Civil Solutions - Vol. 3 
'Fall/Winter 2017 Edition'
Parry Bridge Rehabilitation
Chatham, Ontario
The Parry Bridge in Chatham, Ontario was due for some rehabilitation work. The Parry Bridge is located in the heart of the city and crosses the Thames River. Up to 22,000 vehicles cross this bridge every day. GM BluePlan Consulting faced some unique challenges when it came to protecting the abutments of the Parry Bridge. One challenge was restricted access due to the permanent water levels of the Thames River, add to that low clearance due to the bridge deck which made this a difficult situation. Driving a cement truck down the side of the bridge to pour concrete protection brought up a number of logistical problems, and GM BluePlan was looking for a more stable solution than Rip Rap could provide. To solve these problems, IECS was able to pour special 8 x 5 foot Cable Concrete® mats and manufacture a lighter, more compact lifting bar to place them. A small excavator was able to handle the weight and freely manoeuver under the bridge to place the mats. This project really highlights IECS' ability to adapt to specific project conditions to meet the needs of consultants and owners. 
1st Street Bridge Rehabilitation
Brandon, Manitoba
In the fall of 2016, IECS and Titan Environmental Containment worked with Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation on designing and installing Cable Concrete® for overtopping erosion protection on a segment of the PTH1A 1st Street Bridge Rehabilitation project. The CCG2 sized block was used to protect roadside banks along 2 newly construction sections of Hwy #1A sections of the Assiniboine River which frequently over top and erode the banks alongside of the road and into the ditch during flooding events. IECS provided a full turnkey supply/installation; acting as an installation subcontractor to Tri-Wave Construction and PCL Construction as the projects general contractor. In total 1996.4 square meters or 134 pieces of CCG2 were installed along the two sections of MIT's Highway 1A 1st Street Bridge Rehabilitation project.
Gormley Creek Crossing
Gormley, Ontario
Owner: Rice Group
Contractor: Rice Group
Engineer: Cole Engineering / IECS
Installation Date: August, 2016

IECS continues to add to their resume with this project in Gormley, Ontario. Footings were supplied for the arched culvert, along with wing walls (including footings) and the abutment wall to complete this fully precasted system.
Halton Hills Village Phase 5 & 6
Halton Hills, Ontario
Owner: Halton Hills Village Homes Inc.
Contractor: Niran Construction Ltd.
Engineer: David Schaeffer Engineering Limited
Installation Date: August, 2016

When executing construction in sensitive areas, pre-cast offers many advantages such as working time spent in the given area and also sediment control issues can be dramatically decreased. This pre-cast 2400x1200mm Box Culvert Headwall measures at an impressive 22m long and arrived to the jobsite in 10 pieces (6 wall panels and 4 footings).
Girard Creek Low Water Crossing
Coronach, Saskatchewan
The Rural Municipality of Hart Butte No. 11 hired Aecom to provide the design for the 'Girard Creek Low Water Crossing' and Aecom turned to IECS and Cable Concrete ® to provide a solution to the on-going erosion to the roadside banks and roadway itself. Aecom incorporated CC45 block to protect both sides of the roadway and surface treatments itself. Additional culverts were also added to assist in handling more water during peak events. Clark and Sons Earthmoving Ltd. acted as the projects general contractor and installed the Cable Concrete ® on the inlet and outlet sides of the road while wrapping all three culverts and protecting the top of the road to allow for safe vehicle passing while protecting the road during flooding events. a total of 785.4 square meters or 66 pieces of CC45 blocks were utilized in providing a solution to this project.
    Drainage Engineers Conference
Guelph, Ontario
    For the second consecutive year, IECS attended the Land Drainage Engineers Conference hosted by the University of Guelph. Along with returning as an exhibitor, IECS was also asked to give a short presentation to the attendees regarding their Pre-Cast solutions for storm water management and erosion control. With 125 members in attendance, this conference has proven to be a great forum for IECS to showcase why they are an industry leader in erosion control!
It was great to see everyone again! We will see you in 2017!
    Yellow Lake Boat Launch
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
Location: Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
Scope of Project: 95.2 square meters or 8 pieces of CC35
Installation Date: September, 2016
Owner: Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations
Engineer: Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations
Contractor: Diggers Construction & Landscaping Services

Description: The increased popularity and recreational watercraft usage of Yellow Lake had resulted in intensified damage and scour erosion to the existing boat launch site. IECS in conjunction with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations designed the new ramp solution utilizing Cable Concrete® to stabilize the base and provide a hard armoured, long lasting, drivable surface for traffic and eliminating ongoing reoccurring maintenance costs.
Perfect Pairings
Toronto, Ontario
OPSD  804.040 with 825mm pipe & CCG2 shown in picture
Project: Emery Creek
Owner: City of Toronto
Contractor: Clearway Construction
Engineer: WSP
Installation Date: June, 2016

Cable Concrete® pairs perfectly as slope and wing wall protection with one of our OPSD 804.040 pre-cast headwalls. IECS also supplied the OPSD 804.050 Galvanized Grate and OPSD 980.101 Galvanized Handrails to complete the package.
Land Improvement Contractors of Ontario (LICO) Conference
London, Ontario
January 25-26, 2017
     IECS made it's first ever appearance at the LICO Conference at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn located in London, Ontario. The conference brings together land and farm Drainage Contractors, Engineers & Superintendents. The conference was a great opportunity to highlight the abilities and advantages to using Cable Concrete®. Thank you to all the presenters and for everyone that stopped by our booth.
See you all again in 2018!
2016 Kitimat South Landfill Closure
Kitimat, British Columbia
Location: Kitimat, British Columbia
Scope of Project: 428.4 square meters or 36 pieces of CC35
Installation Date: September, 2016
Owner: Rio Tinto Alcan
Engineer: SNC Lavalin
Contractor: Daudet Creek Contracting Ltd.

The South channel was formed and lined with a bituminous geomembrane (BGM) product in 2013. This channel has been left exposed since construction to observe its performance. Channel protection is required to protect the BGM form environmental conditions (temperature fluctuations and sunlight) and to manage runoff anticipated with the installation of the upper landfill cover in 2017.
Toronto, ON
February 26-March 1, 2017

Prairieland Park, Saskatoon, SK
March 13-16, 2017

Brampton, ON
March 22-23, 2017

APEGBC Conference
Whistler, BC
October 19-21, 2017
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