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Merry and Bright Holiday Wishes from IEBC    

We hope you enjoy your favorite holiday traditions as 2018 comes to an end and we look forward to an exciting and productive year together in 2019.

Connection and Caring Beyond the Holidays 
However you celebrate the holiday season, connection and caring are universal to making our holidays merry and bright.
Connections are at the core of IEBC's recent work to improve community college student outcomes. Colleges implementing our Bright Spots Advantage program working with faculty have seen increases in course retention and success, term-to-term persistence and completion, and closing performance gaps among traditionally underperforming students - all by focusing on simple behaviors developed by faculty that increase faculty connections to students. These connections increase a student's motivation to succeed - because someone cared enough to make a connection - and that motivation comes with increased success.
Our Caring Campus program focuses on staff, ensuring a campus wide effort at all levels for boosting student retention and success rates. With our new Caring Campus California initiative, California community colleges are enthusiastically embracing IEBC's approach. We look forward to bringing this program to many more campuses in 2019.
Each of these programs, Caring Campus, Caring Campus California, and Bright Spots, can slow or reverse budget losses as retention and persistent rates rise. After all, it is easier to keep the students we have than attempt to recruit new students.
Focusing on Connections

People at every level of an educational institution have the power to improve student outcomes. At the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC), we provide  you a simple and straightforward process for implementing cost-effective, impactful interventions.
What IEBC and its partners have also learned through the implementation of our intervention programs is the vital role played by every single person who interacts with a student at all levels. Overlooking the contributions of classified staff squanders a valuable source of student support and inspiration.
Caring Campus and Caring Campus California recognize and leverage the value of connectedness for increasing the likelihood students will attain their educational goals. Staff are often the first contact students have with a campus. It can be as simple as a phone call to student services or asking directions of grounds staff while walking across campus. Financial aid officers, bookstore clerks, admissions and records staff, maintenance, and security personnel add to the wide range of classified personnel whose interactions with students can set the stage for the potential success of campus student success initiatives.
Similar to the Bright Spots approach with faculty , IEBC can help you and your staff commit to interactions that maximize student success through the Caring Campus program
If you've successfully implemented Bright Spots, why not extend your success with IEBC's Caring Campus program? If you are still new to both programs, IEBC can help you tie them together and implement them simultaneously as a campus wide approach.
What People Are Saying about IEBC'a Programs                    
"Bright Spots not only creates great outcomes for students, but also supports faculty and staff." - Community College President
"Students are sensing the difference. Faculty are more intentionally engaging with them. It's exciting to see we've committed to do this college wide, not just a core set of classes, but across the college itself." - Vice President of Instruction
"I am - we are - excited about this work. It gives us an opportunity to better connect with students and it improves our sense of belonging too." - Admissions and Records Office Staff 
"Thank you for being the spark, for changing the culture here." - English Department Staff 
We encourage you to proactively confront and conquer the impact of declining enrollment looming in 2019 with IEBC's successful programs - before your data catches up to reveal a problem. 
Finally, if you want to dig in to your holiday reading, check out our Harvard Education Press Book: Creating a Data Informed Culture in Community Colleges: A New Model for Educators.  
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Happy Holidays from IEBC
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