Volume 01 | Spring 2019
Stay up to date with new opportunities and connect with your fellow alumni.
Crawford HS Alumni Spotlight
Student: Nhi Duong
High School Graduation Year: 2017
College: University of CA- Los Angeles
Major: Psychology
From the student: “As a college student who often feels more uncertain about the future than certain, I feel reassured and grateful when I reflect on the valuable lessons I’ve learned, the amazing opportunities I received, and the incredible people I’ve met through the FACES program. Through my experience with FACES, I know for certain that I have the skills to create a professional resume, navigate my own finances and pursue a career helping people whether through nonprofits or in hospital settings. I learned that healthcare isn’t just limited to doctors and nurses and I will soon find out what I truly want to do. In the meantime, I know I have a group of people who will always be there to help me when I need them.”
Hoover HS Alumni
Student: Jose Daniel Bastian Salgado
High School Graduation Year: 2017
College: California Lutheran University
Major: Exercise Science
Long-term Goal: Jose has his sights on becoming a doctor.
Short-term Goal: Jose is currently applying for research funding. He would like to go to the east coast but an opportunity might present itself again at UC Irvine.
Other tidbits: Last summer Jose worked in a lab at UC Irvine in the Ecological and Nutritional Physiology Department. The project he worked on was called “Evolution of Dietary Specialization in Prickleback Fishes.” He performed tests focusing on activity for eight different enzymes, as well as measured carbohydrate, protein, and lipid content on fish excreta.
Of importance: Jose is a student that values learning and takes on as many opportunities as possible.
Alex Ayala with the new Rady President and CEO, Patrick Frias
Staff Spotlight
Our very own Program Coordinator, Alex Ayala, has been working hard keeping the FACES for the Future program going steady through program and staff changes. She also took on coordinating two years of the Bridge to Employment program on top of her regular duties in order to make sure the students could finish strong. In her free time Alex is enrolled in graduate school at SDSU and is focusing on her Master's of Social Work degree. All her hard work was recognized when she received the Employee of Excellence Award from Rady Children's Hospital- San Diego. Thank you, Alex, for all you do for the staff, teachers, and most importantly the students of Hoover High School!
Community Partner Spotlight
Our community health rotations give students in the FACES for the Future program a great opportunity to learn about local organizations and relevant health issues, as well as gain professional skills. This issue’s partner spotlight belongs to Stellar Care! Stellar Care is an assisted living and residential care facility for people with Alzheimer’s and related dementia challenges. FACES for the Future students interact with patients through games, reading, feeding, decorating, and singing! We say thank you to Stellar Care and all of our community partners for inspiring our students to pursue careers in healthcare and in their community.
Junior Lizette "Ash" Motta outside her community rotation at Stellar Care
What's new with FACES for the Future San Diego?

  • Phone banking will start in June! We would love to talk to our alumni! If you have a new phone number, please let us know soon.

  • We have added new departments to our clinical rotations: Plastic Surgery, Gastroenterology, Nutrition, and Hepatology.

  • Weekend Medical Academy- Mental/ Behavioral Health applications will open March 25th!

  • Alumni Scholarship will be open April 8th!

  • Fill out the alumni survey in order to help us better serve you after you graduate! Check your email inbox in April for the survey link.
What's new with the FACES for the Future Coalition?

  • Get connected with your peers from all over the country.

  • Learn new skills through the webinars.

  • Learn about opportunities for alumni.