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September 2023 Issue
Featured Articles
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An Ultra-Efficient Approach for High-Resolution MIMO Radar Imaging of Human Hand Poses 
The capturing of hands, including their poses, shapes and motions, has numerous potential applications, such as human-machine interfaces and medical use cases. This paper presents an efficient and powerful approach for radar-based 3D reconstruction of hand poses. The method extends the frequency shift keying continuous wave radar principle and reconstructs the hand surface using only two carrier frequencies. Instead of reconstructing an entire 3D volume, only two single-tone radar images are computed. 
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Theory and Design of Frequency-Selective Absorptive Plasma Limiters
A plasma-based frequency-selective limiter (FSL) is introduced, which integrates an absorptive bandstop filter topology with a plasma coupling structure. The theory of the FSL is developed and evaluated using coupled microstrip lines and resonators.
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A Ku-Band Phased Array in Package Integrating Multi-Independent CMOS Transceivers with On-Chip Antennas
A low-cost and integration-efficient Ku-band phased array is demonstrated for satellite communication, which is package integrated with four independent 180-nm CMOS transceivers with on-chip antennas. To improve the integration of phased-array beamformer, a cost-effective packaging technique combining on-chip and printed circuit board is proposed. In addition, an off-chip guard ring array is introduced to further optimize the gain and sidelobe suppression level.
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Compact Dual-Band Independently Modulated Huygens’ Metasurface for Full-Space EM Wave Manipulation
Huygens’ metasurface (HMS) provides an effective approach for designing high-efficiency metadevices through engineering the interfacial electric and magnetic responses. The proposed solution comprises of two modified vertical split ring resonators and two planar split ring resonators that are separated by two layers of substrate. The paper demonstrates a full-space metasurface with a reflective focusing function at 11 GHz and a transmissive orbit angular momentum generation function at 16 GHz.
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Output Signal Re-Injection in Load-Modulated Balanced Amplifiers for RF Bandwidth Improvement
This paper discusses the theory, simulation, and experimental characterization of a load-modulated balanced amplifier (LMBA) where the control signal power (CSP) is obtained by re-injecting part of the output signal. Compared to the standard balanced load-modulated power amplifier (PA), this approach does not require external CSP amplification. The technique is demonstrated using a balanced PA in the 1400-3400-MHz band. The induced load modulation improves the power added efficiency by 10%.
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