IEC Powered by Future Green Announces

´╗┐Trio of New Partnerships

The Illinois Energy Consortium (IEC) Powered by Future Green is excited to announce a trio of new partnerships designed to enhance energy programs for school districts across Illinois. These partnerships with BorgWarner, Highland Electric Fleets and Midwest Transit Equipment will be integral to enhancing transportation operations throughout the state. Read detailed releases for each partnership below. 

Partnership to bring DC Fast Chargers to Schools

This new partnership with BorgWarner makes DC Fast Chargers more affordable by utilizing bidirectional chargers to offload energy stored in electric school bus batteries supporting buildings and the grid during emergencies and times of peak demand.

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Partnership to bring Fleet Electrification-as-a-Service to Schools

This new partnership with Highland Electric Fleets will help districts across the state transform their operations while mitigating the risks associated with school bus fleet electrification.

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Partnership to bring Transformed Electric School Buses to Price Parity with Diesel

This new partnership with Midwest Transit brings the cost to own an operate an electric school bus equal to or better than the price to own and operate a diesel bus.

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If your district is interested in taking advantage of these benefits, contact Haj Young at or call 815-200-8721.