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January 2017
"It always seems impossible until it's done."
~ Nelson Mandela
Reviewing IEEE Conference Sponsorship Types
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Conference sponsorship can sometimes be a confusing topic, especially since IEEE uses the word 'sponsorship' in a different way from most other organizations. 
When an IEEE Organization Unit (OU) agrees to 'sponsor' an IEEE conference, it refers to the ownership percentage of financial and technical responsibilities in running the conference.
IEEE recognizes three types of conference sponsorship - 
  1. Sole Sponsorship
  2. Co-Sponsorship
  3. Technical Co-Sponsorship (TCS)
While Sole and Co-Sponsorship involve OU financial ownership, TCS has no OU financial involvement.
Below are some additional characteristics of each sponsorship type:
Financial Ownership
Sole Sponsorship - A single IEEE OU has 100% ownership for all financial and technical responsibilities related to the conference.
Key Roles -
  • Aligning the conference scope with IEEE
  • Establishing processes and standards to execute a high quality technical program
  • Executing a successful conference that produces a surplus  
  • Ensuring appropriate representation of the IEEE brand on all communications, websites and marketing materials
  • The sponsoring OU receives 100% of surplus or 100% responsibility for deficits
Co-Sponsorship The IEEE OU has shared ownership (%) for financial and technical responsibilities with the other conference sponsors. A conference sponsor could be a non-IEEE organization/s or IEEE OU/s.
Key Roles -
  • The IEEE OU's financial responsibility is shared, based on an agreed upon percentage
  • Financial management is typically the responsibility of the   majority owner
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required  
 No Financial Ownership
Technical Co-sponsorship - An IEEE OU has no ownership or financial responsibilities related to the conference. The IEEE OU providing TCS shares technical responsibilities including direct and substantial involvement in developing and executing a high quality technical program. The conference can utilize the IEEE brand in marketing efforts. 
  Key Roles -
  • Validating conference scope alignment with IEEE
  • Direct involvement in the Technical Program
    • An IEEE OU volunteer is the Technical Program Chair,   Co-Chair or Track Chair
    • IEEE OU volunteers participate as paper reviewers
  • Oversight of IEEE brand usage
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required  
For more information, review the eLearning Course "IEEE Conference Sponsorship Overview" located in the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE), use your IEEE Account for access.
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Working with Other Organizations on Conferences
Organizing and running a successful, high quality conference is no simple task, requiring energy, ideas, people and resources.

Given the high number of co-sponsored conferences, it is clear that IEEE OUs understand the value of collaborating with other IEEE units and Non-IEEE groups. 

What are benefits from benefits of working with other organizations?
  • Spread the organizing effort across a broader team
  • Additional sources of resources and ideas to assist in conference planning and execution
  • Gain access to the other organizations communities, which can increase the potential number of authors, attendees and revenue
  • Add local expertise and knowledge - customs, traditions, access to proven venues and suppliers, local industry (Individuals and organizations)
  • Broaden the conference scope and develop inter-disciplinary tracks by adding closely related scientific areas
  • Enhanced networking and community building by expanding the pool of peers sharing technical knowledge
  • Learn how other organizations execute events and conferences
  When working with Non-IEEE organizations, be sure to consider the following:
  • Are you aligning the IEEE brand with appropriate technical or scholarly institutions or associations?
  • What is their reputation and brand? Look to align with top brands
  • Can someone from your OU verify the suitability of an organization as a partner for IEEE?
  • Fully evaluate all sponsorship opportunities before agreeing to partner
  • Follow IEEE sponsorship approval guidelines, some may be specific to your OU
Consult with MCE if you are unsure or have questions regarding a potential sponsor. 

For more information, review the eLearning Course "Being Proactive Improves Conference Quality" located in CLE.

Yes! Industry and For Profit Organizations Can Participate in Your Conference
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For-profit companies and organizations participating in conferences can be a big plus to the organizing committee and attendees.  To work with for-profit entities IEEE Organization Units must align their conference with  them in specific ways. 
These groups cannot be directly involved in the overall sponsorship or execution of a conference, but can still participate in ways that are mutually significant and meaningful.
Some excellent examples of roles they can fill:
  • Promoting the conference to other audiences and communities - employees, members, etc.
  • Contributing or donating  goods and services needed to run the conference
  • Supporting the underwriting of a specific function or activity - a meal, student travel, etc.
  • Providing conference attendees trinkets or small gifts
  • Supplying a keynote speaker - a great way to attract new attendees!
  • Donating use of facilities to host a conference
  • Plus, many other good ideas! 
When referencing this group preferred labels include Supporter, Patron, Partner or Contributor, avoid calling them 'sponsor'. If a for profit wants to participate but objects to the label, please contact MCE to assist you in finding an appropriate approach.
Whatever approach, supporters should be noted separately from sponsors on all conference marketing materials including the conference web site.
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