May 4, 2018
The push to address the growing prescription drug price crisis has swept across the nation and dozens of states throughout the country are actively looking to pass bills that will tackle drug price hikes.

This week, Maine joined the growing ranks of states that have successfully adopted laws seeking to shed light on Rx price increases. STAT's Ed Silverman has more on Maine's historic moment: 
Maine becomes the latest state to adopt a law seeking transparency on drug pricing  

Key Takeaways:

"You can add Maine to the growing list of states that have passed a law seeking more transparency about prescription drug pricing...

"The law was adopted as prescription drug costs become an increasingly vexing topic for Americans, a growing number of whom complain medicines are unaffordable. Congress has failed to pass any legislation. A recent poll found that 52 percent of Americans say passing legislation to lower drug costs should be a "top priority" for President Trump, who is expected to deliver a speech about the issue.

"Meanwhile, though, a growing number of state lawmakers are trying to fill the void. Bills have been introduced in 26 states that would somehow address pricing transparency, according to Trish Riley, who heads the National Academy for State Health Policy, an independent group of state policy makers that is working with state legislators to devise these programs.

"'Big and little, red and blue, more states are seeking relief,' she told us. 'The issue has saliency and transparency is the first step toward unbundling the black box of pharma pricing.'"

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California Inspires Drug Price Transparency Legislation Across the Nation

California's 2017 passage of first-of-its-kind transparency legisl ation (SB 17) sparked a trend across the nation. 

To help keep up with the  numerous SB 17-inspired bills sweeping across the country, RunawayRx released an interactive map tracking states' drug price transparency bills throughout the legislative process.  

Explore the New Interactive Map here. 
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