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June 2022 Issue
Featured Articles
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4-D Gesture Sensing Using Virtual Array Based on 60 GHz FMCW Radar Sensor
A 4-D gesture sensing technique using reconfigurable virtual array method with a 60-GHz FMCW radar is presented. The proposed technique can be used for gesture sensing for both macro gestures such as handwriting letters and numbers, hand drawing different patterns in space and micro gestures such as the fingers' actions of virtual slider, finger tap, and finger wave.
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Inductive Power Transfer System for Powering Wireless Sensor Nodes in Structural Health Monitoring Applications
This paper demonstrates a multicoil inductive power repeater system for structural health monitoring of steel-reinforced concrete structures. The coil not only performs as a power relay but also supplies energy to the local load. Experimental results show that this method can simultaneously provide equal power of 0.6 W to four local loads with a variation of less than 7.2%. The system achieves a long distance of 51.5 cm and an efficiency of 47.7%.
USB-Controlled 2-Port VNA, 300 kHz to 6 GHz
Mini-Circuits’ new eVNA-63+ 2-port vector network analyzer offers unmatched capability for the price at $7,995 with dynamic range >132 dB, trace noise <0.005 dB rms, and output power from -50 to 10 dBm for signals from 300 kHz to 6 GHz. It includes built-in bias-tees for both ports and time-domain analysis as standard features. eVNA Studio software provides a powerful GUI allowing automation of calibrations, measurements, trace displays, data exports and more.
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Wideband Circulator Leakage Canceler for Retro-Directive RF System
A wideband circulator leakage canceler IC using a negative capacitance is presented. It enhances a conventional circulator with a wider bandwidth and high isolation for a full-duplex retro-directive short-range wireless power transfer application. The measurement of the proposed circuit shows an avg. cancelation of 19 dB from 2.31 to 2.535 GHz.
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An Efficient, Broadband SiGe HBT Non-Uniform Distributed Power Amplifier
An efficient, broadband SiGe HBT cascode non-uniform distributed power amplifier (NDPA), fabricated in 0.13-μm SiGe HBT BiCMOS technology, is presented for low-cost, fully integrated Si-based phased arrays. The proposed SiGe HBT NDPA achieves peak Pout of 21.5 dBm and PAE of 12.5-22.0% from 1.5 to 24.0 GHz. Under HL mode, the NDPA delivers 13.0-dBm average Pout with a PAE of 10.0% at 6-Gbit/s data rate 64 QAM modulation.
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Wideband Microstrip to 3D Printed Air Filled Waveguide Transition
A wideband microstrip to additively fabricated waveguide transition is presented. The proposed design uses 3D printing to realize a highly integrated probe-based transition from the microstrip line on a PCB to an air-filled waveguide. Impedance matching better than 9.5 dB and in-band insertion loss per transition below 1.1 dB was achieved from 8 GHz to 14.5 GHz.
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Upcoming Events/Calls
Wireless Power Week 2002 | Bordeaux, France | Jul 05-08

The 2022 IEEE Wireless Power Week Conference (WPW 2022) will be held on July 5-8 2022, jointly with the Energy Harvesting Summit, with satellites events from July 4-9. WPW is the largest wireless power event in the world featuring topics such as theories and techniques for wireless power transfer, devices and systems for short-distance power transfer, industrial applications, microwave/mmWave wireless power transfer, energy harvesting, biomedical and more.
NEMO 2022 | Limoges, France | Jul 06-08, 2022

NEMO 2022 event will bring together global experts and practitioners of electromagnetic- and multiphysics-based modeling, simulation and optimization for RF, microwave and terahertz (THz) applications. This conference is an ideal forum to share new ideas on techniques for electromagnetic and multiphysics modeling, propose efficient design algorithms and tools, and anticipate the modeling/analysis needs of future technologies and applications.
IMAS 2023 | Cairo, Egypt | Feb 07-09, 2023

The first edition of the IEEE International Microwaves and Antennas Symposium in Africa (IMAS 2023) will take place on 7-9 February 2023 in Cairo, Egypt (in-person). This conference aims to provide an ideal place for the exchange of scientific and technical information, at both academic and industrial levels, with fosters collaboration and cooperation in the microwaves, antennas & propagation domain at African and global levels. Submission deadline: Sep. 15, 2022.
T-MTT Special Issue on Metamaterials, Metadevices and Applications | Dec 20, 2022

In the last two decades, metamaterials and metasurfaces have introduced many new concepts in electromagnetic (EM) theory and inspired new design methodologies for EM devices and systems. This special issue aims to stimulate in-depth overviews, frontier exploration, novel designs, and applications of metamaterials and metasurfaces. Deadline: Dec. 20, 2022.
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