Dear IEA Member:

We hope this newsletter finds you in good health and in good spirits. This has certainly been a trying time for all of us as we attempt to navigate through ever-changing directives and information coming at us from all angles. We appreciate the continued support we have received from all our members, including our sponsors and member partner organizations who have been instrumental in helping guide us forward with their financial assistance and professional advice.

This newsletter is chock full of information - much of which we have released the past month via emails and social media and we wanted to re-cap it all for you here. The biggest announcement is that MEMBERSHIP for the 2020-2021 IEA Season is NOW OPEN ( several weeks earlier than normal ). Teams, Coaches, and Riders are signing up with enthusiasm and we are SO READY to see everyone back in the show ring again.

We know that things will be different this season. Horse shows will look different. There will be new rules and procedures to follow to keep our members as safe as possible. We will be asking new things of our coaches, riders, parents, show officials and our equine partners. We know you will have questions.

The IEA has formed a COVID-19 Task Force to continue to gather information, prepare and share best practices, and make contingency plans, if needed. The IEA COVID-19 SHOW OPERATIONAL GUIDELINES AND BUSINESS RESOURCE HUB will be added to the website soon.

At this time, we are moving forward with opening our show season on AUGUST 1, 2020 (Yes, August) for teams that are ready to host shows. We also have some exciting changes to our INTRO RIDER program as well as new rule changes - so there is much to read.

The Membership Office is open and ready to answer your questions.

We received hundreds of videos and posts submitted last month for the IEA Extravaganzapalooza Online Social Media Competition and we want to highlight some of them over the course of this season. Blaise Runyon (Dare Equestrian Team - Region 5S) submitted this video entry for Class #4 - Why Should Someone Join the IEA #whyjointheIEA. View hers and other entries on Instagram. Thank you, Blaise!
The COMPLETE 2020-2021 IEA Rules and Regulations can be found at:
Note that all new/amended rule changes from the previous season
will appear highlighted in green .
Extraordinary Exemptions
Due to the extraordinary situations created by the COVID-19 virus concerns, the IEA Board of Directors has made several exceptions to the IEA Rulebook that will be allowed in the 2020-2021 IEA Competition Season. These temporary, one-year exceptions to the IEA Rulebook are noted in the Addendum titled 2020-2021 Extraordinary Exemptions.
Intro Riders Pilot Program – Phase 2
Additionally, the IEA Board of Directors approved the second phase of the Intro Rider Pilot Program for riders in grades 4 and 5. Phase Two (2) includes the following rule changes for these riders and can be found in the Addendum titled 2020-2021 Intro Pilot Program Phase 2.
The Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) is proud to announce the complete list of winners of the 2019-2020 Zone Scholarship Awards. The vast majority of Zone Scholarships are given to graduating seniors through an application process based on academics, years in the IEA, volunteerism, letters of recommendation, and written essays. Additionally, some Zones/Regions raise additional funds for riders in their areas to be awarded for various accomplishments. Zone Scholarship awards are typically announced and awarded at each Zone Finals.
IEA Zone Scholarships are separate cash awards from the IEA National Sportsmanship Award Winner, who receives up to $2,000, or any National Finals Awards given to Senior riders based on their placings at National Finals. In addition to Zone Scholarships and the National Sportsmanship Award, the IEA distributes approximately $15,000 each year in cash at Hunt Seat, Dressage, and Western National Finals to the top two highest placing Seniors in each class.

Due to the cancellation of all National Finals for the 2019-2020 season, IEA elected to distribute the National Finals Scholarship funds to all Senior riders through an application process. Those awards will be announced separately in the next few weeks.
IEA will be hosting a one-day, regular season WESTERN horse show on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2020 at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio with REINING and HORSEMANSHIP classes.

The Congress, which is produced by the Ohio Quarter Horse Association (OQHA), is the largest single breed show in the world making this an outstanding opportunity for IEA Western riders.

  • All IEA Western point classes will be offered for Upper School and Future Divisions.

  • Entries will be capped and prioritized in fair and equitable manner that will be noted in the prize list.

  • Each team will be allowed one rider entry per class for initial entries. Additional entries will be allowed if space permits.

  • The prize list for this show, containing detailed information, will be announced and available in July.

WESTERN COACHES – Start gathering your teams now and renew your memberships EARLY. This show will be here before we know it!
Weaver Leather is the Official Tack and Equipment Supplier of the IEA.
The IEA Board of Directors is accepting nominations for the position of PRESIDENT-ELECT with an intended starting date of July 1, 2020.

As stated in the IEA Board By-laws, the PRESIDENT-ELECT duties are as follows:

The President-Elect shall perform all the duties of the President in the event of the absence or disability of the President, and shall perform such other duties as may be delegated by the President. The primary function of the President-Elect is to prepare to become the President.
The President-Elect serves a 2-year term as President-Elect, and then rotates into the role of President for an additional 2-year term.
IEA Board meetings are held quarterly via phone or video conference and additionally as needed either in person or virtually.
Nominations should be sent by MAY 31st to Roxane Durant , IEA Co-Founder and Executive Director by email at and should include the following:

  • Short description of experience which may include board or committee experience, non-profit management, equestrian and/or professional business experience;
  • Short description of why the nominee is interested in the position of President-Elect.

Self-nominations are accepted. Nominees must be 21 years or older and a citizen and resident of the United States.
Congratulations to the following IEA HUNT SEAT, WESTERN, and DRESSAGE Riders who received the highest points in their division(s) in their region during the 2019-2020 regular show season.
Take advantage of EARLY BIRD MEMBERSHIP SAVINGS for your teams and riders by JOINING or RENEWING your membership BEFORE JULY 1, 2020 .

COACHES : It only takes a few minutes to register your team NOW so that your riders may join. The IEA show season will be here before we know it, so act now and save!
Troxel is the Official Helmet of the IEA.

Congratulations to the following winners in the 2020 Dressage and Western National Finals Program Cover Art Contests. Despite the cancellation of all National Finals, we elected to continue with the art contest and we were delighted to see the wonderful artistic talents of our rider members.
 (@equestrian_buckle_belts) and IEA believe that time spent at the barn allows for a rider to gain valuable experience in horse care, equine business management, teamwork and so much more.

We want to celebrate each and every one of those lessons learned with the EBB For Me IEA Challenge ON INSTAGRAM!
  • Each week through June 7th, IEA rider and coach submissions will be entered into a raffle to win a FREE Equestrian Buckle Belt of YOUR CHOICE! Winners will be announced each Sunday.

  • In order to be entered into the drawing, post a relevant picture on Instagram and a brief description of one or more of the life lessons you have learned from your time at the barn. Be sure to use: #EBB #rideIEA #EBBForMeIEA and tag: @equestrian_buckle_belts @rideiea

  • All IEA riders and coaches active in the 2019-2020 season can participate! IEA riders and coaches can also NOMINATE another IEA rider or coach in order to be entered in the drawing, along with their personal submission.

  • Each IEA rider and coach get ONE personal submission and ONE nomination submission. Participants are left in for all prize drawings after submission, so post yours soon!

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