Indiana Dental Association | May 2020
ISDH Mask Update
Last week, IDA sent members information about county health departments supplying N95 masks to dentists. Some members were able to secure N95 masks through this program, but others reported that their county health departments offered other types of masks, while some had none at all.

An official with the Indiana State Department of Health informed IDA that ISDH is working hard to try and secure masks for all county health departments. ISDH apologized for any confusion that may have happened at the local level.

ISDH also wants dentists to be aware that if you live in one county but work in another, you should work with the county health department where your office is located, not the county where you live.
What if Your Staff Member Tests Positive?
Do you have protocols in place if a staff member tests positive for COVID-19? The ADA has published guidelines for responding to an employee who has contracted the virus, and the IDA's COVID-19 online toolkit has numerous resources for dealing with staff issues. The links below will help keep you and your practice prepared in case of infection.
Results from Recent IDA and ADA Surveys
View ADA Surveys and Results

The ADA has been polling dentists weekly on the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Click here to view the ADA's questions and national survey results.
Take Our Updated Survey

Even if you answered our May 1 Return to Work survey, we are hoping to gather updated office status statistics now that dental offices have been allowed to re-open for almost four weeks. Click on the link below to complete our updated survey.
IDA PPE and Practice Survey Results-April 15

Once your office is able to resume a full range of procedures, how long will your current supply of PPE last?
Less than a week

One to two weeks

Three to four weeks

One month or more

No responses




How concerned are you about your practice's ability to secure sufficient PPE for patient care?
Very concerned

Somewhat concerned

Not at all concerned

Not sure

No responses




Which of the following PPE, if any, do you anticipate facing in your practice after you fully re-open? Select all that apply.


Face shields

N95 masks

Surgical masks

None of the above

Other (please specify)






Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, head coverings
What is your office's current status?
Open for business as usual

Open for emergency/ urgent cases only

Completely closed

No response



IDA Return to Work Survey Results-May 1

Did you return to work this week?


No response


If you returned to work, at what capacity?
25% of normal capacity

50% of normal capacity

75% of normal capacity

100% normal capacity

No response




If you remain closed or returned to reduced capacity, why? Select all that apply.
Patients hesitant to visit the dentist

Staff members hesitant to return to work

Your own hesitance to return to work

Shortage of PPE

Other (please specify)





Taking time to sanitize the office, allowing staff to finish homeschooling children, concerns about continued rise in COVID cases, inability to re-open on short notice, preparing for new PPE protocols, ill staff, large number of elderly patients, rearranging office space, desire to ease back into treatments
Congratulations IUSD Class of 2020!
IDA salutes the hard work of the IUSD Class of 2020! This year's graduation was held online and is still available for viewing on the IUSD website and through the YouTube link below.
Dental Benefits Subcommittee Addresses PPE Costs, Frequency Restrictions
By Dr. Jason Flannagan
Dental Benefits Subcommittee Chair

IDA Dental Benefits Subcommittee shares your concerns over the rising cost of PPEs when reopening practices and the reluctance of many third-party payers to reimburse these higher costs. IDA and ADA have made recommendations to insurance carriers via letters and phone calls. Some carriers have accepted our recommendations and others are still a work in progress. In addition to PPE fees, we have also implored carriers to adjust frequency restrictions and other eligibility requirements on certain procedures in light of the current environment created by COVID 19.
Please click the button below for further guidance on coding and interaction with third party payers during these extraordinary times.
Online House of Delegates Planned for June 13
Due to continued restrictions on large gatherings, IDA is planning an online, one day House of Delegates meeting on Saturday, June 13. We will be sending meeting and registration information to delegates and alternates soon.