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The World is Watching

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The Latest from TLG:


The Latest News:

  • Tino Mantella interviewed by Conscious Capitalism Atlanta.

  • Lyn Turknett to speak during SIOP webinar.

  • TLG to host two panels at SOAHR 2022!

  • TLG's Summer Interns make an immediate impact!

Grab a Book!

  • Watergate, a New Story, by Garret M. Graff.

  • Conscious Capitalism, by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia.

  • The Healing Organization, by Raj Sisodia and Michael Gelb

In this Issue: 

  • WIL is Live at the Commerce Club in June with Patti Dismukes and Penny Colins of Women in Technology.

  • Listen to the incredible journey of Virginia Means, a woman of character who, against the odds, successfully re-entered the workforce after leaving it for 10 years to focus on her family.

From the Experts: The World is Watching

The world is watching. The focus on how organizations are handling corporate responsibility and environmental, social, and governance initiatives has been magnified. The expectations of shareholders, employees, and consumers alike have shifted drastically and now go far beyond provision. Employees seek a greater purpose and support. They want to know that they are part of something bigger than themselves and making an impact on the world. This has created a profound challenge for leaders today, who are tasked with addressing these issues while walking their talk. We asked our team of experts what kind of efforts they feel people are looking for in organizations, and how leaders can walk the talk.


Tino's Corner

We Aren't the Giants

We Think We Are

By Tino Mantella, President & CEO, TLG


Great leaders generally project confidence, which is a good thing. Yet, when they think too much of themselves and forget how small of a cog in the machine they really are, it generally has a negative impact. Humility, empathy, and emotional mastery can take a back seat to ego and power. In the workplace, authoritarianism is waning. Yet, I see many of the same mistakes happening over and over again...


Featured Articles:


5 Ways Leaders Can Benefit All Stakeholders

By Lyn Turknett, Co-founder and Co-chair, TLG


One of the hallmarks of aging I’ve learned is realizing just how much you don’t know (the internet age has surely exaggerated this phenomenon). I’ve followed the Conscious Capitalism movement since I heard Raj Sisodia at the Academy of Management conference shortly after he and John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods, wrote the seminal book on the movement...

Our National Character: Collectivism and Individualism

By Chris McCusker, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, TLG


I have heard many experts over the years share the following view: a crisis reveals a leader’s character. This seems to make sense anecdotally. As the world is watching us now more than ever, I would like to share some thoughts on our “national character"...


Coach Spotlight: Bill Dickinson, D. Min, RCC

Meet Bill Dickinson, TLG Senior Consultant and force for good. Bill is a leadership development expert with over thirty years of experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes, from small business owners to fortune 10 companies. Learn about Bill's incredible journey!


Founders' Reflections

Robert (Bob) and Lyn (Carolyn) Turknett have been at the forefront of the Leadership Development Industry for over 34 years. Get their latest perspectives, insights, and content by visiting Founder's Reflections on our site!


Featured Events:

ChiefSpace™ Kicks off on July 5th

We are in the home stretch of registration for ChiefSpace, the ultimate group coaching & mastermind program for Chiefs of Staff! There are only a few seats left, and registration is closing on June 23rd. If you are a Chief of Staff, or aspiring to be one, this is a can't-miss opportunity. Register by visiting our website, or contact us to learn more! 


The Latest From Laurie Arron, Founder of ChiefSpace:


How Chiefs of Staff can Harness the Benefits of Resilience

By Laurie Arron, Strategic Partner & Executive Coach

Resilience is no doubt a critical leadership quality for Chiefs of Staff. While resilience is generally a positive trait in leadership, there is also a downside to it, which is denial. Resilience can make Chiefs too focused on bouncing back from mistakes instead of learning from them...

Perspective from the Younger Generation

We polled our summer interns to get their take on how ESG influences their decisions about purchasing goods and services, investing, and future employers. Here's what we heard:

From Penton Oliver - Rising Senior, UGA

As I find myself on the brink of adulthood, I’ve noticed that the world watches even closer as responsibility levels begin to rise. While ESG does play an important role in shaping youth opinions, I wouldn’t consider it as critical factor as pay scale, career choice, and required talent/skills.

If I’ve learned anything from my fellow classmates, students today look for corporate authenticity in a world that allows you to fake it anytime, on any platform. You simply can’t argue with a company’s growth or the satisfaction of its employees, which is a huge reason why I’m learning from one of the best Leadership Development Organizations in the United States this summer.

I know that people and products are in a constant state of change, interestingly enough, almost all of them are advertised as changing for the better. Finding the ones who are grounded in their word might be the most challenging, yet rewarding, endeavor of them all. 

From Cameron Koeneman - Rising Senior, UGA

When evaluating the difference between products, I do take the time needed to research the companies before making a purchase. A notable example would be regarding shoe manufacturers in which I am relatively indifferent to their products. Since the product itself is not that important to me, the decision I make will normally be based off the corporation’s morals. Companies that utilize slave labor or unethical practices to produce their shoes would be lower on my list as opposed to their competitors.

For prospecting potential companies to work for, I would invest my time to broadly research the company. I would avoid a company if they had what I would consider unethical business practices or predatory operations.


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