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Planning to Succeed

  • By Marie Hunter, Head of IEEE Global Meetings, Conferences and Events

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  • Updates to IEEE’s Business Gift Policy to Take Effect 1 January 2023

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  • Top Takeaways from 2022 IEEE Convene
  • MCE Trendspotting: Event Tech for Sustainability

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  • Erin Bae, Customer Relations & Project Specialist

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Planning to Succeed

After the holidays are over - it is time to take a look at our budgets for the coming year and compare them to our forecasted number of attendees, extras, and those items that are not pre-contracted or guaranteed.  

The beginning of the year is a good time to look at cut-off dates for releasing space at venues, reassessing conference pricing, to factor in inflation for items such as Audio Visual, consumables, as well as transportation/shipping, etc.

Keep in mind that contracts can often be renegotiated if your plans have changed. IEEE is here to help if your current plans need to shift to make the financials work.  

We would love to hear from you after the new year and review your plans.

Until then, wishing all a wonderful holiday season.

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Stay in the Know

Updates to IEEE’s Business Gift Policy to Take Effect 1 January 2023

In your role as an IEEE Conference Organizer, you may make decisions about gifts for presenters or other key contributors to thank them for their participation. You may also find yourself in a position where partners or participants offer you gifts as the organizer of your event. To avoid conflicts of interest, reputational damage, or other negative consequences, it is essential to comply with the recently updated IEEE Gift Policy. 


Understanding what is an acceptable and unacceptable gift is a critical component of IEEE’s commitment to ethical business practices. To improve the clarification on what gifts may be accepted and distributed, on 20 November 2022 the IEEE Board of Directors approved revisions to the IEEE Policies on gifts.

The following changes have been made:

  • Language has been revised from "Business Gifts" to "Gifts"
  • Gifts are subject to a $100 threshold instead of a "nominal value"
  • Recognition gifts to volunteers are now integrated with a value of $100 per gift not to exceed a total of $500 per year
  • The annual cap above does not apply to IEEE-branded items
  • Incorporates contact information for questions

For any questions, please contact the Legal and Compliance team at [email protected].

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Organize Like a Pro

Top Takeaways from 2022 IEEE Convene

IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) brought together over 160 participants at 2022 IEEE Convene in Boston, MA, from 27-28 October. IEEE Convene is the only event where the IEEE Conferences Community can exchange experiences and share new ideas.

This year’s theme, creating thriving conferences in an evolving landscape, enabled participants to reflect on our journey and create a shared vision for the future. Our community of organizers, experts, partners, contributors, and leaders discussed the opportunities and challenges for the next generation of IEEE conferences.

Here are a few of the top takeaways from this year’s event. 

Tips to Help Your Next Event Thrive

  • Clusters of soft seating, tiered groupings, and planned "surprises" were just some of the techniques once again on display for organizers at IEEE Convene. 
  • The program incorporated open agenda slots to stimulate conversation and spontaneous collaboration. One of the most well-attended of these was an "MCE Ask Me Anything" session which spurred energetic dialogues. 
  • As the events industry recovers, flexibility can maximize your event planning options. Considering alternate dates, venues, vendors, menu options, and program offerings can open up additional possibilities.
  • Expecting the unexpected, right-sizing your event, & succession planning can help you manage risk at your event. 
  • Smart contracting, Force Majeure negotiations, creating an emergency response plan, and engagement with the EERT team can help you prepare for and respond to emergencies
  • For a seamless registration process, consider flexible registration fees and policies; member validation in your registration system; simple, inclusive, and accessible registration forms; self-serve kiosk options onsite; training for volunteers; and sustainable badge options.
  • When planning for COVID-19 onsite safety, establishing health and safety protocols; pre-planning with venues and vendors; communicating policies; having an attendee health and safety acknowledgment; assembling safety resources and supplies; having the right team in place; and following protocols in the IEEE COVID-19 Supplemental Toolkit can help you prepare.
  • Leveraging your network, considering a DE&I Chair, peer-review practices, and governance review can help create a culture of belonging at your conference.
  • Selecting venues with green credentials, choosing walkable cities, using public transport, going digital, conscientious catering, donating leftover materials, carbon offset/green donations, and locally-sourced giveaways can boost the sustainability of your event.
  • The world of conference publishing and IP is evolving, with new content formats, changing Open Access requirements, and efforts to support authors in developing countries.
  • Creating stellar virtual and hybrid events involves having clear objectives; aligning your budget to your goals; finding the right mix of platforms, tools, and services; assigning roles to cover your needs; and customizing content and attendee experiences by format. 
  • When working with partners, exhibitors, and sponsors, consider value-creation through brand visibility, relationship-building, and bundled benefits.
  • Insights from analytics like registration reports, surveys, website usage, and real-time data can improve your events and communications.

By remaining nimble, collaborating, and taking a continuous learning approach, the IEEE Conferences community is ready to thrive.

Learn more about IEEE Convene

MCE Trendspotting

Event Tech for Sustainability

As the world returns to in-person gatherings, sustainability is an essential topic for all event organizers. IEEE is helping drive this charge, with recent discussions that took place at IEEE Convene with 160+ conference organizers, changemakers, and global partners, along with 2022 IEEE President-Elect Saifur Rahman attending COP27 in Egypt which focused on paving the way for future ambition to effectively tackle the global challenge of climate change.

Learn more
Meet the MCE Team

Erin Bae, Customer Relations & Project Specialist

As a Customer Relations & Project Specialist, Erin specializes in project and portfolio management support for one of the largest society portfolios - IEEE Computer Society and Photonics Society. In her role, Erin collaborates with society staff and volunteers on just about every detail that goes into the vast life-cycle of executing a conference.


Erin obtained her BA in Social Sciences from Kean University and recently completed her certification in Project Management with the Rutgers Business School. During her five-year stint in California, Erin worked closely with the IEEE Computer Society conferences and events team. While there, she was the recipient of the IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Member Recognition Award issued by the Society President & Executive Director. 


When Erin is not in work mode she enjoys spending quality time with her family and closest friends, trying to solve the daily Wordle in one try (I did it once before!), exploring art museums, and binge-watching Netflix shows.

Available Resources

Resources for Planning Your Conference Budget

Your budget is the cornerstone of a successful conference. A well-planned budget ensures alignment with sponsors and will keep your progress on track. It is important to obtain approval on your budget before signing contracts or committing to expenditures. Visit the MCE website for resources on developing a conference budget that will help you achieve your financial goals.

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