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  • By Marie Hunter, Head of IEEE Global Meetings, Conferences and Events

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  • Plan Your IEEE Travel with the Concur Travel Quick Start Guides and FAQs
  • Update to Policy 10 - Job Recruiting at Conferences

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  • Tips on Working with Technical Co-Sponsors at Your IEEE Conference
  • Considering Managing Your Own Virtual Event? The MCE Digital Events Team Can Help
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Planning to Succeed

How have you thought about diversity and inclusion in planning your event? I recommend considering this important objective from a variety of perspectives. There are of course the major buckets -- such as the Planning/Organizing Committee;  Speakers, Keynotes or Honorees, and then the registrants and audience.  If these areas are the backbone of having an inclusive event, some of the other options are considering diversity among your suppliers and co-sponsors.  

What about the setting of your conference itself? Does your venue and city embrace the IEEE core values? How can placing your conference in one venue vs. another help communicate inclusivity? Will your diverse community feel comfortable in the location you select?

For practical tips and more information...see below.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources for IEEE Events

How can we help?

Stay in the Know

Plan Your IEEE Travel with the Concur Travel Quick Start Guides and FAQs

MCE developed Concur Travel Quick Start Guides and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help IEEE members, volunteers, and employees navigate the platform. Concur Travel is an online travel booking tool that offers users a unique set of features, functionality, and support. Concur Travel enables both domestic and international reservations.


Concur Travel Quick Start Guides and FAQs

The Quick Start Guides offer tips and screenshots to help users navigate the platform with ease.

Learn how to:

  • review and complete profile settings
  • make a flight reservation 
  • select your flights
  • review details and confirm travel bookings

Review the FAQ resource to get answers to popular questions about the platform.

Please visit the MCE website to download the guides and FAQs. 

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Update to Policy 10 - Job Recruiting at Conferences


In February, the IEEE Board of Directors (BoD) passed an update to Policy 10 that includes new language for job recruiting at conferences. This change offers the chair of each conference the flexibility to decide if job recruiting will benefit their conference community. This effort opens the door to a well-managed process to connect our community to employers, engage Industry, and meet our needs.

Updates to IEEE Policy 10 - Job Recruiting at Conferences

Each conference shall have a publicly stated policy concerning recruiting prior to any recruiting being permitted. The policy should address when and where during the event recruiting is allowed, to which group of attendees (Students, unemployed, all…) it may be directed, what manner of outreach used by recruiting entities is allowed and other factors deemed important by the conference organizers. This policy is not intended to encourage or discourage recruiting but leaves that decision to the conference and its sponsors.

IEEE is creating several job recruiting templates that conferences can use at their events. Stay tuned for additional information about these resources in the coming weeks.

Organize Like a Pro

Tips on Working with Technical Co-Sponsors at Your IEEE Conference

Strong partnerships are the bedrock of any successful event. This is especially true when it comes to selecting and partnering with your IEEE technical co-sponsors.

What does it mean for an IEEE event to be technically co-sponsored? 

An IEEE technical co-sponsor “has direct and substantial involvement in the development, organization, and running of the technical program, but no financial involvement in the conference.” The relationship between sponsoring organizations is outlined in your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

What are the responsibilities of an IEEE technical co-sponsor? 

A key stakeholder in your conference, the IEEE technical co-sponsor: 

  • Is responsible for defining the scope of the conference and managing the technical program, including oversight of the program development and review process and participating in peer reviews
  • Requires specific approvals as indicated in IEEE Policy 10.1.4.

How do I select a technical co-sponsor?

There are a few best practices to keep in mind as you identify and work with your technical-co sponsor. 

  • Know your co-sponsor - Your technical co-sponsor should be someone you know and trust with both your reputation and the success of your event. 
  • Vet your co-sponsor - Evaluate your technical co-sponsor to ensure that they are reputable, have no red flags, are aligned with your goals, and plan to be an active participant in your event.
  • Involve your co-sponsor - Your technical co-sponsor should be directly involved with the major elements of your conference outlined above (scope, program, peer reviews). You should have regular and transparent communication with your technical co-sponsor so they can assist with pain points and share in your successes.

How do I get started? 

Once you have mutually agreed to partner with your technical-co sponsor, fill out the IEEE Conference Application to request approval from IEEE. 

Need assistance?

If you have questions or need guidance, please contact your dedicated IEEE Conference Relationship Manager (CRM). 

CRM - IEEE Regions 1-10

CRM - All Other OUs

Find Your CRM

Considering Managing Your Own Virtual Event? The MCE Digital Events Team Can Help


Production vendors bring expertise and technical know-how that can elevate your virtual event experience. Vendors can also free up your organizers to focus on other aspects of your program, which can be particularly helpful for larger events. However, reliance on vendor services may bring significant financial costs, which may not be within budget, and may mean giving up some autonomy over planning. Fortunately, there are tools and services that make it possible to take a Do-It-Yourself or DIY approach to your virtual event. 

The MCE Digital Events Team has helped countless organizers and their conference organizing committees find DIY solutions for their virtual events. Using a streamlined DIY lite production service model, and a user-friendly platform like Engagez, the team can help you quickly and easily set up your own online venue. This budget-friendly option gives your organizing committee complete control over planning activities and the ability to bring your small to mid-size event to life in just weeks. 

This approach empowers your organizing committee and volunteers to build much of your event’s platform infrastructure without reliance on third-party production services. With an energetic organizing team, you can set up your program, add branding, create your exhibit hall, and add on-demand content without the need for coding. The MCE Digital Events Team will work alongside you to set up your virtual platform and provide you and your volunteers with the training, materials, and support needed to build and produce your conference, using a self-service approach.

DIY Lite Production Service Model for Virtual Events

Here are some of the ways the MCE Digital Events Team can support you in building your DIY virtual event: 

  • One-hour strategic consultation with organizers
  • Customizable timeline framework
  • Activation of the virtual platform venue
  • Expert recommendation on solutions and integration optimization  
  • Creation and provisioning of live streaming software licenses for your virtual event’s live components 
  • Two total hours of engagement management and communication
  • Two hours of platform orientation and training
  • Walkthrough with your presenters and committee to ensure all connections are in good order  
  • On-call MCE Digital Events Team representative during your event

Reach out to the MCE Digital Events team to schedule your one-hour consultation and see if your event is a good candidate for DIY.

Contact the MCE DE Team

MCE Trendspotting

Real-Time Translation for Events

IEEE Events bring together participants from all over the world. To improve the user experience, there are many new tools that allow real-time translation personalized for event attendees. Get insights on top tools that you can use at your event.

Learn more
Meet the MCE Team

John Teehan, Senior Event Planner


As a Senior Event Planner, John works with Volunteers across IEEE to help organize and produce outstanding Conferences and Events. He also works alongside the Solid-State Circuit Society as their Customer Relationship Manager, providing guidance and support for their entire Conference portfolio.

John has a BA in History from Montclair State University and has held accreditation with the Event Industry Council’s internationally recognized certification program as a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) since 2018. John also holds a Digital Event Strategist (DES) certification. John has been working within the association events industry for eight years, specializing in event planning, project management, and conference business development.

Outside of his responsibilities at IEEE, John also serves as the Incoming President of the New York Area Chapter of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA). Prior to his current position, he served as the Director of Sponsorships on the NYPCMA Board.

When not planning events or volunteering, John enjoys baking, gardening, hiking, board games, craft beers, and hanging with his puppy, Cassiopeia!

Available Resources

Contracting Resources for Your Event

Contracting is a big part of planning a conference. MCE has developed several resources to support you along the way:

  • Learn about the contracts review process
  • Download the NextGen Contracts Request Guide
  • Find out when high-risk contracts need IEEE Legal review
  • Understand who should sign your contract
  • Learn when business decisions are necessary
  • Download the Conference Contracting Quick Reference Guide
  • Get links to IEEE contract templates
  • Find helpful courses
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