Wikis work best when a community comes together to build them. ICANN has that community, and we have the platform to build the conversation

Join our team in uncovering what makes the wiki work and how it functions as a tool to build our community. We'll keep this simple. Edit your personal page, or add something new about a subject important to us all. We're here to make the process less intimidating. We want you to Learn, Share, Know.

Each hour-and-a-half session will be held on Sunday, October 18 and Monday, October 19 from 11:30-13:00. Those who participate will be invited to food, drink and prizes at a local pub and restaurant on Tuesday, October 20. Help edit the wiki then decompress after a long day at the conference.  

Our edit-a-thon and reception wouldn't be possible without the direct support of our sponsor, Amazon. We thank them for helping us build a more informed, cohesive community.

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See you in Dublin!

In addition to our Edit-a-Thon, we are experimenting with a new booth layout that is meant to encourage live edits and translations. We aim to channel all of the knowledge that the ICANN community has to offer and convert it into quality content on our site. 

ICANN 54 is shaping up to be a productive and fun conference for us, where we will be featuring several new things, including our new ICANN PrimerThe Primer focuses on key ICANN people, sessions and topics. We've packed a lot of info into a small guide that you can bring with you everywhere! We've also highlighted meals, drinks and day trips so you can enjoy your time outside of the conference.

Don't worry, even with all of our new features, we are still providing you with our famous playing cards and caricature badges.
Translation Efforts @ICANNWiki!

Through our partnership with Allegravita, we've increased our Chinese articles significantly. Their efforts built the essentials--our ICANN article (an extensive, text-heavy work) was one of their first, foundational translations for our site. From there, some of the most important issues were tackled. More and more, our site is becoming friendlier, more accessible to a broader base of readers and editors. We are incredibly grateful for Allegravita's efforts toward making a more accessible wiki.

To bolster this effort, we've joined DotAsia and .hk to create a wider base of translated articles. Expect to see the fruits of this work in late Fall, 2015!

If you, or anyone you know are interested in translating ICANNWiki, we'd love to collaborate with you, and find ways to make translation easy. Please contact or for more information.

  • Allegravita is partnering with Gridiron to bring football to China to strengthen ties between the United States and China, and encourage team spirit and collaboration. Read more here.
  • Amazon is determined to translate more books into English. The company is pouring over $10 million into its translation initiatives, including a boost to its site, AmazonCrossing. Readers will also be able to suggest book titles for translation.
  • Dominios Latinoamerica revamped their website, enhancing accessibility, topic coverage and language options. You can now stay up to date on Internet and domain name news in Spanish, Portuguese or English.
  • NamesCon 2016 will be held January 10-13 in Las Vegas. This Domain Name Industry event is an excellent chance for domainers to connect, network and discuss the future of domain names.

Cheers and See you in Dublin!


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