IEA Welcomes New 2021 Board Members
The IEA Board has some new faces! This year, we have added five new members to the IEA Board of Directors. Join us in welcoming our newest Board Members.
Annabella Al-Nafusi
Copenhagen, Denmark
Annabella AL-Nafusi is a teacher specialized in the cognitive mediating and mental training arena, mainly in services for people with special needs. She is an Enneagram, NLP & Performance Coach, as well as a Healer, Stress Release, and Regression Therapist.

She shares a personal and miraculous experience with the Enneagram in the international bestseller book ‘Ignite Love’, about how ‘The Lost Childhood Messages’ can be used as powerful love messages.

She started the biggest and liveliest Danish Enneagram Community 10 years ago, as well as a Type 7 Ennea-group. In 2020 she became the vice-chairman of IEA Denmark.
Stephanie Davis
San Diego, California, USA
Stephanie Davis is educated in Psychology, Business, and Systems Theory and runs a coaching/consulting/training company helping people and companies express their fullest potential. She encountered the Enneagram in the late 80s and with the gluttony of a 7, voraciously consumed everything she could find on it. She studied extensively with Claudio Naranjo, Don Riso, Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer, David Daniels, Tom Condon, Eli Jackson Bear, and Robert Holden and has since taken over a hundred workshops with other Enneagram teachers. She is certified in the Narrative Tradition and accredited with distinction as a professional with the IEA. She has been passionately bringing the Enneagram to people and companies in 14 countries over the past 30 years. She is married with 6 kids and 2 grandkids (plus a menagerie of animals) so she sees the Enneagram playing out in new and exciting ways every day.
Tom Johansen
Oslo, Norway
Tom is a type 9 with a type 1 wing with social instinct first. He has been married 25 years in his second marriage and is a proud father of two sons with four lively grandchildren. Tom has no commercial interest personally with Enneagram activity. Tom had his first experience with the lessons of the Enneagram in 1997. He has since embarked on a path of Enneagram study, learning about the interesting layers of knowledge in a master program.

Tom participated in the meeting that established IEA Norway in 2014.  Since 2015, he has served on the board of the IEA Norwegian affiliate.
Matías Maceira
Cordoba, Argentina
Matías Maceira is from Córdoba, Argentina, he has worked with the Enneagram for 11 years and is currently VP of the IEA Argentina board. He comes from the IT world. For 17 years he owned an IT company where they developed telecom oriented software. He is currently a founding member of Educar ConCiencia, a non-profit organization, and a Mentor, Life Coach, Team Coach and Facilitator of various Enneagram and Coaching trainings. Matías is passionate about continuous development and personal growth. He has obtained 3 International Coaching Certifications and a university postgraduate degree with a major in Coaching, NLP and Team Leadership with Magna Cum Laude Certificate. He has been married to Coty for 20 years and they have 2 beautiful sons.
Milton Stewart
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Milton C. Stewart, MBA is a certified Enneagram and Career Coach. He is the founder of Kaizen Careers, Coaching, and Consuting LLC; where he teaches, coaches, facilitates and consults using the Enneagram. He has learned the Enneagram from a variety of different schools. These schools include the Enneagram in Business programs, Narrative Tradition, CP Enneagram, Spectrum Enneagram, and Enneagram + Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Anti-Racism program. Milton is also an Associate Member of the Enneagram in Business Network. Milton is the host of Do It For The Gram: An Enneagram Podcast. Prior to Milton’s Enneagram work, he worked in the education sector in adult and elementary education. Milton feels compelled to mentor youth and to teach the Enneagram to underserved communities in hopes of healing them.