Helping Shape The Rural Squad
Round 2

In last week's newsletter we asked you to continue to help us shape The Rural Squad Program by responding to the following question:

"What specific spaces, sectors, or conversations are missing rural representation?"

Here are just a few of your responses:

Rural on the TED and TEDx Main Stage!
Think Like a Region: Lisa Donovon, PhD, discusses her research: "Leveraging change: Increasing access to arts education in rural areas exploring promising practices and sharing how she and her team are taking advantage of the cultural assets found in Berkshire County in western Massachusetts to enhance the public school academic curriculum.

How to Revive Your Belief in Democracy: Eric Liu, CEO of Citizen University, is "working to spark a civic revival in the US and beyond." In this TED talk he " shares a powerful way to rekindle the spirit of citizenship and the belief that democracy still works ," giving a shoutout to our own Whitney Kimball Coe for her work in her hometown in Athens, TN.
A home equity loan from Hope Credit Union, part of the HOPE Enterprise Corporation in Moorhead, Mississippi, helped Shari Morrow rebuild her life after a devastating fire. (Photo by Ken Gordon of  via the Hope 2017 Impact Report )
Speak Your Piece: Rural Strength and Possibility

Smart and effective community development financial institutions are investing in the success of rural America. The results contradict arguments that America should write off everyone who lives outside large cities.
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