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Planning to Succeed

  • By Marie Hunter, Head of IEEE Global Meetings, Conferences and Events

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  • TCS Fee Structure for 2023
  • Download Updated Fiscal Agent MoU Templates

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  • Key Learnings From 2023 PCMA Convening Leaders
  • MCE Trendspotting: Adapting Events for Neurodiversity

Meet the MCE Team

  • Gabrielle Keane, MCE Business Operations

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  • Learn the Benefits of the Conference Insurance Program
Planning to Succeed

As we start the year, it is a good time to reflect on how each of us can be leaders with respect to the conferences we sponsor, organize, or support. There are many themes that my team and I will explore this year, including climate change and conferences; diversity, inclusion, and cultural awareness; new ways of convening enabled by technology; as well as business model disruptions such as Open Access for conferences. I would love to hear from you about what big themes are on your mind as we set the course for 2023. As leaders - where will we go?

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Stay in the Know

TCS Fee Structure for 2023

IEEE introduced Technical Co-Sponsor Fees (TCS Fees) in 2018 for all technically co-sponsored conferences in which there is no IEEE financial interest (0%). The following TCS Fee structure is currently in effect for all technically co-sponsored IEEE conferences.

TCS Fee Structure

  • US$1,450 per event
  • US$22 for each paper submitted to IEEE Xplore®

Technical Co-Sponsors have the option to pass this fee on to their conferences. If this occurs, the conference is responsible for paying a portion of the fee. Conferences should be mindful of this cost when budgeting for their events.

IEEE issues TCS Fee invoices upon receipt of conference papers. Conferences not submitting a publication to IEEE Xplore® will receive invoices after the conference has taken place. Invoices are addressed to the conference and emailed directly to the Conference Chair. Conferences wishing to designate a different billing entity or a contact person can update their records by reaching out to tcspaymentprocessing@ieee.org.

The IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) team is here to help. If you have any questions, please contact us at ieee-mce@ieee.org.

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Download Updated Fiscal Agent MoU Templates

Updated versions of the Fiscal Agent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) template are now available on the MCE website. There are now two versions of the MoU based on conference location.

  • Events taking place in the US, Canada, and Australia may continue using their original MoUs between The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Incorporated, and the third party. 
  • Events taking place outside the US, Canada, and Australia now need to use the updated Fiscal Agent MoU between IEEE International LLC and the third party. This form should be used regardless of whether IEEE LLC assets with Tax/VAT/JCT/GST. 

What is a Fiscal Agent MoU, and do I need one?

  • For some events, a university or other not-for-profit organization may collect funds and make disbursements to vendors on behalf of a conference. 
  • In this case, a Fiscal Agent MoU should be signed by the Sponsoring OU and the not-for-profit organization (Agent).
  • In some cases, the agent may also be a financial sponsor of the event, but a Fiscal Agent MoU is still needed in addition to the Sponsorship MoU.

If you have any questions, please contact the MCE Business Operations Team.

Download the templates
Organize Like a Pro

Key Learnings From 2023 PCMA Convening Leaders

by Erin Dolan, MCE ​Customer Relationship Manager

People have different objectives when attending industry tradeshows and conferences. Whether it’s networking, marketing, or developing new business, one thing is certain: It’s always a learning opportunity. I was lucky enough to recently attend PCMA’s 2023 Convening Leaders conference in Columbus, Ohio. 

Once I got over the weird feeling of being the attendee instead of the planner, I quickly got the hang of things and set out to pack in as much as possible in three days. In addition to the networking parties and social activities, the event included fabulous keynote presentations, sessions, and the District (aka the exhibit hall). There was a clear, dedicated attempt to promote sustainability. It was evident not only in session content but in tangible ways such as trash disposal during food functions and swag made from recycled materials.   

During the Social Listening + AI = Deep Personalization session, I learned two somewhat related strategies for analyzing data: 1) Pay close attention to survey results from participants within the student or early career age demographic. These people represent the future. 2) It’s also helpful to review and analyze those who did not attend the event. If you use software that identifies those who declined or did not click through various advertisements, it’s important to understand why and/or who is not interested in the event. Analyzing only those who actually attend can limit growth.

Many sessions offered valuable advice that will undoubtedly support and improve everyday work processes, especially those related to marketing or contracting. Other, more subjective takeaways included advice from keynote speaker – Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist at Wharton: Instead of the traditional network of supportive colleagues and friends, create a “challenge network.” Often people surround themselves with those who “agree only.” Seek out those persons who challenge your ideas. This type of critique will allow you to expand your thought processes and consider opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise.  

In summary, I’m glad I went. I learned a lot, made new connections, and strengthened some old ones. Not to mention I had a lot of fun.  

MCE Trendspotting

Adapting Events for Neurodiversity

As Diversity & Inclusion becomes more instilled across professional organizations, the topic of neurodiversity is being more openly discussed, especially when it comes to events. Learn how event organizers can positively adjust our gatherings from the initial planning stages to be more inclusive, comfortable, and safe for everyone attending. 

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Meet the MCE Team

Gabrielle Keane, MCE Business Operations

Gabrielle has been with IEEE for one year. As a contract analyst for IEEE, she helps maintain the database of contracts and supporting documents utilizing the NextGen Contract Management System. 

Gabrielle has worked on various projects with both the MCE and TA Ops teams. Her first project with MCE was the historical contract migration project. She collaborated with internal stakeholders on strategic recommendations that have greatly helped improve the project timing.

Gabrielle’s background is in administration, where she worked at both Mondelez International and Chestnut Holdings. Outside of IEEE, Gabrielle enjoys exploring new parks and hiking with her boyfriend. She also loves trying out new plant-based restaurants and going to the beach.

Available Resources

Learn the Benefits of the Conference Insurance Program

Did you know that IEEE-sponsored and co-sponsored conferences are automatically enrolled in the Conference Insurance Program? Insurance helps protect IEEE and its conferences from a variety of negative consequences.

What are the benefits?

  • Liability insurance protects IEEE if a claim is made against IEEE or its Volunteers.
  • Property on exhibition insurance covers any IEEE-owned, leased, rented, or borrowed equipment.
  • Business crime insurance protects IEEE in the event of loss due to fraudulent acts committed by staff or volunteers.
  • Event cancellation insurance protects IEEE from expenses incurred and revenue lost due to unplanned event cancellations under certain conditions.

To learn more about the program, how to obtain a current certificate of insurance, the claims process, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please visit the IEEE website.

Learn more


You can now view Concentration Banking (CB) account balances from NextGen Banking on the NextGen dashboard. This feature is available for both Conferences and Geo-Units. Please sign in to NextGen to view your balances on the dashboard.



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