IDRA Annual Report Released
Keeping the Promise: 
Profiles in Leadership and Education

In these turbulent times for children, we need leaders who never forget what we can do together to keep our promise to children. IDRA's annual report for 2017, Keeping the Promise: Profiles in Leadership and Education, highlights the experiences of seven such leaders. 

We are pleased to feature education, family, community and youth leaders - Jacquelyn Carter Thigpen; Alexander Yang; Gregory Rivers; Eva Carranza and her daughter Andrea; Linda Darling-Hammond; and Tery Medina - and hear how their commitment to keeping the promise of quality public education for all children has been woven into their paths and how they work with a community of partners and colleagues to keep this promise.
IDRA stands shoulder-to-shoulder with them as we strive to secure educational opportunity for all. You can count on IDRA to continue to shape and support leadership that does not lose hope. The power of the possible is in all of our hands - and within our reach - to bring about a quality public education so all children may find their fullest future and fulfill it.


IDRA has a new logo! 
We've got exciting news to share today!
As IDRA celebrates our 45th anniversary this year, we've looked back over the years at our work and the people who've partnered with us to fulfill our promise to children. We have also looked ahead at what it's going to take to make that promise a reality. Our new logo reflects that challenge. 

►  We must be bold. 

►  We must be dynamic. 

►  And we must stay focused on transforming education by putting children first.

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August 21, 2018
The Intercultural Development Research Association is an independent, non-profit organization. Our mission is to achieve equal educational opportunity for every child through strong public schools that prepare all students to access and succeed in college. IDRA strengthens and transforms public education by providing dynamic training; useful research, evaluation, and frameworks for action; timely policy analyses; and innovative materials and programs.

We are committed to the IDRA valuing philosophy, respecting the knowledge and skills of the individuals we work with and build on the strengths of the students and parents in their schools.