To Improve Health Equity, Rural America Must be Part of the Frame

What does it take to build fair opportunities for health in rural communities? Rural Assembly coordinator Whitney Kimball Coe shares firsthand insights, as well as a new funding opportunity aimed to help build on existing lessons.

" My hometown is a proving ground for leadership and imagination. We may not have a gig of broadband, but we know how to assemble a community potluck on the fly. We know the ins and outs of local systems and relationships, and we’re pretty good at negotiating them. We’re used to living, working, and worshipping alongside folks with whom we agree and disagree, and this gives us a head start when it comes to bridging divides and joining forces in ways that improve health, equity and opportunity.   " - Whitney Kimball Coe
Julie and Phil Henneman, who lost their son Keith to suicide in 2006, when he was 29, talk about the experience outside the old farmhouse in Boscobel, Wisconsin. The devastating Midwest floods this spring increased concerns about the mental health and well-being of farmers who already were struggling with yearslong economic uncertainty. (Photo by Amber Arnold/Wisconsin State Journal via AP)
Farmers Wash Up 'In a Fragile Place' After Historic Midwest Floods

Experts say the mental-health needs of farm families will increase because of devastation from this spring's flooding. State and local groups gear up while the U.S. Department of Agriculture has yet to start the mental-health program included in the 2018 farm bill.
Ioby is Hiring!

Ioby , a crowdfunding platform, is hiring eight part time, short term fellows to help the organization understand the social, economic, and physical landscapes to the South. Ioby "is a community of donors, volunteers, and leaders creating, funding, and implementing neighborhood projects that aim to make their neighborhoods stronger, more just, and more sustainable." They are looking for one fellow to scan the civic landscapes of each of the following eight regions:

  1. Central Appalachia
  2. Carolina
  3. Central Black Belt
  4. Eastern Gulf Region
  5. Western Gulf Region
  6. Border Region
  7. Mississippi Delta
  8. Northwest Arkansas

Please share with anyone who may be interested! The deadline to apply is May 31st.
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