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Indiana Dairy Producers E-Newsletter
February 24, 2022
 Issue 160
Our Vision: To Make Indiana the most desirable state in which to produce milk.

Mission Statement
To promote a profitable, positive, professional image of
dairy producers while providing educational opportunities
for the interchange of ideas and to speak as a proactive voice
for Indiana dairy producers.   
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Annual Meeting

Welcome New Sponsors:
Minerva Dairy
Wheatfield Grain

Pregnancy Checks

DMC Extension

Calf Operation Bio-Security

Feed Ingredient Update


The 2022 Regional Meetings concluded last week. This event consisted of 3 meetings scattered throughout Indiana over 3 consecutive days. It was my first opportunity to meet many of the members, especially in the northern areas of our state. I was delighted the attendance was great and interaction with the trade show exhibitors was excellent.

Each meeting began with a presentation by the Purdue Extension Succession Planning team. Succession planning can be very complicated, but the presentation focused on the need to get started. They touched on the basic components of planning and some of the issues that farm families need to address. Often, getting started is very difficult…but every good initiative has a starting point! You may not do anything more impactful in your life than build a plan of succession for your business. What legacy do you want to leave your family?

“Beef on Dairy: From Concept to Bottomline” was the second discussion topic. Pete Duppengiesser highlighted important considerations when crossing your dairy cows with beef service sires. Knowing your market, creating your brand, and understanding the value these can create adds value to your bottom line. Pete also pointed out the tremendous impact breeding low genetic females to beef sires has on accelerating the genetic progress of your dairy herd, so it’s not just about the value of cross-bred market animals but also about moving your milking herd performance higher.

Jenni Browning, CEO of American Dairy Association of Indiana, gave an excellent presentation on dairy consumption trends. We all know Covid has had a major impact on consumer buying habits, so what is the new normal or is there a new normal? We must understand differences of the younger generation to understand the dairy consumer of the future. Jenny did an excellent job outlining the differences between the “generation X” consumers verse the “boomer” generation.

The afternoon programs began with a presentation titled, “Sustainability on Dairy Farms: How to Make it Work for You”, presented by Rachel Turgasen who is with Foremost Farms. She helped define what it means, why it is important, how it will impact your future and how it can add value to your business.

The final topic was “A Different Approach to On-Farm Processing”. Adam Mueller, a fifth-generation butter maker with Minerva Dairy, shared very practical tips on how to begin planning if you have interest in processing on your farm. We all know “farm-to-table” is a hot trend. Adam explained how to work your way through the thought process and planning of an on-farm venture.

I am grateful to all the speakers for their presentations. The feedback was excellent and I am very grateful for their willingness to devote three days to this event.

Don’t forget, we will return to French lick for the Indiana Dairy Forum on February 8th and 9th 2023. If you have ideas for topics and speakers, please contact me! See you in French Lick!

Steve Obert
Executive Director
2022 Annual Meeting

When: March 16th, 2022 at 10:00a.m. EST

Where: Indiana Soybean Alliance

Location: 8425 Keystone Crossing #200
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Agenda: Business Meeting, Awards, and Recognitions

Attendance to the annual meeting is open to all.

New IDP Gold Sponsor Minerva Dairy

IDP welcomes Minerva Dairy headquartered in Minerva, Ohio as a Gold level sponsor!

Minerva is America’s Oldest Family-Owned Creamery!

We are America’s oldest family-owned dairy processor; producing traditionally made cheese and butter from pasture raised cows. Six generations strong, our family has used farm fresh milk, old fashion churns, and wholesome ingredients. Take yourself back to an era when lifestyles were simpler; slow down and enjoy our products with your family as we have done with ours since 1894. You may have enjoyed our 85% fat artisanal butter as we produce it in our own label as well as a wide variety of other labels. You can find our butter in the Minerva Dairy Brand at Whole Foods, and Meijer stores throughout the state of Indiana as well as hundreds of smaller independent stores. Please visit our website to find the exact location near you and learn more about America’s Artisanal Butter.  

Today, fifth-generation siblings Adam Mueller and Venae Watts run the show, having worked at the dairy since they were 12. Their 12 kids are also beginning to learn the ropes. Minerva Dairy is not going anywhere, and we love that!
Check them out at
New IDP Silver Sponsor
Wheatfield Grain
 New Silver level sponsor, Wheatfield Grain, is a regional grain trading company with locations in northwest Indiana and eastern Illinois. Aside from grain trading and transload services, they offer a silage and haylage contracting program that provides pricing structure, consistency and transparency to both silage producer and dairy producer. They look forward to being a part of IDP. If you would like to learn about more about Wheatfield Grain and their services, please reach out to David Bykerk at or call 219-964-1043.
NMPF Announces DMC Extension
The signup period for 2022 coverage under USDA’s Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program has been extended by five weeks to maximize producer participation in this important program. DMC offers effective margin protection for small and mid-sized farms and affordable catastrophic coverage for large farms. Nearly $1.2 billion – a record – in DMC payments are expected to be distributed to producers under the 2021 program, according to USDA data. Every dairy farmer should sign up for maximum Tier 1 DMC coverage in 2022 by contacting their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) office by March 25.

Click HERE for more information.
Is Your Calf Operation Bio-Secure?
Article written by Derik Baumer, Milk Specialties

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19 throughout the world, many producers have begun thinking more about their involvement in biosecurity. This sparked my interest in fine-tuning the issue on our calf operations.
Writing biosecurity plans ensures compliance. Developing this plan can be done with your herd veterinarian or other farm management consultants.
The first step to ensuring a bio secure operation is to identify areas of “risk”. Some examples of risk within an operation could be the maternity pen, colostrum management, bull calves, and.... Click HERE for Full Article

 Feed Ingredients Update
Article written by Michelle Robinson, ZFS
In a world of a lot of unknowns today, we have markets and weather to go along with that. Weather seems to be favoring drought like conditions in both North and South Americas this year, and the market bulls see that. Then there is Ukraine/Russian territory unrest that is unsettling for the wheat market, which is drastically pulling up corn with it, which has a lot to do with livestock profits and steady feed supply. Good news is that Milk prices are up! significantly and that there are co-products that are made nearby Indiana that can help alleviate some of this shortage potential, and stocking up on deals that arise is a good way to stay ahead of it.

Hominy is still a good value and hasn’t moved up in price as much as corn has in past few weeks, with contracts open through September. Corn gluten feed is steady in supply and helps with any corn silage and feed energy shortages that may arise; there are pellets and wet available for contracting.
Wheat midds are available for fiber source with a little starch kick for those needing this item, and supply gets better into summer, pressing prices lower normally as production increases for flour during summer time.

Soyhull pellets and soybean meal have been in good supply this winter and now is a good time to lock in your meal basis/tons at least, if not price all, for soybean meal, if you are not covered through end of September. South American drought is said to be much lower on yields currently in harvest and this is pushing soys to new highs, along with good exports to China and others.
Canola crush margins are improving but still difficult to source meal into summer in profitable values that dairies are accustomed to here.

Cottonseed is plentiful with good quality and values to lock in contracts available through August. Offers haven’t moved up as fast as soymeal giving a good spread, but could narrow the spread, if drought continues in western-midwest U.S. creating fiber shortages.
DDGS are in hot demand for the domestic livestock and export market both, as DDGS have been a good value in protein and fat source; contracts are available through June with most facility traders.
Have a nice March and good luck on planting season.
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