July 20, 2021 | Issue 113
IMOM Local: Receive Expert Advice on Legal & Liability Concerns
Are you interested in hosting your own IMOM Local free clinic but worried about the liability and legality of treating patients for this unique opportunity? Join a panel of your peers who have hosted successful free clinics in their offices, as well as attorney Becki Brommel of Dorsey and Whitney Law Firm and Sue McFadden of McFadden Insurance Services, to address your logistical, legal, and liability concerns during an informative townhall on Monday, August 9 from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. The Iowa Dental Foundation (IDF) has consulted with the panel of experts and fellow dentists interested in hosting an IMOM Local clinic to answer your most pressing questions, including:

  • If I treat a non-established patient during IMOM Local, will they become a patient of record of our office or IMOM?
  • Am I required to provide follow-up care to a patient I treated during IMOM Local in the future?
  • If you are a Medicaid provider, can you see them for free or do you have to charge Medicaid if they are a patient of record? If they are not a patient of record and are on Medicaid do you have to charge Medicaid? If so, would that make them a patient of record with my office?
  • Can you handpick people to be treated during the office’s IMOM day?

Attendees are encouraged to submit questions in advance when registering or to the IDF staff. We hope you can join us next month for this informative and interactive discussion! 
Melissa Draughn Williams Awarded IDF Scholarship
The Iowa Dental Foundation (IDF) awarded eight scholarships this year, including five to dental students at the University of Iowa, two to dental hygiene students, and one to a dental assistant student. The IDF will spotlight the dental student winners each week, beginning with Melissa Draughn Williams.

"Growing up, I hated to smile," Melissa says. "I was congenitally missing #7 and spent my teen years without a tooth. After four years of braces, an implant, and a crown, I finally learned to smile. I could not believe how much one tooth could change my whole perspective. This is when I became interested in dentistry. I knew then that I wanted to be able to change lives by improving not only their physical appearance but their confidence as well."

Melissa is a member of Tau Sigma at the UI COD and has assisted in raising money for and treating veterans. Upon graduation in 2022, Melissa hopes to pursue a residency in periodontics and ultimately become a professor to educate the next generation of dentists.

Learn more about Melissa and all the 2021 scholarship recipients on the IDF website, and please join us in congratulating these deserving students on their achievements.
Career Center Highlights: Opportunities Near You
The IDA Classifieds web page is one of the highest trafficked webpages on the IDA website, with hundreds of views each month. IDA markets these listings to dentists, as well as dental staff, and IDA members can post available positions (dentists, hygienists, and assistants) for free. Dental professionals on the job hunt may also post a career seeking ad for free, including their resume. Below are the positions currently available across the state:

  • Ames - Dentist (1); Dental Hygienist (1)
  • Cedar Rapids - Associate (2)
  • Center Point - Associate (1)
  • Clarinda - Dentist (1)
  • Des Moines - Dentist (1); Dental Assistant (2)
  • Dubuque - General Dentist (1); Associate (1)
  • Keokuk - Associate (1)
  • Newton - General Dentist (1)
  • Sheldon - Associate (1)
  • Shenandoah - Hygienist (1)
  • Woodbine - Associate (1)

Locum Tenens Help Needed: Eldora - Looking for a dentist to help us keep up with our busy patient base as we look for a full-time dentist. Immediate need for at least one day per week. Generous per diem, plus mileage and production bonus. Excellent, self-sufficient staff. Reliable patient base, accepting of treatment. Days will be productive. Opportunity for more days per week if desired. Excellent opportunity for anyone looking to work part time or fill out their workweek. Contact Dr. Dan Scarrow at danwscarrow@gmail.com or 641.939.3214.
IDPAC Needs Your Help to Reach July Goal
Let's finish July strong! Currently we are one-fifth of the way to our $50,000 goal for this month. If just six more dentists contribute $250 each of the last 12 days of this month, IDPAC will be over a quarter of the way to this year’s goal of $100,000! IDA has a reputation for having one of the strongest healthcare PACs in the state, and now is the time to show how strong the dentist's voice is. These funds help keep dentistry at the forefront of legislators' minds heading into the 2022 legislative session. Join your peers and be one of the six dentists to contribute $250 today!
Thank you to these IDA members who have stepped up to the challenge this week. A full list of contributors is available on the IDA website.  
Inner Circle ($250 - $499)
Dr. Terry Babor
Dr. Michelle Schaeffer
IDA's Own Dr. Bruce Cochrane to Present Free CE Webinar July 28
Dr. Chris Barwacz Reflects on Digital Advancements in Dentistry
IDA member Dr. Chris Barwacz of Iowa City recently wrote Digital Dental Technology: A Means to an End, or an End Itself? Perhaps It May Be Both for the "My View" column featured in the ADA News. In the article, Dr. Barwacz reflects on rapidly developing digital approaches over the past decade, as well as his personal adoption of digital techniques and technologies.

"As I myself have increasingly adopted and enjoyed the fruits of various segments of 'digital dentistry' in recent years, a question that has crossed my mind from time to time, both as a clinician and full-time academic faculty who mentors dental students, is whether 'digital dental technology a means to an end, or an end itself?'" Dr. Barwacz writes. "In other words, is 'digital dentistry' merely a unique set of tools that promises to achieve superior clinical outcomes, or is it itself an irreducibly critical element that without which, we couldn’t achieve such results? I would assert that the answer doesn’t necessarily have to be a binary yes or no but is rather often more nuanced, and in many instances, may be both."
Iowa Dental Board Executive Director Position Deadline Thursday
Are you a dentist who is ready for a new stage in your career? The Iowa Dental Board is hiring an executive director to oversee operations and serve as the primary liaison between the Iowa Department of Public Health and other policy makers. IDA encourages interested dentists to apply or to share with fellow dentists who would be a great fit for this position. Applications will be accepted through July 22. Learn more online here.