  • Ashley Vanderheiden
  • Barry Shaw
  • Ben Wagner
  • Bev Long
  • Bob Hoefer
  • Bob Lee
  • Brad DeHeer
  • Brad Mertens
  • Brad Knutson
  • Brandon Oertel
  • Brett Seitz 
  • Brian Johnson
  • Brian Lepa
  • Brittany Krapfl
  • Caitlyn Frohmader
  • Cam Hall
  • Carla Danielson
  • Carrie Kompelien
  • Chad Kruse
  • Chad Orr
  • Charlie Kilburg
  • Chelsea Bullington
  • Chelsie Madden
  • Chris Campbell
  • Chris Helle
  • Chris Maiers
  • Cindy Stephenson
  • Cole Lansing
  • Corey Izer
  • Crenna Brumwell
  • Curt Gandy
  • Dan Deutmeyer
  • Dan Limbert
  • Danielle Gratton
  • Darron Dunn
  • Dave Cale
  • Dave Klavitter
  • David Eggers
  • David McElroy
  • David Hulsbrink
  • Dawn Davis
  • Deb Digmann
  • Deb Madison-Levi
  • Deb Schroeder
  • Debra Salz
  • Debra Salz Steenblock
  • Denise Dolan
  • Denny Siemers
  • Donna Dyer-Bischoff
  • Doug Egesdal
  • Drew Walswick
  • Edith Diaz
  • Emily Kress
  • Emily Valentine
  • Emily Kuntz
  • Ena Babic Barnes
  • Erin Bickford
  • Erin Coleman
  • Erin Engler
  • Gary Haines
  • Gary Hayenga
  • Gary Schocker
  • Greg Hanshaw
  • Greg Milbach
  • Hailee Kelleher
  • Hannah Ruther
  • Harlan Pedretti
  • Hayley Vanderpool
  • Helen Pearce
  • Howard Rattner
  • Jacque Nelson-Bruns
  • Jaime Thomas
  • Jaimie Miller-Ackley
  • Jami Weems
  • Jana Erickson
  • Jane Tomesch
  • Jason Norton
  • Jason Skemp
  • Jason Stanek
  • Jay England
  • Jeff Disterhoft
  • Jeff Hayes
  • Jen Timmins
  • Jenna Paysen
  • Jennifer Breitbach
  • Jennifer Naeve
  • Jenny Lorenz
  • Jess Theisen
  • Jill Gogel
  • Jill Rothenberger
  • Jim Anderson
  • Jim Holle
  • Joan Auterman
  • Jodi Allen
  • Joe Hearn
  • Joe Montez
  • John Gonner
  • John Stone
  • John Vail
  • Jonathan Steinkruger
  • Joy Thompson
  • Joyce Fowler
  • Joyce Carr
  • Julia Michalec
  • Julie Pingel
  • Julie Willse
  • Karen Murphy
  • Kari Diedrich
  • Katie Schueller
  • Katie Shemak
  • Katie McClain
  • Katie Riessen
  • Keith Mesch
  • Kenia Calderon Ceron
  • Kerry Kennedy
  • Kevin Mueller
  • Kevin Weber
  • Kim Adams
  • Kim Fettkether
  • Kolby Sinclair
  • Kris Skiles
  • Lanny Reed
  • Larry Ridenour
  • Latoya Schwartz
  • Laura Donner
  • Lee Hoerner
  • LeKeisha Veasley
  • Leslie Alvarez
  • Leslie Biver
  • Linda Andry
  • Linda Ashby-McFarlane
  • Lisa Chicchelly
  • Lisa Bowers
  • Lisa Elskamp
  • Loren Hartelt
  • Lori Looney
  • Maggie Brooks
  • Margaret Eichhorn
  • Marian Holmes
  • Mariko Kurobe
  • Marilyn Rasmussen
  • Mark McCoy
  • Mark Peters
  • Mark Franke
  • Mary Soeder
  • Matt Brown
  • Matt Dodds
  • Matt Kantro
  • Matt Oakley
  • Matt DeBisschop
  • Megan Egan
  • Meggan Heacock
  • Michael Ready
  • Michael Rettig-Garcia
  • MIchael Wahlin
  • Michelle Ariss
  • Michelle Hoppenjan
  • Mike Gillen
  • Mike Libbey
  • Mike Moroney
  • Mike Powers
  • Monica Fischer
  • Murray Williams
  • Nancy Laugesen
  • Natalie Payne
  • Nate Scott
  • Nicholas Specht
  • Nick Baal
  • Nick Wagner
  • Pat Drennen
  • Patrick Dodge
  • Paula O'Rourke
  • Peter Spinoso
  • Rebecca Neades
  • Renee Poppe
  • Rich Head
  • Richard Ortega
  • Riley Rausch
  • RJ Montes
  • Robert Daughters
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  • Ron Kinsella
  • Rosann Raymond
  • Ryan Fitch
  • Sailu Aryal
  • Sarah Paulson
  • Scott Frost
  • Scott Neyens
  • Scott Schuster
  • Scott Zahnle
  • Shelly Ridgeway
  • Stefanie Rupert
  • Steve Quigley
  • Susan Kern
  • Tami Brandenburg
  • Tammy Wood
  • Ted Galvin
  • Ted Szymanski
  • Todd Link
  • Tom Gibbs
  • Tom Harbaugh
  • Tom Kuehl
  • Toni Bruni
  • Tracy Taylor
  • Troy Gould
  • Trudy Vokac
  • Vada Grantham
  • Veronica Trester
  • Woody Perkins
  • Zach Wahls
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ICUF was established in 1995. Our mission is to empower people and communities to achieve financial well-being by championing the credit union philosophy of "people helping people."