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Planning to Succeed

  • By Marie Hunter, Head of IEEE Global Meetings, Conferences and Events

Stay in the Know

  • New Marking Process for IEEE Xplore® Conference Papers Now in Effect
  • Learn About Recent Updates to the Conference Publications Committee (CPC)

Organize Like a Pro

  • Strategic Escalation of Negotiations

Meet the MCE Team

  • Jamie Clement, Sr. Administrative Assistant

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Planning to Succeed

When planning for your next international conference, keep in mind that Business Travel News reported that international business travel was down by 75% when compared to 2019. Many conference industry professionals do not see the volumes recovering in 2022 or 2023. Keep in mind that while domestic travel is slowly rebounding, if your historic audience was largely international, you will need to consider a virtual component and a reduced overall footprint for your conference.

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Stay in the Know

New Marking Process for IEEE Xplore® Conference Papers Now in Effect

paper marking with callout.jpg

The IEEE Conferences Committee approved a motion to establish greater consistency in the metadata of all papers posted to IEEE Xplore®. IEEE will mark all conference papers in the left-hand margin of the first page with the following information:

  • Conference Name,
  • Conference Year,
  • DOI, and
  • IEEE Copyright Clearance Code

This effort will support the IEEE author community by enhancing the indexing and discoverability of IEEE papers. Organizers are to submit their papers without markings to IEEE and the Publishing Operations team will add the metadata to the papers before posting them to IEEE Xplore®. Efforts are also planned to add markings retroactively to papers already on IEEE Xplore® in the future.

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Learn About Recent Updates to the Conference Publications Committee (CPC)

The Conference Publications Committee (CPC) plays a key role in the publishing activities of IEEE Conferences, providing guidance to organizers, and supporting authors in sharing their work. 


What Does the CPC Do?

The Conference Publications Committee (CPC): 

  • recommends to both ICC and PSC new requirements or changes to the conference publications process
  • provides oversight review and guidance for operational aspects of the distribution of post-conference content as well as financial parameters needed to ensure that the objectives of the Program are met
  • disseminates information on the Program to all appropriate IEEE entities through both ICC and PSC to ensure that the objectives and operations of the Program are clearly understood

CPC recently updated its charter to reflect several changes that were approved by TAB in November 2021. CPC now reports to and is a Committee of the IEEE Conferences Committee (ICC) and TAB/PSPB Products & Services Committee (PSC). The CPC Chair is now a voting member of ICC and the committee now includes additional voting members.

What are CPC’s Current Initiatives? 

Here are some of the ways that CPC is supporting the conference publications community in 2022. 


Replacing the Packing List Generator

CPC is coordinating with PSPB and ICC on a conference publication portal that will provide a convenient replacement for the Packing List Generator (PLG) and offer additional functionality. 


Improve the Conference experience in IEEE Xplore®

By automating the collection of conference session organization data via the Packing List Generator (PLG) replacement, users will be able to take advantage of IEEE Xplore’s® ability to organize conference proceedings content by session and day.


Activities in Collaboration with IEEE Conferences Committee

CPC is working in collaboration with ICC and its Future of Conference IP (FuCIP) subcommittee on including additional types of conference content in IEEE Xplore®, and possible revenue distribution models. 

To learn more about the CPC, visit the IEEE website

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Organize Like a Pro

Strategic Escalation of Negotiations


When you need to cancel or postpone your event due to circumstances like the pandemic, negotiation with your vendors may be in order. If rebooking is part of the conversation, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

The majority of IEEE rebookings over the last two years have been related to venues (Hotels, Convention Centers, etc.). Over 90% of the rebooking commitments are to be consumed in 2023 or later.

Rebooking Considerations

When deciding whether to rebook, a good strategy is to do so ONLY:

  • When required to avoid substantial penalties AND
  • When performance is achievable

Additional Tips

Keep the following guidelines in mind when negotiating contracts for your event. 

  • Protect yourself when contracting
  • Know your situation and rights
  • Know what you can offer
  • It’s a negotiation!
  • Escalate strategically

If you need help with contract negotiations for your event, please reach out to the MCE Conference Contracts team.

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Meet the MCE Team

Jamie Clement, Sr. Administrative Assistant

Headshot - Jamie-400x400.png

Jamie joined IEEE MCE in July 2017 as a Sr. Administrative Assistant supporting Marie Hunter, Head of IEEE Global Meetings, Conferences and Events (MCE). Jamie also provides general operational support of MCE and manages our eNotice service for conference organizers. Recently Jamie has added the support of several volunteer committees to her responsibilities including support of the Conference Organization Integrity Committee (COI), the IEEE Future of Conference IP Committee (FuCIP), and the Conference Tools Committee (CTC).


“The thing I enjoy the most about working at IEEE and specifically MCE is the interaction with the MCE team, who provide a wealth of knowledge, and who display a keen interest in creating innovative events. I have the opportunity to grow professionally as I contribute to a number of areas and projects. The entire team is fun to work with and make my time at work, be it challenging at times, rewarding and fulfilling.”


Jamie was born and raised on the island of Barbados and migrated to the USA as a teenager. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business, Management & Finance from Brooklyn College (CUNY). In her spare time, she enjoys family time with her two kids and outdoor activities.  

Available Resources

Get Started With the Conference Organizer Timeline


Although every conference is unique, there are a number of key ingredients and common factors to organizing a successful event. IEEE recommends submitting the IEEE Conference Application 12-18 months prior to the conference start date. Larger conferences plan much farther out.

Visit the MCE website and download the IEEE Conference Organizer Timeline to learn the major activities and time-frames for planning your next event.

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