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October 2016  
AIA LA Conference End - Friday Night Roundtable
Held by James Abell, FAIA

(left to right Ernesto Egoavil, Lauren Miller Boring, Kerry Frey, Maureen Dugas Foster, James Abell and Liv Stevenson)

James Abell, FAIA, held an impromptu round-table after the AIA Louisiana Design Conference in Lafayette. Below is a short synopsis of the topics discussed.   
Practice: work smart.  Avoid too much 'business socializing' on the clock so work gets done early, so time can be spent with Family. Many are already good time managers and juggle career and life well.  Focus on office priorities, be the model of productivity.
Finance: Can you possibly save $100 one hundred times?  You'll have $10,000 in the bank!  Most knew their grocery budget immediately, but "got" the idea of saving $100 again and again over time on major purchases.
Open a Roth IRA.  Tax-free money later in life.
Family Winning awards and having a practice just never quite compares to the priority of a loving  family life.  Invest in family like you do for career.  Everyone agreed on this topic.
Add Circles of Friends: to keep yourself well rounded and well-grounded, consider a lifetime sport like swimming, tennis, or golf to develop a circle of non-designer friends. Volunteer for socially responsible causes and meet neat people who might one day become a client!   If you play an instrument or sing.... nothing finer to relieve stress and have lifelong friends in music.  Make friends at the University in other disciplines than design.  Consider gardening groups to grow healthy food, consider being an Arbor Day advocate for your community each year, learn about the natural world and landscape architecture beyond "tree stamps".
Marketing: Hand out lots of business cards and follow up, follow up. Target one good quality client like a school board and attend their meetings once a month.     Don't do "free sketches", but do provide industry literature or case studies to the school board on topics of interest to them.  Keep your name in front of them. Be a marketing resource for the firm you are working for, and in time, it will launch you into a partnership, or into your own firm. 
Health: The human animal was "made to walk".  Brisk walking 20-25 minutes a day will add 20 quality years to your life.  Continuously elevate your heart rate for 20-25 minutes about 115% of resting  pulse. Relieves stress, lets you "see" the neighborhood.  Use food "as medicine" as PBS's Dr. Fuhrman suggests.  Avoid fad diets, take a nutrition class.  You read the manual for Photoshop, let's read the manual for operating a healthy body!
Ambition: Only one person did not have a clear ambition statement.  Most agreed that they did not have a clear "Five Year Plan", and most agreed that updating this Five Year Plan each and every year was a good annual  tune up.
IDP has Officially Transitioned to AXP

The Architectural Experience Program (AXP), formerly the Intern Development Program (IDP), launched June 29. See the NCARB website for details
ARE 5.0 Community Launched

In the continued efforts to support ARE candidates in understanding and preparing for the upcoming launch of ARE 5.0 on November 1, 2016, the ARE 5.0 Community has launched. This new online community can be accessed directly at or through a community link now available from inside one's NCARB account. The ARE 5.0 Community is an online forum where candidates can come together to ask questions, share best practices, and interact with NCARB's exam experts.
NCARB will continue to support the ARE 4.0 Community, which has more than 7,000 members, throughout the delivery of ARE 4.0. As the exam format and items being used on each version of the exam differ slightly, candidates will be best served by using the online community developed specifically for the version of the exam they are preparing to take. Each forum is designed to provide candidates with accurate and dependable information.
In early September, NCARB released the highly anticipated ARE 5.0 Handbook, a guide that provides a breakdown of each exam division, sample questions, suggested study resources, and more. Candidates can also reference the ARE 5.0 Guidelines for an overview of exam policies.

Emerge by AIAU, a new course series, provides emerging professionals on the path to licensure with experience hours in NCARB's Architectural Experience Program (AXP). Courses in this series are free for Associate AIA members. You can gain extra experience hours that you might not get in a firm on your own time, on your own terms. 
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