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March 2023 News

We have had technical issues at DDRC affecting outgoing emails and delivery of the February enews. We found a resolution and apologize for the disruption. Thank you for your patience during that time. 

March is IDD Awareness Month

Throughout March, organizations and individuals across the country are celebrating and recognizing Intellectual and Developmental (IDD) Disabilities Awareness Month.

Disability Rights Advocacy Day, was held March 1 at the State Capitol, aiming to help state legislators understand the issues impacting people with many types of disabilities. The event was organized by Disability Law Colorado, with support from The Arc of Colorado and many other organizations. See more here.

Alliance Colorado, with the Arc of Colorado and CU JFK Partners, is hosting IDD Awareness Day on March 29, beginning at 8:00 a.m., with both an in-person option at the Capitol and virtual options televised live and on the Alliance Facebook page. See those links and more information here.

DDRC is excited to share that a person we support will be leading state Senate in their 9:00 a.m. morning "Pledge of Allegiance" on that day. Be sure to watch!

DDRC and the Jefferson County Public library collaborated to host an exhibit of art created by people with IDD on the theme of self-advocacy. The exhibit is on display at the Lakewood Library branch in March.

The Lakewood Library is also curating books and materials related to IDD and is prominently displaying these for visitors.

DDRC is also spreading awareness through participation in numerous business organization meetings, job fairs, and “Spring into Awareness,” a collaborative event with Fairfield by Marriott Denver West Federal Center and the West Metro Chamber for area businesses and others.

Many provider and advocacy groups are celebrating and raising awareness in their own ways too. It’s a great time to visit their websites and social media to see what’s going on. 

Spark Some Awareness

DDRC invites you to help spark awareness by using our Zoom /Microsoft Teams background which prompts viewers to ask you why you care about IDD Awareness Month. Maybe you'll mention your commitment to opportunities for all, your volunteer service, your family connection, or that you stand proud as a person with IDD and expect the world to include you!

We have created the background with and without the DDRC logo so that you may use your own organization logo or use it just plain if you choose.


Download the background here.

Guide to upload backgrounds here.

Navigating the World of Disability Employment

Sessions Start March 13

The Colorado Office of Employment First (COEF) is excited to present "A Brighter Future: Navigating the World of Disability and Employment," a FREE, virtual training for youth and families funded by the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council.

This interactive learning experience includes six one-hour virtual training sessions with additional one-on-one mentoring opportunities. The training aims to help youth ages 14-21 with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families/care providers learn about the possibilities, processes, services, and strategies for securing work. There are separate tracks for youth and families that cover all six modules.

The sessions are held throughout March, with the first one beginning March 13. Download the flyer with details on the training, all dates, contacts, and registration links.

A New Leaf

They say that spring is a time to turn over a new leaf. Well, participants of DDRC’s Therapeutic Learning Connections (TLC) Recreation went one step further - they planted new leaves!

It was part of a terrarium building experience earlier this year where participants learned about the tender care and environment a terrarium needs – drainage, soil nutrients, moisture and room to grow. After layering the elements and then carefully placing the new plants, they were also able to choose a terrarium “companion” of their liking-small artificial animals-to tuck among the leaves.

Caring for the terrarium brings a few moments of focused calm to the day, along with a smile and a sense of responsibility to keep the green alive and growing. One of the participants was excited to give her creation to her boss as a wedding present, complete with two polar bears to signify the couple!

Learn more about opportunities through DDRC TLC/Rec at 720-544-8150.

Housing Choice Voucher Waitlist Opening Soon

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly Section 8) provides rental assistance to income-eligible tenants by subsidizing a portion of their monthly rent and utilities, and paying it directly to their landlords. If utilities are not included in the rent, the program may pay a larger portion of the rent so the tenant is able to afford utility payments. Voucher assistance is the difference between what the tenant is expected to pay toward rent (30%-40% of the household’s adjusted gross income) and the cost of the rent.

The waitlist is only open to applicants who meet the Colorado Department of Local Affairs Division of Housing local preferences of an individual with a disability or families with a household member with a disability.

Completed applications are accepted via mail and email only (not in-person). Emailed applications are accepted between April 5 and April 6, from 12:01AM to 11:59PM only. Postal mail applications must be postmarked between April 5, 2023 and April 6, 2023. Once all applications have been received, they will be placed on the waiting list in a random order.

Application forms are available now to prepare to submit during the waitlist opening period. To request an application, contact the DDRC Housing Voucher Program at 720.980.4203, or email or visit our housing website.

Download Housing Flyer

Blitz Build is Underway Through Home Builders Foundation

The Home Builders Foundation (HBF) is out in full swing to “do good!” They’re swinging hammers, driving nails, measuring rise, and seeing how they can help people in need of wheelchair ramps through their “Blitz Build“ initiative. Mobilizing hundreds of volunteers, including building trades volunteers, the HBF has constructed more than 200 wheelchair ramps since 2011, improving the access and lives of those who have benefitted from their program.

Previously only a summer program, HBF is now inviting people who have wheelchair ramp needs to apply anytime for Blitz Build assistance. The construction of the accepted requests will be done during a monthly “Mini Blitz” between May and October. Requests need to be made using the HBF online application, which are reviewed monthly. Projects need to meet certain qualifications.

For the flyer click here. To apply, visit

Thank you, HBF, for coordinating and undertaking this wonderful work!

Increase Mutual Understanding and Cooperation

Free Training March 29

"Amazing teacher who used multitudes of different mediums to reach the audience.” That’s what a past participant said about DDRC’s Behavioral Health Team Manager, Zachary Maple, and the training he leads. He is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Professional Counselor.

Zach is leading a free training to help parents, providers, and others learn ways to achieve more satisfying, cooperative and positive interactions with someone they care for and support.

The training is applicable to different ages and settings, and uses real life examples to make the concepts more understandable and meaningful to participants.


This free class will be held in-person on Wednesday, March 29 from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m., at the DDRC offices at 11177 W. 8th Ave., Lakewood 80215. Advance registration is required by emailing your name and phone number to Please register by March 24th.

Case Management Redesign 

The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) continues to undertake a major initiative related to Case Management Redesign (CMRD) that refers to several initiatives including a single Case Management Agency (CMA) for Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties. In December, HCPF released a request for proposal (RFP) to secure case management services. 

DDRC and Jefferson County Human Services (JCHS) have been partnering and working on local solutions for several months. JCHS is taking the lead to become the CMA for Jefferson and Clear Creek counties and they have submitted a proposal in response to the RFP. If they are selected, the new CMA would be responsible for Resource Coordination, Quality Assurance and Family Support functions as part of the CMA at the county.


There are still many unanswered questions, and we are working diligently to shape and resolve future outcomes. DDRC is grateful to be alongside such a fine partner as Jefferson County Human Services throughout this process. 

Medicaid Renewals and CAAS Help 

Notice for people who receive Medicaid /Child Health Plan+

During the COVID 19 Public Health Emergency (PHE), members stayed enrolled in Health First Colorado (Medicaid) and CHP+ even if they had household or income changes.

The PHE is ending in May and members will need to complete their financial redetermination paperwork to stay enrolled. Members who fail to fill out necessary information may lose their benefits. 

Starting in March, and throughout the next 14 months, members of Health First Colorado and CHP+ will receive information to renew their coverage at their annual renewal date. Members will need to complete the necessary paperwork in order to see if they still qualify for Medicaid health coverage. 

Certified Application Assistance Sites (CAAS) are available to help members with redetermination, new Medicaid enrollment, updates to your contact information and to answer questions. Find a CASS site here

It is important to make sure you have correct contact information on file with the county, including a current address, phone and email, if applicable. There are several ways to make these updates:


  • Visit to update.
  • Use the Health First Colorado phone app (Google Play or Apple App).
  • CHP+ members can call 800-359-1991 (State Relay: 711).
  • Contact county department of human services, or your DDRC Resource or Service Coordinator.

Golf Tournament - August 14

Mark your calendars for Monday, August 14 for the DDRC/DDF annual benefit golf tournament at the Hiwan Golf Club in Evergreen. Golfers, volunteers, and sponsors: step up for a wonderful day at a fabulous course, for an important cause!

Call 303-462-6574 to get involved and watch for further information to come.  

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