IEA Board of Directors is pleased to present the 2019 Annual Report
Our Global Conference theme last year was  Foundations for the Future.  While celebrating our first 25 years as an organization, we were poised to try new things and take on new challenges as we looked toward the future. None of us had any idea at the time just how much change we all would experience in 2020 and beyond as the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic threatens the health and livelihoods of so many. 

We hear you and our hearts go out to you all. As members and guests you have participated in our events and offerings in new ways and more than ever before. We appreciate your feedback and ideas, and together we are learning how best to serve you, the IEA community, as we navigate these changing times.

We are immensely grateful for IEA’s successful 2019 and for the solid foundation this lays for our continued work together in the future! Many of you were able to join together in person for our fabulous conference in Oakland, California in July -- an experience we treasure even more now that we are having to socially distance. Our Membership increased significantly, and participation in our enhanced Accreditation program also expanded. Increased scholarship donations enabled us to support and welcome many new participants to the conference and other IEA global and regional events, and a large bequest will continue to assist with our efforts to enhance international participation in the future. We encourage you to read the full report on our 2019 results and achievements.
We are proud of what we’ve accomplished together as a community and look forward to building on this foundation in years to come!

Carla Smith and Jan Shegda
Co-Presidents of the IEA Global Board
Rosemary Hurwitz
New Book Release!
The Enneagram Effect
Russ Hudson & Catherine Bell
The Enneagram &
the Current Crisis
Gathering the Inner Resources Needed for Our Time
Live Webinars: May 11, 13, 18, 20, 25
10:00-11:30am MST